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 1. INSTITTUTIONAL INFORMATION Name & Contact details of Principal :-. Phone Number Office:- 02562/273023/271344. Mobile No. 9423905539 Email ID –

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3  1. INSTITTUTIONAL INFORMATION Name & Contact details of Principal :-. Phone Number Office:- 02562/273023/271344. Mobile No. 9423905539 Email ID – Chair Person of IMC Name :- Designation :- Chairperson Name of Industries:- Shree Ganesh Industries & Address D-47. MIDC,Dhule Resi. Lane No-6, Dhule, 424001 Phone No. :- 02562-239812 Mobile No. :- 9422285065 Shri.V. M. RAJPUT Mr. Vivek Sonawane

4 Sr. StationDistance 1.Bus Station03 Km. 2.Railway Station04 Km 3.Mumbai330 Km 4.Nasik160 Km 5.Aurangabad150 Km 6.Jalgaon090 Km 7.Nandurabar090 Km 8.Surat225 Km

5 Composition of IMC : - As per guide of DGET, New Delhi and G.R. No. Dated.12/07/2002-ITI-1002/89/VOCATIONAL EDU.-2 IMC is formed on 27-09-2002 for this institute,& details function is going regularly with quarterly meetings. Sr No Name of memberAdditional information about the member 1Chairman of the IMCShri. V. D. SonawaneChairman Shree.Ganesh Industries D-47 MIDC Avdhan 2Secretary of the IMCShri. V.M. RajputPrincipal ITI Dhule Industry Members 3Member 1Shri. Rahul KulkarniProprietor Essential Equipments D-22, MIDC Avdhan 4Member 2Shri. R. M. ChaudhariPartner Dinesh Automotives Mumbai-Agra Highway Avdhan Dhule 5Member 3Shri. M. Y. NandekarProprietor Agro Engg. Works. Diversion Road, Deopur, Dhule 6Member 4Shri. Abhay SonarManager (Personal) Maharashtra Extrations Pvt. Ltd. E-140, MIDC Dhule. State Govt. reps. 7Member 1Shri. M. F. SonawaneGeneral Manager DIC, Dhule 8Member 2Shri. G. V. IngaleDist. Employment Officer, Employment office Dhule 9Member 3Shri. M. P. AhiraoInstructor ITI Dhule 10Member 4District Vocational Education & Training Officer, Dhule Representative of State Director, Vocational Education.& Trg. 11Member 5Shri. K. P. NirgudeManager Central Bank Of India (Lead Bank Dhule )

6  Trades taught & Students Strength in each trade :- Sr No. Name of the TradeTotal UnitsTotal Seats A One Year Non Engineering Trade. 1Embroidery & Needle Work116 2COPA120 One Year Engineering Trade 1Mechanic Diesel232 2Pump Op. Cum Mechanic232 3Welder336 4Foundry man232 5Carpenter232

7 8Mechanic Motor Vehicle232 9Mechanic Radio & T.V.232 10Mechanic Electronics116 11D'Man Civil116 12D'Man Mechanic232 13Wireman232 14Mechanic R.A.C.232 15Electrician464 16Machinist Grinder448 17Machinist560 18Fitter696 19Turner10120 CThree Year Engineering Trade. 20 Mechanic Machine Tool Maintance116 B Two Year Engineering Trade. Total :-55796

8 Sr. No Year Total Expenditure in LakhsTotal Strength Expenditure per Student Lakh Average Expenditure Rs. In Lakh 1 2004-05170.33848 0.200 2 2005-06186.10865 0.2150.217 3 2006-07202.23848 0.238  Average recuring cost per trainee per year Rs. 0.217 Lakhs Expenditure 170.33 186.1 202.23 848 865 848 0 200 400 600 800 1000 2004- 05 2005- 06 2006- 07 Years Rs. In Lakh Total Expenditure in Lakhs Total Strength

