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Agriscience Careers Mr. Lopez – Ag Science Shandon High School.

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1 Agriscience Careers Mr. Lopez – Ag Science Shandon High School

2 Agriscience All jobs relating in some way to plants, animals and renewable natural resources. Can be indoors or outdoors. Banking and finance; radio; television; engineering and design; construction and maintenance; research and education; and environmental protection.

3 Plenty of Opportunities Approximately 21 million people are employed in agriscience careers. About 400,000 people are needed each year to fill the positions in this field. Only 100,000 vacancies are being filled by people trained in agriscience

4 Plenty of Opportunities (continued) That leaves how many unfilled position? 300,000 jobs still available!! 20 % of careers in Agscience require a college degree Four year degrees: education, marketing, communications, production, social services, finance, management, science, engineering and many more.

5 Plenty of Opportunities (continued) Additional opportunities open to students who earn technical college certificates and degrees. Mechanics, sales representatives, field representatives, agriscience laboratory technicians, insurance adjustors, and many others.

6 The Wheel of Fortune The field of Agrisciene has many possibilities. Here we will explore the 7 areas of agrisciene

7 Production Agriculture Farming and Ranching Involves growing and marketing field crops and livestock Careers in this area account for 1/5 of all the jobs in Agriscience

8 Production Agriculture (continued) Average US farmer can produce enough food to feed 140 people. US farmers provide the American people with such an efficient means of productions that the American people only spend 11% of their money on food, the lowest of any other country.

9 Ag Processing, Products, and Distribution Haul, Grade, Process, package and market commodities from production sources. Butcher, Ag Inspector, Cattle Buyer Fruit Distributor, Milk Plant Supervisor, Tobacco Buyer, Wood Buyer, Grain Broker, Winery Supervisor, Meat Inspector

10 Horticulture Production, Processing and Marketing Fruits, Vegetables and Ornamental plants such as turf grass, flowers, shrubs, and trees. Floral Designers, Golf Course Superintendent, Horticulturist, Turf Manager, Nursery Operator, Landscape Architect, Hydroponic Grower, Plant Breeder

11 Forestry Industry that grows, manages, and harvests trees from lumber and other commodities. Forest Ranger, Logging Operations Inspector, Tree Surgeons, Lumber Mill Operator, Park Ranger, Forester

12 Renewable Natural Resources Involves the management of wetlands, rangelands, water, fish, and wildlife. Animal Behaviorist, Animal Ecologist, Park Ranger, Game Warden, Wildlife Manager, Soil Conservationist, Range Conservationist, Forest Fire Fighter/Warden

13 Ag. Supplies and Services Businesses that sell supplies or provides services for people in the agricultural industry Animal Trainer, Artificial Breeding Technicians, Sheep Shearer, Poultry Hatchery Manager, Dog Groomer, Computer Analysis

14 Agricultural Mechanics The design, operation, maintenance, service, selling, and use of power units, machinery, equipment, structures, and utilities in Ag. Welder, Hydraulic Engineer, Ag Electrician, Ag Plumber, Diesel Mechanic, Ag Construction Engineer, Ag Electrician, Ag Safety Enginer

15 Agriscience Professions Profession – Occupation requiring specialized education, especially in law, medicine, teaching or ministry. Agriscience Professions – Proffesional jobs that deal with agriscience situations. They include the whole wheel!!!

16 Agriscience Professions (continued) Ag Accountant, Ag Advertising Executive, Ag Consultant, Ag Corporation Executive, Ag Economist, Ag Educator (like Mr. Lopez), As Journalist, Ag Lawyer, Animal Nutritionist, Avian Veterinarian, Biochemist, Dendrologist, Equine Dentist, 4-H Youth Assistant, Hydrologist, Marine Biologist, Public Relations Manger, Veterinarian, Silviculturist, Plant Taxonomy

17 Homework Unit 4 – Write out each Term to Know – Write out each multiple choice and matching questions (self evaluation) – Pg. 75 and 76 – Questions can be sent to: – Or Twitter Account: UniqueAgTeacher

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