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© 2010 VMware Inc. All rights reserved VMWorld 2010 Recap!

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1 © 2010 VMware Inc. All rights reserved VMWorld 2010 Recap!

2 2  17,021 Attendees, 4,000 Net New!  5,000+ Partners  233 Sponsors and Exhibitors  VMUG – 50,000 members!  15,000+ Hands-On Labs! (In 2009 we ran 4,500 labs)  We unveiled VMware vCloud DirectorVMware vCloud Datacenter services VMware vShield SuiteVMware vFabric VMware View 4.5VMware ThinApp 4.6 Previewed project Horizon  We Acquired IntegrienTriCipher VMWorld 2010 - Conference Overview

3 3 VMWorld 2010 – Hands-On Labs (Lab Cloud) Lab Cloud served up 30 lab topics. (severall attendees completed all 30) 480 lab stations – Labs delivered via “cloud” from multiple datacenters Each hour Lab Cloud created and destroyed approx 4000 VMs. Lab Cloud provisioned 15,344 labs and deployed a total of 145,097 VMs Top 10 labs were: VMware View 4.5 Install and Config1515 labs VMware vSphere Perf & Tuning1229 labs VMware ESX 4.1 new features1112 labs VMware vCloud Director Install & Config1019 labs Basic VMware vSphere Install & Config829 labs VMware View 4.5 Advanced811 labs VMware vSphere Troubleshooting791 labs VMware vCenter SRM Install & Config789 labs VMware vDS & Cisco Nexus 1KV761 labs VMware vShield734 labs

4 4 VMWorld 2010 Announcements – VMware vCloud Director VMware vCloud Director transforms the way IT produces and manages infrastructure services, and the way users access and consume them. Create Standardized Virtual Datacenters – By pooling compute, storage and networking capability into virtual datacenters (VDCs), VMware vCloud Director greatly simplifies resource management and provisioning. Vmware vCloud Director can define flexible resource allocation models using the same infrastructure, ranging from capacity-as-you-go to reserved pools. These resource allocation models are fully supported by VMware vCenter™ Chargeback. Provide Self-Service Access Through Infrastructure Service Catalogs – VMware vCloud Director creates service catalogs that allow users to choose and deploy pre-configured infrastructure and applications from a Web-based portal. Build Secure, Multi-Tenant Clouds – VMware vCloud Director lets administrators group users by policy, such as a business unit, division or subsidiary. Each group has isolated virtual resources, independent LDAP- authentication, specific policy controls and unique catalogs. To ensure security and compliance in a cloud environment where multiple organizations share infrastructure resources, VMware vCloud Director includes VMware vShield™perimeter protection, port-level firewall, and NAT and DHCP services. Leverage Both Internal and External Infrastructure Resources – VMware vCloud Director provides comprehensive implementation of the VMware vCloud API, an open, REST-based API that uses the Open Virtualization Format (OVF) to make workload transfer between clouds possible while provisioning and controlling those applications via a consistent interface regardless of where they reside. Through partnerships with a broad ecosystem of service providers offering cloud services based on VMware vCloud Director, customers can adopt a hybrid cloud computing model by extending datacenter capacity to compatible public clouds without compromising security or agility.

5 5 VMWorld 2010 Announcements – VMware vCloud DataCenter Services  Offered through VMware certified service providers, vCloud Datacenter Service is an enterprise-class cloud service offering that helps IT organizations respond to business and technical user demands with greater agility while still maintaining control through auditable security and service quality.  Built on proven VMware solutions—including VMware vSphere, VMware vCloud Director, and VMware vShield products—vCloud Datacenter Service delivers ready-to-use cloud infrastructures for business and technical users to enable self-service provisioning of IT resources in minutes instead of days or weeks.  VMware is working closely with leading cloud providers such as Bluelock, Colt, SingTel, Terremark and Verizon to deliver a new breed of enterprise- class hybrid cloud offerings based on vCloud Datacenter Service that provide the security, interoperability and control that enterprises require.

6 6 VMWorld 2010 Announcements – VMware vShield Suite We are introduced 3 security products to the market at VMworld 2010  vShield Edge – Provides comprehensive network security and services for the edge of virtual datacenters  vShield App - Protects applications in the virtual datacenter from network- based threats  vShield Endpoint - Enables offloading of antivirus and anti-malware processing to security-hardened virtual machines delivered by VMware partners, strengthens security for virtual machines and their hosts while improving performance by orders of magnitude for endpoint protection.  We are also updating and upgrading out vShield Zones technology -- a feature of vSphere 4.1. The upgrade version now includes a more robust vNIC-level firewall, and this has complete control over inter-VM network traffic – a really important enhancement. vShield App builds on top of this capability. To read more about these products, visit