9  INSTITUTE STAFF POSITION Sr. No.DesignationNo. of Post Sanctioned 1Principal01 2Vice- Principal02 3Registrar01 4Office Superintendent01 5Head Clerk01 6Group Instructor07 7Trade Instructor57 8Math Instructor03 9Drg. Instructor03 10Store Supdt.01 11Mill Wright Mait.Mech.03 12Senior Clerk08 13Junior Clerk08 14Store Keeper01 15Asst. Store Keeper02 16Hostel Suptd. Cum Lib.01 17Class- IV14 18Watchman (Contract)06 19Sweeper (Contracet)03 Total123

10 Total Land area of institute10.11 Hector a) Administrative & Theory Section Building (Main Building) 2324 Sq.Mtr. b) Workshop No.12782 Sq. Mtr. c) Workshop No. 23378 Sq. Mtr. d) Workshop No.31281 Sq. Mtr. e) Moulding/Smithy Workshop242 Sq. Mtr f) TRYSEM Workshop300 Sq. Mtr f) Hostel building, of capacity 300 Students (G+2) 3373 Sq.Mtr. Total Built up Area13680 Sq.Mtr

11 3Production Oriented Training Scheme2.5 % OF Recurring Expenditure 9.46 Lakhs 4Artizen to TechnocratsSkill Testing Center No. of Students Admitted 322 Vocational Diploma No. of students Admitted Nil 5Lokseva KendraNo. of Societies 02 6Short term Training CoursesNo.of Student trained1200 7Modular Employable SkillsNo. of Students Admitted 79 1Craftsman Training SchemeIntake Capacity796 No. Of Trades20 2Apprenticeship Training SchemeSeats Located1265 Seats Utilized718 PRESENT SCHEMES IMPLEMENTED BY INSTITUTE

12  Details Of Additional Schemes  Production Oriented Training Scheme a) Revenue generated Sr.No.Years Revenue Generated Rs. In Lakhs Major Activities 1234 12004-052.01 Fabrication wiring, Vehicle Servicing & construction work 22005-063.55 32006-079.46 Revenue Generated In POTS ( Rs. In Lakhs) 2.01 3.55 9.46 0 5 10 2004-052005-062006-07 Year Revenue Generated Rs. In Lakhs

13  Network Access Centre a) Revenue generated Sr.N o.Years Total Revenue Generated In Rs. Lakhs 12004-050.18400 22005-060.47680 32006-070.34780 Revenue Generated In NAC (Rs. In Lakhs) 0.184 0.4768 0.3478 0 0.2 0.4 0.6 2004-052005-062006-07 Year Revenue Generated In Rs. Lakhs

14  Lokseva Kendra a) Revenue generated Sr.N o.Years Total Revenue Generated In Rs. Lakhs Major Activities 12004-054.59 Include all training programmes such as MTVP SJRY RSVY MSEB MKCL etc 22005-065.59 32006-0711.17 Revenue Generated In Loksev Kendra (Rs. In Lakhs) 4.59 5.59 11.17 0 5 10 15 2004-052005-062006-07 Year Rs. In Lakh Revenue Generated In Rs. Lakhs

15 Artisen to Technocrat In unorganized sector lot of skilled persons are working but they don’t possess any certificate. The skill testing scheme is started for Thirteen Trades. Six skill levels are defined i.e. Artisen, Senior Artisen, Craftsman, Master Craftsman, Technician & Technocrat Skill test examination conducted in last week of every month Certification- Jointly by Industries organisation & DVET; Exam fees for level first Rs-500/- level second Rs-600/- level Third Rs-700/-

16  LONG TERM GOAL OF THE INSTITUTE 1. To Increase training facility & Quality up to world class level. 2. To Develop superior skills of additional facility for training to increase employment & self employment opportunities and to improve productivity for higher industrial growth. 3. Reduce the mismatch between training facility offered & actual market demand – By better upkeep of machinery & equipments. Training & development of faculty Suitable placing of trainees after successful completion of training To reduce unemployment. To offer technical services to the society.

