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Thsoftball.com1 Valley Mesa ASA Fastpitch Softball Basic Score Keeping.

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1 thsoftball.com1 Valley Mesa ASA Fastpitch Softball Basic Score Keeping

2 thsoftball.com2 Topics that we will cover  Scorekeeper’s duties  Position designations and abbreviations  Ways of reaching base  Outs  Score Example

3 thsoftball.com3 SCORE KEEPER’S DUTIES  The home team is the Official Scorekeeper  Obtain respective scorebook from the snack bar  Prior to game commencement, identify themselves to the game umpire and opposing team manager  Fill out score sheet completely and legibly for both teams  Use only one score sheet per game  Keep track of pitchers and innings pitched for both teams  At completion of game, obtain Home team manager, Opposing team manager, and the Umpire signature(s) on score sheet  Turn in completed scorebook to the snack bar

4 thsoftball.com4 STARTING OFF THE GAME  Prior to game start  Obtain a copy of the visiting teams batting line-up  Provide a copy of your line-up to Opposing team scorekeeper  Identify yourself to the Umpire and Opposing team Manager  Complete the score sheet basic information

5 thsoftball.com5 SCORE SHEET  Maintained in respective Division Score Books  Scorekeepers will need a pencil with eraser (mechanical pencil recommended)  A red pencil is useful to notate outs  One score sheet per game  Visiting Team on left/front page  Home Team on right/back page  Rows across are for players/batters  Columns represent each inning

6 thsoftball.com6 1 Visiting Team Name 2 Home Team Name 3 Inning number 4 Date of game 5 Game start time TOP OF SCORE SHEET Same Information on Back/Right Page for Home Team Left/Front Page is for Visitor Team 12 4 3 5

7 thsoftball.com7 BOTTOM OF SCORE SHEET Left/Front Page is for Visitor Team 1 Number of runs scored in each inning 2 Final Score 3 Scorekeeper’s name 4 Pitchers used during the game 1 2 3 4 Same Information on Back/Right Page for Home Team

8 thsoftball.com8 SCORE SHEET (cont) Player’s Name Left/Front Page is for Visitor Team Player’s Jersey number Player’s position number Same Information on Right/Back Page for Home Team Same info for each player Player’s at bats during the game Each box in the row represents the player’s turn at bat during that inning 1 st inning 2 nd inning 3 rd inning 4 th inning 5 th inning 6 th inning

9 thsoftball.com9 LINE-UP SHEETS  Score cards/sheets come in all shapes and designs  Basic player information is provided  Players jersey numbers  Playing position  Missing players will be listed with a note as to why  Work, Sick, Injured  Comes in triple/quad copies  1 copy – Umpire (Top)  1 copy - Home Team Score Keeper (2 nd )  1 copy - Opposing Team Score Keeper (3 rd )

10 thsoftball.com10 LINE-UP SHEET/CARD  Sample of a complete line-up sheet/card  All team members are available

11 thsoftball.com11 Left/Front PageRight/Back Page SCORE BOOK Wire spiral on right side of pageWire spiral left side of page VISITORS HOME

12 thsoftball.com12 POSITION DESIGNATIONS 1Pitcher 2Catcher 31st Base 42nd Base 53rd Base 6Shortstop 7Left Field 8Center Field 9Right Field 10Roving Center Field

13 thsoftball.com13 SCORE KEEPING BOX  The purpose of keeping an accurate game score book is to allow the ability to “replay” what took place during the game.  Though there is no fast-set rule as to how the game will be recorded, you need to ensure it is self explanatory enough that it is easily understood by the average person viewing it.  We will go through several “ways” of marking the score box.

14 thsoftball.com14 SCORE KEEPING BOX (cont) Base on Balls (walk)SingleDoubleTripleHome Run Mark box for each ball pitched Mark box for each strike pitched Outs are recorded by the out number in the inning (i.e. 1, 2, or 3)

15 thsoftball.com15 SCOREKEEPING ABBREVIATIONS AND DESCRIPTIONS When marking balls & strikes, score keepers can use “X’s” or the corresponding number of the pitch on the batter Note: These are basic abbreviations. Additional ones can be used as long as they are self-explanatory or are defined at the bottom of the score sheet. Line indicates which direction the batter hit the ball








23 thsoftball.com23 SCORE KEEPING EXAMPLES K 3 Strike Out Looking K Some People use KC – Strike Out Looking KS – Strike Out Swinging 12 Strike Out Swinging 2 1 1 2 3

24 thsoftball.com24 SCORE KEEPING BOX (cont) Batter walked Pitcher threw 4 balls and 1 strike in this time at bat 2 341

25 thsoftball.com25 SCORE KEEPING EXAMPLES Base Hit 234 1 Triple

26 thsoftball.com26 SCORE KEEPING EXAMPLES Sample of how to record variants of the score box. 1 53 2 3 6 45  Scenario  Scenario: First First pitch was a strike Second Second pitch was a ball Third Third pitch was a strike FourthFifth Fourth and Fifth pitches where balls Six Six pitch was a foul Seventh Seventh pitch was hit to third base, the third baseman through the ball to first for the out. Some people like to draw a line or circle as to the path of the ball (not required) 1

