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1 st 6-weeks Quiz on September 14.  The literal meaning of a word.

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1 1 st 6-weeks Quiz on September 14

2  The literal meaning of a word.

3  Snake is defined as being a scaly, legless, and sometimes venomous reptile.

4  The arrangements of words and the order of grammatical elements in a sentence.

5 ◦ BASICALLY, it’s about how words are sequenced to convey meaning.

6  “I can run fast” changes when you use the same words in, “Can I run fast?”

7 ◦ How are they different? ◦ I can run fast vs. Can I run fast?

8  Helps to create a picture or idea in the reader’s mind.

9 The hot July sun beat relentlessly down, casting an orange glare over the farm buildings, the fields, the pond. Even the usually cool green willows bordering the pond hung wilted and dry. Our sun-baked backs ached for relief. We quickly pulled off our sweaty clothes and plunged into the pond, but the tepid water only stifled us and we soon climbed onto the brown, dusty bank. Our parched throats longed for something cool--a strawberry ice, a tall frosted glass of lemonade. We pulled on our clothes, crackling underbrush, the sharp briars pulling at our damp jeans, until we reached the watermelon patch. As we began to cut open the nearest melon, we could smell the pungent skin mingling with the dusty odor of the dry earth. Suddenly, the melon gave way with a crack, revealing the deep, pink sweetness inside.

10  It is a writer’s or speaker’s attitude toward the subject. Tone is conveyed through the writer’s choice of words and detail.

11  Watch the video to find out!

12  The writer’s choice of words. ◦ Learned (most formal)  Talking/Writing to your teacher. ◦ Popular  “That’s cool.” ◦ Colloquial  “He rubbed me the wrong way.” ◦ Slang  Most commonly used with friends.

13  Comparing two things using “like” or “as”. ◦ I like it when I eat ice cream. ◦ My shirt is like the color of blood.

14  A deliberate, extravagant, and often outrageous exaggeration. It may be used for either serious or comic effect.

15 ◦ I’m so hungry I could eat a horse! ◦ He has a ton of money. ◦ I will just die if he doesn’t ask me out!

16  An explanation that is not in the original text; to aid in understanding.

17 “I know for a fact it altered ¹ my perception of myself.” ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ¹ altered: changed; made different

18  A comparison of the relationship between two groups of words. ◦ For example, eye : see :: ear : hear.

19  __________ : artwork: lawyer : case.

20  An ordinary written or spoken language, using sentences and paragraphs, without deliberate or regular meter or rhyme; not poetry, drama, or song

21  POV refers to the perspective from which a narrative is told.

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