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Career Clusters through FFA

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1 Career Clusters through FFA
Unit 1 Careers in Agriculture

2 Hieroglyphics Moment Create an Icon:
Choose from one of the following and draw a large icon that you believe will best represents that fields… around it draw at least four smaller icons indicating jobs related to that field. DO NOT LABEL OR USE WORDS! Agriculture Technology Education Finance Marketing Human Services Health Science

3 Hieroglyphics Moment Now! We are going to switch papers, to see if others can identify what career we choose to draw an icon for. Artists please explain!

4 Career Clusters What are career clusters? Why career clusters?
Career clusters represent a grouping of occupations and broad industries based on commonalities. Why career clusters? Tomorrow’s jobs require more knowledge, more understanding of technology, and more flexible workers. Tomorrow’s workers need to be prepared to change jobs, update knowledge, adapt, and understand the big picture.

5 Food Products and Processing System
1. Agricultural Sales. 2. Agricultural Communications Specialists. 3. Business-Educators. 4. Food Scientists 5. Meat Processors. 6. Biochemists. 7. Food Brokers-Inspectors. 8. Meat Researchers. 9. Food Meal Supervisors. 10. Cheese Makers. 11. Food and Fiber Engineers. 12. Bioengineers. 13. Food Processors. 14. Quality Control Specialist

6 Plant Systems 1. Plant Breeders and Genetics.
2. Biotechnology Lab Technology. 3. Soil and Water Specialist. 4. Crop Farm Manger. 5. Agricultural Educators. 6. Plant Pathologist. 7. Sales Representative. 8. Tree Surgeons. 9. Commodity Marketing Specialist. 10. Forest Genetics. 11. Growers/Farmers/Greenhouse Managers. 12. Golf Course Superintendents

7 Animal Systems 1. Agricultural Educators. 2. Livestock Producers.
3. A.I. Technicians. 4. Animal Caretakers/Poultry Managers. 5. Veterinarians. 6. Embryo Technologist. 7. Livestock Buyers. 8. Wildlife Biologist. 9. Animal and Dairy Inspectors. 10. Animal Health Salesperson. 11. Livestock Geneticists. 12. Reproductive Physiologists. 13. Pet Shop Operators.

8 Power, Structural & Technical Systems
1. Machine Operators. 2. Electronics System Technicians. 3. Agricultural Engineers. 4. Heavy Equipment Maintenance. 5. Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators. 6. Welders. 7. Machinist. 8. Communication Technicians. 9. Software Developer/Programmer. 10. Computer Technicians

9 Natural Resource Systems
1. Wildlife Managers. 2. Ecologists. 3. Park Managers. 4. Fish and Game Officers. 5. Loggers. 6. Forest Technicians. 7. Geologist. 8. Hydrologists. 9. Fish Hatchery Manager. 10. Commercial Fisherman.

10 Environmental Service Systems
1. Pollution Prevention and Control Mangers. 2. Environmental Sampling and Analysis Scientists. 3. Health and Safety Sanitarians. 4. Hazardous Materials Handlers. 5. Hazardous Materials Technician. 6. Water Environment Managers. 7. Water Quality Managers. 8. Toxicologists. 9. Recyclers. 10. Solid Waste Specialists

11 Agribusiness Systems 1. Salesperson. 2. Sales Manager.
3. Banker/Loan Officer. 4. Field Representative for Bank. 5. Farm Investment Manager. 6. Agricultural Commodity Broker. 7. Agricultural Economist. 8. Farmer/Rancher/Feedlot Owner. 9. Agricultural Products Buyer. 10. Animal Health Products Distributor

12 LOVE IT, LIKE IT, HATE IT! Looking at the career clusters and possible job opportunities… Using your pen, circle the top 5 careers that are most interesting to you. Place a checkmark beside 5 careers that you would like to find more information about. AND Place an X beside 5 careers that you would never want to try.

13 Which one are you most interested in?
Create a bracket!!! Which occupation is #1?!

14 Courses offered at MCHS
Agriscience Food Science Equine Science Floral Design Beef Science Greenhouse Technology Aquaculture Environmental Science Small Animal Science Ag Power and Mechanics Veterinary Science Small Engines Wildlife Welding Forestry Intro to Agriculture Land Judging Leadership Development

15 LOVE IT, LIKE IT, HATE IT! Looking at the courses offered…
Using your pen, circle the top 5 courses that are most interesting to you. Place a checkmark beside 5 courses that you would like to find more information about. AND Place an X beside 5 courses that you would never want to try.

16 Sign-up! Choose a career from the following career clusters (or approved another career possibility through your teacher) that you are interested in pursuing or would like to know more about. The same career may NOT be chosen twice! So act fast! Students will: Research their career choice Write a paper describing their research Create a visual display and/or PowerPoint presentation Present their research to the class

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