27 thsoftball.com27 SCORE KEEPING BOX (cont)  Some additional way to record the same play 5-3 1

28 thsoftball.com28 SCORE KEEPING BOX (cont)  Sample of how to record variants of the score box. 2 1  Scenario  Scenario: First First pitch was a strike Second Second pitch was a ball Third Third pitch was a hit for a double

29 thsoftball.com29 SCORE KEEPING BOX (cont) 2 1  Scenario  Scenario: Batter was on Second. Next batter hits a base hit that brings in the batter for a run. 1  Grey/Color in a run, which makes it easier to visualize the runs of the game

30 thsoftball.com30 DOUBLE PLAY 2 1 Batter was on First. Was thrown out, Shortstop to Second base 1 Batter was thrown out from Second base to First base for the Double Play 6-4 6-4-3DP This is a good example of how to record a play that more than two defensive players are involved. Easy way to remember is to follow the ball and record each defensive player that is involved with the play. SCORE KEEPING BOX (cont) 12

31 thsoftball.com31 Throw out on a steal attempt 2 1 Throw out from Catcher to Short Stop 26 SCORE KEEPING BOX (cont) CS 1

32 thsoftball.com32 SCORE KEEPING BOX (cont) 2 1 PB Stolen 2 nd Base Advance to 2 nd base by a Passed Ball (PB) or Wild Pitch (WP) WP (wild pitch): a pitch that a catcher could not catch PB (passed ball): a pitch that got by the catcher 2 1 SB

33 thsoftball.com33 21 Advance to First base on a Dropped Third Strike D3S SCORE KEEPING BOX (cont)

34 thsoftball.com34 SCORE KEEPING BOX (cont) Stole Second base 2 1 SB Base Hit 2 1 Advance to Third base on Passed Ball 2 1 PB SB PB Scored on Passed Ball

35 thsoftball.com35 SCORE KEEPING BOX (cont) Grounded to 2 nd, thrown out at 1 st 2 1 4-3 Fly out to Center 2 1 2 1 Home Run F8 11

36 thsoftball.com36 SCORE KEEPING BOX (cont) Fielders Choice to 2 nd Batter #2 is safe at 1 st 2 1 4U Batter #1 score box 2 1 2 1 Batter #1 score box after Batter #2 hit FC 1 3 D3S Batter #1 advanced to 1 st on dropped 3 rd strike Batter #2 score box FC 3 2 nd baseman made an unassisted play for the put out of batter #1 at 2 nd base

37 thsoftball.com37 SCORE BOOK  Once three outs are recorded for the side, draw a line through the remaining players score boxes  At end of Game, obtain all of the required signatures and place the appropriate scores in the “FINAL SCORE” box for both teams  Complete the Pitchers data for the game for both teams

38 thsoftball.com38 KEEPING SCORE BOOK  Keep neat accurate records  Use common abbreviations or notate at bottom any abbreviation that might not be understood  Remember to advance the previous batter  Remind your Manager to submit the game score on line.  If you just keep the runs, outs, ball/strike count, runner’s progress, and ensure game scores are submitted you’ve done your job.


40 thsoftball.com40 LINE-UP SHEET/CARD

41 thsoftball.com41 PRACTICE GAME FIRST INNING  Patricia hits a single  Angelica follows with a double, moving Patricia to second base  Cassey strikes out swinging – 1 st out  Erin walks – bases loaded  MuMu flies out to center, scoring Patricia – 2 nd out  Shanna hits one to the pitcher who throws to first – 3 rd out

42 thsoftball.com42 PRACTICE GAME SECOND INNING  Billy is hit by a pitch and goes to first  Jacklen hits a triple, scoring Billy  Milla hits one to second, second throws to first, Jacklen scores – 1 st out  Coco hits to shortstop who catches ball – 2 nd out  Twinkle strikes out looking – 3 rd out

43 thsoftball.com43 PRACTICE GAME THIRD INNING  Cantabe hits to third who throws to first – 1 st out  Mustin is walked  Patricia hits to second who throws to shortstop (covering second), getting Mustin out – 2 nd out  Patricia is safe at first  Cassey hits a home run  Erin bunts, the catcher throws her out at first – 3 rd out

44 thsoftball.com44 PRACTICE GAME FOURTH INNING  MuMu hits a single  Shanna strikes out swinging – 1 st out  MuMu gets caught stealing second by the catcher – 2 nd out  Billy gets three strikes, catcher drops the pitch, catcher throws to first base. Billy is safe at first.  Jacklen flies out to pitcher – 3 rd out

45 thsoftball.com45 PRACTICE GAME START OF FIFTH INNING  Time runs out, no new inning after 1 hour 30 minutes.  Game is complete and the time is 2:32  Complete your score book for the game (VISITORS SIDE ONLY)

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