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@TxSchoolSafety Continuity of Operations Planning Workshop Devolution & Reconstitution.

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1 @TxSchoolSafety Continuity of Operations Planning Workshop Devolution & Reconstitution

2 @TxSchoolSafety Devolution Defined Devolution is defined as: The capability to transfer statutory authority and responsibility for essential functions from an organization's primary operating staff and facilities to other organization employees and facilities, and to sustain that operational capability for an extended period.

3 @TxSchoolSafety When to Consider Devolution When the alternate facility has been damaged or is not accessible. When agency staff is unable to relocate. As a temporary measure until the Emergency Relocation Group (ERG) assumes operations from a continuity facility.

4 @TxSchoolSafety

5 Common Devolution Issues Ability to perform your organization’s essential functions from a devolution site. Identification and training of personnel to take over essential functions. Access to vital records needed to perform essential functions. Communication with partners and stakeholders Additional resources (funding, personnel, and equipment) available to support devolution operations.

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9 Devolution Strategies Long-term, catastrophic event. Regional or other offices are fully capable of performing agencies Essential Functions. Short-term strategy that consists of a planned, temporary transfer of essential functions to a devolution site until the primary continuity site is operational..

10 @TxSchoolSafety Devolution Planning plans & procedures, risk management, budgeting &acquisitions, essential functions, orders of succession delegations of authority, Organizations should address the following elements in their devolution program: continuity communications, essential records management, human resources, TT&E, reconstitution

11 @TxSchoolSafety Devolution Planning Con. Identify essential functions, define tasks that support those essential functions, and determine the necessary resources to facilitate those functions. Include a roster that identifies equipped and trained personnel (Devolution Emergency Response Group) and who will have the authority to perform essential functions.

12 @TxSchoolSafety Devolution Planning Con. Identify what would likely activate or "trigger" the devolution option. o Active Triggers o Passive Triggers Specify how and when direction and control of an organization’s operations will be transferred List the necessary resources (i.e., equipment and materials) to facilitate the performance of essential functions at the devolution site.

13 @TxSchoolSafety Devolution Planning Con. Establish and maintain reliable processes and procedures for acquiring the resources necessary to continue essential functions and to sustain those operations for extended periods. Establish and maintain a capability to restore or reconstitute an organization’s authorities to their pre- event status upon termination of devolution.

14 @TxSchoolSafety Devolution of Operations Phase I: Readiness and Preparedness, includes plan development, TT&E, risk management, etc.; Phase II: Activation and Transfer of Authority, occurs when primary operating facility is incapable of performing Essential Functions; activate the Devolution Plan in accordance with triggers; Phase III: Devolution Operations, which continue until traditional continuity operations or routine operations can be restored Phase IV: Reconstitution, conducted after the emergency to restore normalcy or “new normal”

15 @TxSchoolSafety Reconstitution While you are analyzing the situation, it is brought to your attention that there are posts on social media from students warning friends not to come to school tomorrow.

16 @TxSchoolSafety Reconstitution The process by which surviving and/or replacement organization personnel resume normal organization operations from the original or replacement primary operating facility.


18 @TxSchoolSafety Key Reconstitution Concepts Reconstitution begins at the start of a continuity event; Identify a Reconstitution Team with leadership, staff, and resources dedicated and separate from existing essential function support; The non-ERG staff augments the ERG staff to begin the process of resuming nonessential functions.

19 @TxSchoolSafety Reconstitution Planning Develop redeployment plans for phasing down continuity operations and supervising the return of operations, personnel, records, and equipment to the primary or other operating facility in a priority-based approach;

20 @TxSchoolSafety Reconstitution Planning Con. Detail how the organization will verify operational capability and availability, including systems, communications, essential records, infrastructure, and other required resources, to support all essential functions and operations at the new or restored facility;

21 @TxSchoolSafety Reconstitution Planning Con. Identify how the organization will determine which records were affected by the incident and ensure an effective transition or recovery of essential records and databases and other records that had not been designated as essential records

22 @TxSchoolSafety Reconstitution Activities Assess the status of affected facilities; Determine how much time is needed to repair the affected facility or to acquire a new facility; Supervise facility repairs; Notify decision-makers of the status of repairs, including estimates of when the repairs will be completed; and Implement a priority-based phased approach to reconstitution.

23 @TxSchoolSafety Personnel Notification for Reconstitution The process for notifying personnel to return to work typically mirrors the process used to notify them of continuity plan activation. o timeframe (longer term) o means of notification (public media, mass notification services)

24 @TxSchoolSafety Discussion What process is used to deal with rumor control? What information might you release concerning this situation? What is the process for the release of this information, if applicable?

25 @TxSchoolSafety Support Your People Mental Health Personal Loss Community Support Systems

26 @TxSchoolSafety After Action Review & Corrective Action Plans Capture Lessons Learned Plan remediation of problems Assign responsibility Determine timeline

27 Contact Information Will O’Neill, MS, MCP, ABCP Texas School Safety Center Texas State University Emergency Management Program Coordinator

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