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1 Lets Explore…..


3 History of Agriculture
The word agriculture derived from Latin words “ager” or “agri” means soil and “culture” means cultivation.

4 Agriculture Agriculture involves domestication of plants and animals was developed at least 10,000 years ago. Agriculture is also known as “farming”.

5 Farming “a system” Agriculture or farming can be looked as “a system”.
Inputs are – seeds, fertilisers, machinery, labour. Process – ploughing, sowing, spraying, irrigation and harvesting Outputs from the system – crops, vegetables, fruits, flowers, wool, dairy and poultry products.

6 From Corn to Popcorn The transformation from a plant to a finished product involves 3 types of economic activities. Primary Secondary Tertiary

7 Primary Activities Agriculture Fishing Mining

8 Secondary Activities The processing (make, build and assemble) of products. Eg. Manufacturing of steel. Backing of bread Weaving of cloths Making furniture

9 Tertiary activities Services provides supports to the primary and secondary activities. Eg. Transport, trade, banking, advertisement etc.

10 What is Agriculture Agriculture is a primary activity.
Growing crops, fruits, vegetables, flowers and Rearing of livestock determined as agriculture. 50% persons of the whole world are engaged in agriculture activity.

11 Factors behind the Agriculture
Topography Soil Climate

12 World Distribution of Arable land
The land on which the crops are grown is known as arable land. World Distribution of Arable land

13 Knowledge bag Agriculture – the science and art of cultivation. It is also called farming Sericulture – commercial rearing of silk worm. Pisciculture – breeding of fish Viticulture – cultivation of grapes Horticulture – growing vegetables, flowers, fruits for commercial use.

14 Agriculture in India Agriculture in India has a significant history. Today, India ranks second worldwide in farm output. Rice is the main grain crop of India. India ranks second in the world in production of rice. West Bengal, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh are the maximum rice producing states in India.


16 Lets do it *list out the activities associated under each heading. a) Agriculture b) sericulture c) horticulture Group Discussion:- * What is the difference between agriculture and natural vegetation? * List out the activities involved in agriculture. * List out the factors suitable for growing crops.

17 Do yourself Gr. 1 what is horticulture?
Gr 2. 50% of world population is dependent on agriculture. Give reasons for your answer. Gr 3 Why agriculture is “a system” ?

18 Closure

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