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Working together: University of Nottingham, Police, Police & Crime Commissioners and Communities Liz Lesquereux Knowledge Exchange Manager for Social Sciences.

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1 Working together: University of Nottingham, Police, Police & Crime Commissioners and Communities Liz Lesquereux Knowledge Exchange Manager for Social Sciences

2 Why Nottingham? Ranked in UK Top 10 and World Top 100 universities (SJTU Rankings) Globally – one of the world’s top 1% Turnover - £582m in 2012/13 3 Campuses in UK, China & Malaysia Faculties - Arts, Engineering, Medicine & Health Sciences, Science, Social Sciences 43,000 students (34,000 in Nottingham, UK) Over 7,000 staff in the UK including 3,200 academic/research Research portfolio over £400m – 57% with business

3 Research, Evidence & Expertise Criminology Vulnerable adults and children IntelligenceExtremism Road Traffic Accidents Governance Offenders Mental Health Supporting the Police at work Witnesses CommunityCohesion Alcohol

4 Expertise: Theoretical Criminology; Deviance Theory: Social Action & Reaction Penology; Philosophy & Practice; Victimology & Crime; Crime & Social Dimensions; Crimes Of The Powerful; Sex Crime; Female Prisoners; Criminal Justice System Staff; Crime & Mental Illness; Offender Health Criminology Prof Bill Dixon arrives July 2014 to lead Criminology MA Socio-legal and Criminological Research MA

5 Governance Expertise: Local governance and local partnerships (especially in the context of austerity); Formation of the institution of the PCC; Evolving relationships with Police and Crime Panels, local authorities and police forces; Public engagement; Children’s safeguarding; Social inclusion partnerships and community action. Prof Vivien Lowndes Developing joint PhD with Nottinghamshire Police Commissioner to look at effectiveness of PCCs

6 PCC-commissioned research “Exploring and Improving BME Policing Experiences”. Prof Cecile Wright Immigration and citizenship, especially Chinese integration. Prof Bin Wu Community Cohesion Developing campus-based victim support service in association with Victim Support Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. Melanie Futer MBE Student Victims

7 Offenders Dr Isabel Gois ‘ME-THINKING PROGRAMME’ Using philosophy to motivate young offenders to change Expertise: Risk and protective factors that influence the development of criminal behaviour and anti-social personality disorders and the implications for prevention of crime and police work; Assessment and treatment of juvenile and adult domestic violent offenders and sex offenders; Self harm, suicide, substance misuse, bullying, knife crime, violent conduct, arson/pyromania Prof Kevin Browne, Director Centre for Forensic and Family Psychology

8 Extremism Expertise: Right-wing extremist activists; Right-wing extremist violence and populist extremism across Europe; Non-military security; Transatlantic counter terrorism; Religious extremism; Rights of minority cultures Dr Matthew Goodwin Associate Professor of Politics

9 Centre for Well-Being, Health and Social Care Identities, Citizenship, Equalities and Migration Centre Prof Harry Ferguson - Professor of Social Work Expertise: Trafficking and migration; Sex workers and human rights; Rape and sex trafficking; Sexual Offences reform; Prevention of abuse of adults and children with learning disabilities (and in particular how people with learning disabilities are police witnesses); Young people with learning disabilities who sexually harm others; Evaluation of interventions for abusive fathers; Children’s safeguarding; Early Intervention and Child Protection; Cyber-bullying Vulnerable Adults and Children Prof Vanessa Munro Advisor to Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights - Human trafficking

10 Expertise: The Science of Proof Evaluation of Pre-Trial Witness Interviews Interviewing prosecution witnesses Prosecutors’ assessments of evidence and witness credibility Sexual offences, evidential sufficiency and mentally disordered complaint Witnesses Prof Paul Roberts The Science of Proof: Forensic Science Evidence in English Criminal Trials International Criminal Justice Unit