17 Short term Goal of the institute : In training facilities to improve level of performance and produce high quality skill works and to improve an internal and external efficiency of the institute. To achieve this goal, key activities are as under B. Refurbishment (renovation) of infrastructure for trades deemed suitable for upgradation by IMC CModernization / strengthening of existing workshops / labs, D Modernization of precision instrument lab / Audio visual lab. EModernization of existing equipment by replacement old and obsolete machine tools and equipments F Removal of deficiency of machines and equipments G. Starting of new trade courses and deletion of those not in demand H Introduction of new Trades in emerging area as per demand of industries. I Introduction of bridge courses in selected areas as per demand of specific industries to bridge the gap between actual skill acquisition and required. J.Development of learning resources and Increase utilization of learning resources and media. K. Faculty and staff development (Updating knowledge skill of instructor, development of managerial capacity of officers, updating knowledge of staff etc.) LSetting a communication laboratory M Establishment of skill testing Centre. A. Establishment of new facility for CoE

18 To achieve gain of project and collect data for assessing achievement of target, to test sustainability of a project following indicators are set as per follows. Sr. No. NormsBase line data Present Status Target as project end(after completion of Project) Methodology to be used for collecting data 1Admission Rate95%100%Admission register Enrolment of exam 2Drop out Percentage10%2%Result 3Pass out Percentage70%95%Result BASELINE DATA AND TARGETS. 4POTS revenue generation2.5 %100 %2.5 % of recurring expenditure per year 5Seats Located & engaged under App. Act. 65%75%ATS 1 To 5 6Self Employment5%15%Follow up Register 7Employment6%20%Follow up Register

19 8Industrial Visit per years1025Training Records 9Lecture for Industrial ExpertsNil20 per YearTraining Records 10Industrial workers training in HoursNil10 %Establishments & Training Records 11Machinery in working condition80%95%Maintains returns 12A.V.A. use in Training2%75%LRDC & LRUC Records 13Documents and Records updateNil98%MIS Resources Records 14Instructor Training in IndustryNil20%Establishments Records 15Donations From IndustryNil10%I.M.C. Status Report 16Experts Lectures from industriesNil20%Training Record & IMC Report 17On job Training of TraineesNil10%Training Record & IMC Report

20  SUSTAINABILITY PLAN B) State Government will support & keep physical involvement by taking follow up each activity of plan & correlate data as per the base line data given with project. To sustain the plan IMC & Govt. will support & involvement are as per follows Industries support A) Industry will support &keep continuous involvement from enrolment to employment,self- employment to trainee of this institute. B) IMC & Industry will support & keep physical involvement by arranging the Industrial Visit, Seminar, Expert Lectures, Training Programme for trainees & Technical Staffs of the Institute. C) IMC & Industry will Support & Keep financial involvement by arranging OJT Programme in POTS Scheme & also arrange training programme to generate funds for institute development Government Support. A) Both State Government & Center Government will support & keep financial involvement for each activity of the plan as per the time base plan given with the project.

21 CAPABILITY STATEMENT. To be eligible to receive fund for proposed project institute meet the all criteria as per follows. 1) In Institute IMC effectively functioning from 27/09/2002. 2) Mr.Vivek Sonawane Director Shree Ganesh Industries Chair person of IMC and. representative of local Industries Employer 3) In Institute Instructors vacancy is not more than 1%. 4) Institute is surrounded by MIDC area & have newly cluster of textile industry, 30 Engineering Industries, 02 Oil refineries, 05 Chemical Industries, 70 Non Engg Industries,05 solvent extraction plant, including small scale industries also. 5) Since from last three years 1000 passed out trainees got employment, self employment & Apprenticeship in various Establishments and Industries. 6) As Institute has been establish in 1959with 5 trades and now have 20 trades & 54 Units & have all physical human recourses. so there is need and scope for up gradation. 7) Land required for development & project implementation is available 8) Revenue generated by institute in last years in POTS & through short term courses are up to the Bench mark set by the department & progressively increasing 9) Percentage of apprentice engagement 70 % & set a target to achieve of 100 % in next year. 10) In institute technical advisor committee is also effectively working and Mr. Rajwardhan Kadam Bande (MLA), Dhule is active chair person of Committee

22 Renovated Lay Out Plan of I.T.T. Dhule

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