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Public Health Train the Trainers Session September 2013.

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1 Public Health Train the Trainers Session September 2013

2 Background to Academic Health Science Networks (AHSN) Innovation Health and Wealth (IHW) identified the system needs a stronger relationship between scientific and academic communities and industry to – develop solutions to health care problems – get existing solutions spread at pace and scale in the NHS. – develop stronger knowledge exchange networks to share best practice. AHSNs present a unique opportunity to – align education, clinical research, informatics, innovation, training and education and healthcare delivery to improve patient and population health outcomes – They will support knowledge exchange networks to build alliances across internal and external networks and actively share best practice, and provide for rapid evaluation and early adoption of new innovations AHSNs are system integrators and organisations which link different parts of the health system to ensure that a range of aspects to improve health outcomes are considered using proven methodology and improvement science to lead large scale, sustainable transformational change across traditional boundaries.

3 Prospective AHSNs

4 Four AHSN Core Objectives Focus on needs of patients and local populations, promoting health equality Build a culture of partnership, collaboration, inclusivity in addressing local and national priorities Speed up adoption of innovation to improve clinical outcomes and patient experience Create wealth through co-development, testing, evaluation & adoption of new products and services

5 Background to East Midlands AHSN (EMAHSN) EMAHSN is: One of 15 AHSNs to be licensed for a five year period, 2013-2018 Membership organisation : all NHS Trusts CCGs Universities, industry can be members Year one of operation [2013-14] start-up & establishment of governance and delivery systems Business plan forms the basis of the contract between NHS England and EMAHSN Serve the five counties of the East Midlands: a population of 4.8 million Dispersed rural populations to richly diverse, multi-ethnic metropolitan populations Significant health inequalities within the Region Current clinical priorities: stroke rehabilitation, frail older people, mental health and diabetes Further clinical work streams to be identified by member organisations


7 4 AHSN Core Objectives5 NHS Outcome Framework Domains 4 EMAHSN Core Workstreams A Promote health equality and best practice Domain 1 Reducing premature mortality W1:Increasing research participation and translating research into practice B Speed up adoption of innovation into practice to improve clinical outcomes Domain 2 Enhancing quality of life for people with long term conditions W2: Service improvement C Build a culture of partnership and collaboration Domain 3 Helping people to recover from episodes of ill health or following injury W3: Increasing partnerships, collaboration and patient and public leadership D Create wealth through co- development, testing, evaluation and early adoption and spread of new products and services Domain 4 Positive experience of treatment and care W4: Enterprise and investment Domain 5 Treating people in a safe environment and protecting them from available harm Enabling workstream 1: Education and Training Enabling workstream 2: Next level informatics EMAHSN Plan on a Page


9 Research and clinical expertise Inclusion and diversity Front line staff innovation Patient and Public Leadership Strengths of the EMAHSN

10 10 In the patient or carer's interest New approaches, ideas or suggestions of whatever size, large or small, and from anyone irrespective of their role or seniority Not always doing things as they have been done before Often small ideas that staff think about in their everyday work Very often original ideas that go unrecognised as the innovator may be modest about the change Accepting challenge about current practice and responding to that challenge Taking a risk to do something new or alter existing practice maybe a novel or fresh idea Improving something that's already good and sharing that improvement with others Ordinary things done in new or modified ways - a go head approach Never too small or too insignificant to share; never too large or ambitious to be considered!


12 Examples of achievements to date Lifting of previous recommendations by NHS England Governance, delivery, assessment and performance management systems in place Refreshed board membership and sub committees including county representation Partnership agreement signed by EMCLAHRC EMLETB EM SENATE & Strategic Clinical Network, EM leadership Academy and EM Clinical Research Network (forthcoming) Agreed East Midlands wide approach to elite patient leadership approach with a specific focus upon Black and minority ethnic patients Recruitment to tranche one of staff [project and commercial managers] Commercial director recruitment before year end 2013 Development of an evidence based approach to CQUIN measurements with Area Team 2014-15 Lead for SBRI competition in Mental Health and Technology with NIHR Mindtech Collaboration in development of roll out of diabetes diagnostic tool in partnership between Boots the chemists pharmacies and the diabetes BRU

13 13 Contact details Professor Rachel Munton, Managing Director 0115 82 31300 I 07825 656341 Margaret Woolley, Head of Network Programme Office 07899 964957 Stephanie Chandler, Interim Programme Office Manager 0115 82 31298 Email: Website: Telephone: 0115 82 31298 Twitter: @EM_AHSN@EM_AHSN

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