11 Mental Health Expertise: Personality disorder Neurobiology of antisocial personality disorders and social cognition, Treatment of personality disorders and comparison between service delivery in different European countries Administration of forensic risk assessment instruments (PCL-R, HCR-20, SVR-20), assessment of personality disorder (IPDE), and the assessment of intelligence (WASI, WAIS-IV, Wechsler Memory Scale) Psychopathy and behaviour in secure settings

12 Expertise Assessment and treatment of alcohol-related aggression and violence Alcohol-related violence Offender treatment Brief interventions, e.g. alcohol arrest; diversion. Treatment evaluations Treatment programmes Alcohol Prof Mary McMurran Professor of Personality Disorder Research COVAID – Control of Violence for Angry Impulsive Drinkers Accredited evidence-based intervention aimed at reducing alcohol-related violence.

13 £40 million digital economy research Hub Expertise: Geospatial intelligence; Crowd-sourcing / location-based data capture from mobile devices and the web; Spatial data infrastructures; Open source mapping and geographic information systems (GIS); Natural Language Processing and Text Mining; Information retrieval and web search; Named entity identification and relation extraction, text categorisation and clustering; Sentiment analysis and opinion mining on social media networks; Automated scheduling, self-validating documents, face recognition, fingerprint validation; Big data; Personal data safety; Forensics and fingerprinting; Police use of technology Intelligence Prof Mike Jackson Professor of Geospatial Science Member of ACPO Geospatial Information Board

14 Road Traffic Accidents Nottingham Integrated Transport and Environment Simulation (NITES) -provides the most comprehensive testing environment for behavioural transport research in the UK -combines 2 separate simulation systems with an on-road testing vehicle and a variety of video-based testing platforms -suite of standardized tests -variety of recording and analysis tools for measuring every aspect of human behaviour Current research: ARU - Accident Research Unit - are studying hazard perception and driving in individuals with Autistic Spectrum Disorders

15 Supporting the Police at work Dr David Murphy awarded an ‘ACPO Certificate of Recognition’ for assisting and providing support for over 10,000 police officers and staff following traumatic incidents. Centre for Trauma, Resilience and Growth Research grants - Dr Jonathan Houdmont: 2014 - Psychosocial risk assessment. Nottinghamshire Police Federation and Nottinghamshire Police. 2014 Stress-related working conditions, burnout, and performance among police custody officers. Sergeants' Central Committee of the Police Federation of England and Wales. 2012-2014. 2013 - Psychosocial risk assessment: West Midlands Police. West Midlands Police Federation. 2013 Police officers' work-related stress: Partners' views on implications for wellbeing and home life. West Midlands Police Federation. 2013 2012 - Psychosocial risk assessment: West Midlands Police. West Midlands Police Federation. 2012 Workplace Health and Wellbeing Programme MSc Distance e-Learning

16 Postgraduate Courses Criminology MA Forensic Psychology DForenPsy – Full Programme Criminal Justice LLM Socio-legal and Criminological Research MA Human Rights Law LLM International Security and Terrorism MA Trauma Studies MA Geospatial intelligence MSc – Research-based Computer Science Msc – includes artificial intelligence Global Citizenship, Rights and Identities MA International Criminal Justice and Armed Conflict LLM Bioengineering: The Digital Body Msc - includes modelling of the human body in crash situations

17 CPD and Executive Education Broad range of open-enrolment CPD courses Combining world-leading research with world-class teaching Opportunity to create bespoke courses

18 Tailored MBA and bespoke CPD opportunities “ The School has proven to be an effective partner. We worked very closely with them to create a programme focused on the company’s key strategic challenges and therefore of immediate relevance and value. Without doubt the programme has had a real influence on how senior leaders now think about and manage our business.” Stephen Lehane, Group HR Director Alliance Boots

19 Future opportunities Bespoke CPD courses Consultancy Contract Research KTP – Knowledge Transfer Partnerships Evaluations Research into Practice Partnering for research collaborations Postgraduate Studentships

20 Contact details Liz Lesquereux Knowledge Exchange Manager for Social Sciences 0115 7484781 07540050587

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