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King’s Worcester Higher Education Entry 2012/13.

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1 King’s Worcester Higher Education Entry 2012/13


3 Why Higher Education? Academic ambition? Career prospects? Vocational qualifications? Uncertainty about career field? Parental expectations? It might not be appropriate.

4 When to apply/begin HE CHOICE: 1. September - December 2011 for entry in 2012 2. Sept – Dec 2011 and defer entry until 2013 3. Make no application this year but apply post-A levels for entry in 2013 Last two ways if Gap Year is anticipated

5 2010 Leavers Of the 130 students who left U6 in 2010: 108 applied during their U6th year 45 took gap year: 28 deferred entry, applying in U6th year 17 applied during this academic year – post A levels.

6 Gap Year Approved of by most tutors at most universities Positive year On average about 30% each year Earnings in gap year could offset higher costs Maturity, decision making time Schemes such as Year In Industry offer sponsorship, jobs after graduation

7 Finance: 2012 (1) Tuition fees: English and Welsh universities up to £9000 per year. Fees for universities in Scotland/NI to be confirmed. Loans available; repayment when earning over £21,000) University bursaries and scholarships for those on maintenance grants.

8 Finance 2012 (2) Living Costs: Loans for living costs (means tested –all entitled to at least 72%) Up to £7675 loan Living costs higher than average loan Maintenance grants for low-income households (above £42,000, no grants) Must apply to Student Finance England in March/April

9 What needs to be done before applications Student initiative: Research Using what school and other sources offer School’s support and help: Presentations and events Centigrade Facilities Staff advice – House, Careers, SHLeM

10 Events Summer Term Personal Statements advice Business Conference 23rd June Nottingham University Open day 24 th June Work experience 27 th June – 1st July Advice of Tutors/SHLeM/Director of Studies/SLeM STUDENTS NEED TO TAKE THE INITIATIVE

11 Resources at King’s and elsewhere Careers Room Internet: Advice from Tutors and other staff Parents Material with advice about forms and processes Open Days

12 Sense of place and course Missing school Clashes with other events Information on websites Informal visits – holidays and Saturdays Post-offer open days

13 Open Days and Clashes Thursday 16 th June: KS Personal Statements session Glasgow University Tuesday 21st June: L6th hosting party for handicapped children Aston University Thursday 23th June: Business Conference Royal Agricultural College, Bath University Friday 25th June School L6th trip to Nottingham University Open Day

14 What does research involve? Time to find out Looking realistically – will grades be high enough? Courses detail Location and campus Employment expectations Correct entry qualifications REMEMBER: it is the student’s DECISION

15 Realistic applications Student must aim for best fit Realistic with possibilities AS grades/retakes Target grade at end of September Working grades/target grades at half term UCAS predicted grades

16 The application 5(4) choices Personal Statement School reference and predicted grades Payment: £21.00 (£11) Apply EARLY UCAS deadline 15 th Oct/15 th January; Internal deadlines 10 th October/ 8 th December Online system - UCAS APPLY

17 School Process Talk to House Tutor or Assistant Tutor U6th Parents’ Evening Draft personal statement September – register and begin form Complete form and check it with House staff Reference Forms completed online, checked twice and sent to UCAS.

18 What Next? Acknowledgement by UCAS UCAS distributes simultaneously Offers, interviews, rejections follow: Make offers on basis of: GCSE results, AS results, references, predicted grades, interviews and personal statements

19 UCAS Points Tariff A level grade A* = 140 points Grade A = 120 points Grade B = 100 points Grade C = 80 points etc AS level grade A = 60 points AS level grade B = 50 points etc

20 Accepting Offers One firm acceptance and one insurance Commitment to take up the place if conditions are met. Institutions committed to take student if conditions are met. UCAS extra ‘Adjustment’

21 A level Results Published mid-August Confirmation of offers Clearing Remember »Parents or teachers cannot act for students »Institutions may still offer the place »Students must not be away on results day and after

22 The Future Parents and teachers must aim to help students enter: Right course Right place Right time To suit the student Enjoy it and land a successful and satisfying job

23 Competitive Courses Medicine Physiotherapy Veterinary Medicine Pharmacy Dentistry English Law

24 Competitive Universities Oxford Cambridge Imperial, London St Andrews LSE Durham UCL Warwick York Lancaster

25 2010 Leavers’ Destinations Over 50 different institutions On places awarded: Nottingham Manchester Exeter Bristol Oxford Leeds Southampton Cardiff Newcastle

26 Times Good University Guide Ranking based on: Student satisfaction Student/staff ratio Facilities Entry standards Completion Quality of honours degrees Graduate prospects

27 Horses for Courses By subject: For English: Queen Mary, London in top 10 For Law: Nottingham, Aberdeen and Queen Mary in top 7 For Chemistry: York 4th For French: Lancaster and Sheffield in top 10 For Business Studies: Bath and Loughborough in top 5

28 More from The Times rankings... For Mathematics: Warwick is 3 rd ; Bath 4 th For History: York is 8 th Geography: Bristol is higher ranked than Oxford and Durham Electrical and Electronic Engineering: Southampton is 2 nd and Surrey 3 rd Physics: Glasgow is above Oxford

29 Research on Courses Detail for different institutions Structure of the course Assessment UCAS entry profiles UCAS course search

30 Summary Research Make decisions about gap years Deadline = 8 th October and 10 th December Be at home mid-August Finance: apply to the Student Finance England in the March/April of entry year

31 US Universities 1. Is it right for you? Majors, Electives, General 2. US Academic Year 2 semesters: Sept-Dec, Jan-May 3. Fees: tuition+room+board Ivy League $45,000+ pa Large/small state: $28,000/$21,000+ pa

32 US Universities: Applications 1. Apply to each individual university, not for specific courses 2. Admissions factors: GCSE/AS grades, A level predictions; references; extra-curricular; leadership; essays 3. SATs: Reading (800), Math (800), Writing (800) 4. When do you apply? Regular: Apply Jan.1 st /Decision April 1 st /Accept or reject May 1 st Early Decision: Apply Nov.1 st /Decision 15 Dec.: binding Early Action: Apply Nov.1 st /Decision 15 Dec. 5. Shrewsbury School


34 GAP Mrs Brighton Thursday lunchtimes and after school Bolland Room

35 CENTIGRADE Helps to structure students’ research into HE Strongly endorsed by UCAS Open Days/Taster Courses Websites/Finances Degree Course Descriptions

36 BUSINESS CONFERENCE Thursday, June 23rd AIMS To enable students to experience real work situations and relate them to their school courses Identifying and developing their knowledge and skills in the process

37 Lower Sixth Work Experience 27 th June – 1st July 2011

38 Aims of Work Experience To enable students to experience real work situations and (possibly) to relate them to their school courses identifying aptitudes, and developing knowledge and skills in the process

39 WORK EXPERIENCE OBJECTIVES To experience the demands of work: Time keeping Attendance Quality and standards Responsibility and routine Team work and good working relationships Decisions and communication

40 WORK EXPERIENCE OBJECTIVES Develop self-confidence, maturity, self-reliance, initiative Career opportunities: compare expectations with reality Remove ignorance and prejudices about world of work Receive feedback as workers

41 WORK EXPERIENCE Things to remember: Find out information about company Sort out transport arrangements Dress code Punctuality Listen to instructions & ask if you are not sure Positive attitude to fellow employees and customers Obey safety regulations and procedures

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