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HFC Registry Guidance on How to Register.

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1 HFC Registry Guidance on How to Register

2 You can either enter directly from DG CLIMA Webpage…

…Or using file location given above.

4 Verify that the selected domain is "external". If not, change it.
Select "Not registered yet", if you log in for the first time

5 Enter your registration details.

6 You will then receive a registration email.

7 Log in with the new password and you will be redirected to the Fgas Portal

8 The first time you enter the system, you will be asked to verify if your organisation is already registered. If you are a company enter your VAT number and click « CHECK »

9 Register your company

10 If you are a company, select this button

11 Provide your organisation details
Please read carefully

12 Provide Yes/No answers to each question
Please read carefully and fill in When you click «DOWNLOAD » the system generates a statement with information you entered in the form.

13 Registration Form Verify that all the information in the statement is correct. Have the statement signed and dated. Scan and upload the document.

14 Complete and sign the registration form and upload it here.

15 Once you have filled out everything and uploaded the statement, please submit.

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