7 7 VMWorld 2010 Announcements – VMware vFabric VMware vFabric Delivers Developer Productivity and Operational Agility for Cloud-generation Applications Applications are increasingly built with modern development frameworks that leverage runtime and data management services that are much more agile and designed for virtualization. An open solution, VMware vFabric will initially target the 2.5 million users that develop Spring Java applications. VMware vFabric will deliver the following key benefits:  Maximize Speed and Innovation: Customers can bring modern applications to market faster and with less complexity; new applications can be delivered in days or weeks rather than months or years, and at scale.  Extend the Benefits of Virtualization to the Application: VMware vFabric can coordinate with underlying infrastructure to help ensure optimal application performance, quality of service and infrastructure resource utilization.  An Evolutionary Path to the Cloud: Developers will be able to build new applications in a familiar and productive way while enabling the choice of where to run them, whether on premise or in public clouds such as VMforce™ or Google.

8 8 VMWorld 2010 Announcements – VMware View 4.5 VMware View 4.5 Features and Benefits:  Rapid, Cost-Effective Windows 7 Migration – VMware View 4.5 fully supports Microsoft Windows 7 while providing a model for enterprises to significantly reduce the cost and time required migrating from legacy operating systems.  Offline Desktop Access – VMware View Client with Local Mode, the industry’s first integrated offline virtual desktop solution, enables users to access their virtual desktops even while disconnected from the network  Expanded Administrative Capabilities – At the core, VMware View Administrator has been enhanced from the ground up to deliver new levels of scalability and efficiencies for IT organizations. With the addition of role-based administration, monitoring dashboards, simplified reporting and support for third-party tools VMware View drives simplification of virtual desktop management through a single interface.  Integrated Application Assignment – VMware View 4.5 simplifies the delivery of virtualized applications to end-users through integration of application assignment with the VMware View Administrator console. Integration enables VMware ThinApp applications to be centrally managed and easily delivered to pools or individual desktops.  See for more

9 9 VMWorld 2010 Announcements – VMware ThinApp 4.6 VMware ThinApp 4.6 Features and Benefits: Designed to eliminate application conflicts and streamline management, VMware ThinApp simplifies application virtualization and reduces the cost and complexity of mission critical application delivery. New advanced enterprise features of ThinApp 4.6 include:  Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 support – ThinApp now offers complete support for virtualizing Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 (IE 6), making it easy to virtualize and deploy legacy IE 6 applications to 32- and 64-bit Windows 7 desktops.  ThinDirect – By automating the redirection of admin specified URLs to a virtual browser, ThinApp’s ThinDirect feature ensures that end-users can seamlessly run IE 6 on Windows 7 desktops alongside newer, natively installed browser versions.  ThinApp Converter – ThinApp works with VMware vSphere, ESX and Workstation images to convert silently installed applications into ThinApp packages through a command-line interface that allows for automation of application conversion and management.  Integrated with VMware View™ Manager – ThinApp packages can be assigned to individual desktops or groups of desktops in VMware View Manager to allow for streamlined application deployment.

10 10 VMWorld 2010 Announcements – New Acquisitions (Integrien) Integrien: Simplifying Performance Management and Improving Operational Efficiency  Today’s IT organizations are under pressure to increase service levels and build the next-generation infrastructure and applications for the cloud. The dynamic nature of modern infrastructures and cloud environments requires a new management paradigm, and VMware is uniquely positioned to build on the foundation of virtualization and fundamentally improve how organizations manage IT services.  Integrien’s patented real-time performance analytics solution helps customers simplify the complexity of managing application and infrastructure performance by transforming data from existing management tools into actionable intelligence. Combined with VMware vCenter management products, Integrien’s capabilities enable VMware customers to achieve the level of automation and control required for virtualized and cloud infrastructures.

11 11 Integrien

12 12 VMWorld 2010 Announcements – New Acquisitions (TriCipher) TriCipher: Bridging Hybrid Cloud Security, Improving End User Provisioning and Security of SaaS Applications  As customers evolve to a hybrid cloud composed of customer-owned and SaaS applications, internal and external infrastructure clouds, technologies for identity federation, SaaS authentication and access management are required to deliver convenient application access for end users and security controls for IT. TriCipher's capabilities will support multiple VMware initiatives, including identity-based security, integration of hybrid clouds and managed access to SaaS application from any device, where and when a user needs it.  “TriCipher has been a pioneer in the field of identity and access management as a service, providing secure authentication and seamless single sign on access to over 3,000 public and private Web and SaaS applications,” said John De Santis, chairman and CEO of TriCipher. “We are excited to join the VMware family and further build on our foundational technology to fulfill VMware’s cloud and end user computing vision.”

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