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Integrated Offender Management & Drug Debt Intimidation © College of Policing Limited.

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1 Integrated Offender Management & Drug Debt Intimidation © College of Policing Limited

2 20/80 principle Prolific Volume Crime Infrequent criminality Offending Volume IOM

3 Integrated Offender Management 1All partners tackling offenders together - local partners (both criminal justice and non-criminal justice agencies) encourage the development of a multi-agency problem-solving approach by focussing on offenders, not offences 2.Delivering a local response to local problems - all relevant local partners are involved in strategic planning, decision-making and funding choices 3.Offenders facing their responsibility or facing the consequences - offenders are provided with a clear understanding of what is expected of them 4. Making better use of existing programmes and governance 5. All offenders at high risk of causing serious harm and/or re-offending are ‘ in scope’

4 What is it IOM is not a programme. It is a strategic principle that develops and applies bespoke Offender Management approaches such as PPO/MAPPA/YOT to a larger cohort of individuals. It is as relevant to Violent Crime/High Risk of Harm as it is to Acquisitive crime

5 OCG Management using IOM approach Wales Tier 2 Significant level of Criminality Impact visible & acute Tier 3 Serious or frequent criminality. Impact visible. Temporary Tier 1 High Scale Chronic Impact Tier 4 Moderate Scale or Volume. Impact local. Diluted Tier 5 Low level or infrequent Criminality. Impact local. Hidden Supervision Support Track Trace Supervision Support Compliance Tasking Info sharing Prevent Deter Prevent Deter Catch Convict Resettle Rehab Catch Convict Prevent Deter Resettle Rehab Resettle Rehab Catch Convict Supervision Compliance Tasking Info sharing Targeting Multi agency enforcement & compliance Constant Organisational Visibility

6 Drug Debt Middle Enhanced info sharing Pathways out of Offending Multi Agency support and intervention Lower Multi agency support & intervention Complex Family Approach. Focus on Prevent Deter Multi Agency Enforcemen t Constant Organisational Visibility

7 Questions? Contacts

8 From This CatchConvictResettleRehabPreventDeter Offender Journey Police Local Auth Police Vol Sec EmployHousingDrugsAlcohol Attitudes Health CJS Health

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