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Healthy Bones What’s new? Petra Riedel-Willems January 22, 2009.

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1 Healthy Bones What’s new? Petra Riedel-Willems January 22, 2009

2 Understanding Bone Health Bone is living tissue Functions of bone are: Storing minerals Making red blood cells Providing skeletal foundation for movement & posture Anti-gravity device

3 Bone is stronger than steel Bone - tensile strength around 20,000 psi "Mild" steel - tensile strength of 70,000 psi BUT: Steel is about 4.5 times heavier than bone. Bone is actually stronger than mild steel on a per-weight basis.

4 What can Deplete Bones? Disease Medication Lifestyle

5 Medications Depleting Bones Corticosteroids Glucocorticoids Thyroid replacement hormones Antacids Proton pump inhibitors Chemotherapy

6 Diseases That Deplete Bone Digestive Disorders - Celiac Disease - Crohns, Colitis - Irritable Bowel Syndrome Endocrine Disorders - Pituitary gland - Thyroid gland - Parathyroid gland

7 Life Style Choices That Deplete Bones Smoking Alcohol Caffeine Lack of calcium and vitamin D Lack of sleep - Stress Highly Acidic Diet – sugar, animal protein, refined carbohydrates

8 New recommendations: 1,000-1,200 mg/day for women 50 + 500 mg/day for men Calcium Supplement - Carbonate - Citrate - Lactate and Gluconate Good Sources of Calcium - Dark green vegetables - Almonds – soaked How much Calcium?

9 20 sec Movie

10 Carry up to 80 pounds on their heads Walk for miles BUT Bone density lower than in the West YET Very low fracture rate (1%) Women in Rural Africa

11 Impact - experience of bearing weight - vibration Posture - stability - flexibility well-coordinated movement Balance - resourcefulness of coping with equilibrium What affects resilience in bone?

12 The Good News All these factors can be learned

13 Weight-Bearing Exercise Exercise that forces your body to support your full weight 20-30 minutes at least three times a week Examples – Walking – Dancing – Jogging – Tennis – Climbing stairs

14 Other Exercises Strength & Balance - Swimming - Bike-riding - Weight-lifting - Tai Chi Posture & Flexibility - Yoga

15 - stimulating bone strength -through natural movement & weight-bearing posture -develops an organization of posture that is well-aligned Bones for Life ® Developed by Ruthy Alon Trains optimal human biomechanics

16 The Bones for Life ® Program - Strengthens bodies - Reverses bone loss - Coordinates movement as nature intended - Promotes a spontaneous, springy walking style - W hile restoring health and - Boosting our “biological optimism”

17 - Uprightness - Flexibility -Stability -Reversibility -No compression -No pain Elements of Good Posture

18 -Domino Effect : Coordination of all body parts into a consistent alignment - Ready to Fall: Ready to respond to environment directly Dynamic Alignment

19 Changing Posture is Difficult - Emotional state is expressed in bodily organization - Attachment to body patterns & emotions

20 Safety - Safe transmission of force without shearing stress in joints Comfort - Nervous System learns better BFL’s Main Concerns

21 - Walking - Pushing - Running- Pulling - Jumping- Carrying weights - Moving to and from the floor Essential Functions

22 -Incremental -Sequential -Learning in approximations -Easy to learn & do at home How is it done?

23 Tools - The Floor - The Wall - Chairs - 7 yd. cloth - Weights

24 Getting up

25 The Wave Through the Skeleton

26 Sensing Alignment

27 Sensing Alignment: Wave

28 Sensing Alignment: Axis

29 Foot Pushes Knee

30 The Wrap

31 Safe Jumping

32 Horizontal Climbing

33 The Crown: Aligning the Neck

34 The Crown: Walking

35 Research Does BFL help with Osteoporosis ? Bone Mineral Density (BMD) improved in a statistically significant way in 31 female participants, aged 28 - 69 years old, who worked with Ruthy Alon for four months, meeting three hours per week.

36 Summary In BFL, you will learn gradually and safely how to: - Stimulate your bone strength - Experience Biological Optimism of a reliable skeleton - Coordinate a springy and dynamic walk - Align posture into safe weight-bearing uprightness - Develop your skill of restoring equilibrium - Enhance the pleasure of moving

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