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West Midlands Academic Health Science Network July 24 th 2013.

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1 West Midlands Academic Health Science Network July 24 th 2013

2 WM AHSN Working With Industry and Wealth Creation Tony Davis – CEO Medilink

3 WM AHSN working with industry WM AHSN a strong and effective partnership between industry, academia, and health A partnership that co-creates innovative solutions to healthcare challenges in the region which are designed to transform the experience of patients A collaboration for ensuring the adoption and spread of proven innovations that deliver measurable benefit to patients, the population, members and partners

4 WM AHSN working with industry Some considerations for the first year of WM AHSNs: Mapping of priorities from WMAHSN and facilitating the grouping of industries around disease and service groups An overarching compact between WMAHSN and industry that would reflect the ethical framework needed to effective partnership workings A governance and delivery structure for industry engagement and wealth creation Further work needed on metrics to measure both collaboration and the contribution of WMAHSNs to wealth creation and on information governance/data sharing Creating the pipeline of future innovations – ensuring an unambiguous case for spread and supporting the subtleties of local adoption Procurement – implications of the procurement review when published

5 WM AHSN working with industry Partnership working – t he WM AHSN and industry working together across the key levers and linkages identified in the AHSN guidance, emphasising the importance of building relationships and aligning the levers: research participation translating research and learning into practice education and training service improvement information wealth creation

6 WM AHSN Wealth Creation The vision: The DH Business Department The NHSE an Engine for Growth

7 WM AHSN Wealth Creation AHSNs will facilitate the translation of ideas into commercial products and services, in partnership with industry and academia, along the whole innovation journey, creating wealth and improving healthcare provision.

8 WM AHSN wealth creation will take many forms- not only the development and widespread adoption of new products and services but also job creation, export opportunities and new revenue streams for companies and NHS organisations The WM AHSN will also work with UKTI-LSI, LEPs and LAs to encourage inward investment into the region as well as working with Healthcare UK on exporting WM AHSN expertise to other markets WM AHSN Wealth Creation

9 The WM AHSN has the potential to stimulate wealth creation in industry by…. facilitating the development and accelerated adoption of products and services by enabling appropriate access to the network of AHSNs across England.

10 WM AHSN Wealth Creation The WM AHSN will provide impartial advice and importantly access for private and third sector organisations to networks which include local authorities, economic partnerships, industry trade organisations and the AHSN network across England. For the life sciences sector, the WM AHSN will be a source of natural collaborators: to address existing or emerging healthcare challenges, providing wealth creation opportunities.

11 WWW.

12 West Midlands Academic Health Science Network Queries and notifications - email info@wmahsn Further information, news and events - website www, Latest news and connecting with others with common interests - follow us on Twitter @wmahsn

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