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Seminar by, Vaibhav Karnawat MIS No:121416008. Location map of Nanded district 6.

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1 Seminar by, Vaibhav Karnawat MIS No:121416008

2 Location map of Nanded district 6

3 3 District Agriculture profile Agro Ecological Sub Region (ICAR): Agro-Climatic Region (Planning : Commission) Agro Climatic Zone (NARP) : Geographic coordinates of : district Deccan Plateau, Hot Semi-Arid Eco- Region Western Plateau and Hills Region Central Maharashtra plateau Zone (MH-7) Central Vidarbha Zone (MH-8) Latitude Longitude Altitude 19o 09’11.02” N 77o 18’21.05” 360

4 SeasonNormal RF ( mm )Normal Rainy days (number) SW monsoon ( June - Sep )862.539 NE monsoon ( Oct - Dec ) :76.45 Winter ( Jan - Feb ) :18.11 Summer ( Mar - May ) :36.11 Annual993.146 Rainfall

5 Mean monthly rainfall of Nanded District Mean monthly rainfall (mm) 300.0 250.0 200.0 150.0 100.0 50. 0 0.00.0 JanJan Fe b MarMar AprApr MayMay JunJun JulJul AugAug Se p OctOct NovNov DecDec MonthMonth 7 Rainfall (mm) 273.9 246.9246.9 197.2 164.8 60.960.9 5.6 6.7 10.0 12.3 17.6 15.7 5.9

6 Land use pattern of the district (latest statistics) Area (ha) Geographical area1033.1 Cultivable area808.7 Forest area85.3 Land under non- agricultural use35.8 Permanent pastures50.6 Land under Misc. tree crops and groves 6.3 Barren and uncultivable land19.0

7 Major Soils Found in District Types of SoilsPercent ( % ) of total 1.Deep black soils 36.81 2.Medium deep black soils9.43 3.Shallow black soils53.75

8 Source: NBSS & LUP Regional Centre, Nagpur

9 Irrigation Sources of Irrigation Area (ha) Net cultivated area711.0 Net Irrigated area112.0 Area (ha) Canals (Upper Penganga, Purna and Manar projects) 34.4 Open wells22.0 Bore wells25000 (Numbers) Lift irrigation scheme (Vishnupuri) 14.7 Other sources (Farm ponds)4.76

10 Major Field Crops cultivated CropsArea (ha) Cotton235.1 Soybean148.6 Black Gram166.0 Wheat29.0 Safflower9.4 Sunflower10.2 Groundnut9.8 Sugarcane19.4

11 Horticulture crops – Fruits Horticulture crops – Vegetables CropsArea (ha) Banana9.50 Sweet orange10.45 Mango7.81 Sapota1.45 Orange1.22 CropsArea (ha) Chilli4.27 Onion1.87 Tomato2.25 Brinjal2.00 Turmeric1.22 Garlic1.73

12 What is the major contingency the district is prone to? DroughtOccasional FloodOccasional Heat waveOccasional Cold waveOccasional CycloneNever FrostNever

13 Increasing cropping intensity based on watershed development and maximum development and utilization of existing irrigation Closing yield gaps Farming Systems approach Dairy, goat rearing, sericulture, fishery etc Improving rural infrastructure to access markets faster Better market opportunities agro processing market information, facilitating contract farming and access to urban markets Strategy to increase farm incomes

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