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1 Crepes

2 1. What is a crepe? Crepe is a French word meaning a very thin pancake. It is used to refer to the final filled creation and also the pancake made from batter. Uses of crepes: desserts leftovers main dish

3 3. What ingredients are in a crepe batter?
eggs flour milk shortening Ways of mixing: blender wire whisk electric mixer wooden spoon

4 Cooking crepes: A. After ingredients are combined let mixture stand for an hour or more. For best results, leave at room temperature for an hour. This allows flour to expand and some of the bubbles to collapse. If batter is too thick, add a tablespoon of water or milk. Thinner batters seem to work best. Batter is usually smooth when you let it stand.

5 Which side of the crepe do you want to show on
the outside? Crepes made in traditional pans are usually more attractive on the side that was cooked first. Crepes made on the upside down griddle are more attractive on the side against the griddle.

6 Cooking principle: Batter is poured and swirled in greased pan. Less than 1/4 cup of batter is used at a time. Heat coagulates the protein in the egg and milk. Cook the crepe until the bottom is browned. Then carefully turn and brown the other side for a few seconds.

7 7. Shapes of crepes: fold-over: Most common shape. Spoon filling along center. Fold one side over and then fold over opposite side. half-fold: Place filling on half of crepe. Fold crepe in half.

8 roll-up: Spread filling over entire crepe. Roll up
like a jelly roll. D. burrito roll: Spread filling to 1/2 inch from edge. Fold right and left sides over filling. Starting at bottom, roll up.

9 blintz: Place filling in center of crepe.
(pocket fold) Fold bottom over almost half of crepe. Fold right side, left side, and then fold top down. F. cups: Place crepe in muffin pan to ruffle tops.

10 crepe suzette: Fold in half. Fold in half again
to form a triangle. stack gateau: Crepes stacked with filling between each layer. I. wedge: Spread with filling. Cut into wedges.

11 Identify the nationality associated with the
following crepes. A. manicotti - Italian B. enchilada - Mexican C. palacsinta - Hungarian

12 D. blintz - Jewish E. wonton - Chinese F. blini - Russian G. krep - Greek

13 H. perogi - Polish I. platter - Scandinavian

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