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Innovations in Educational Technology What you can find to get the job done here at U.T. Dallas.

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1 Innovations in Educational Technology What you can find to get the job done here at U.T. Dallas.

2 S outhern A ssociation of C olleges and S chools Recommendations: l All course syllabi must be on WWW l Minimum syllabus contents: – Course Prerequisites – Educational Goals – Intellectual Content – Evaluation & Grading Methods – Examination Schedule – Major Assignments & Readings

3 Course WebPage Flowchart

4 Resources l NETSCAPE 4 Browser (or IE ) l HTML Editing – MS FrontPage free but uneditable code – MS Office 2000 WORD export to HTML – Quest & Designer’s Edge authorware – Or Any Text Editor: work without a net l GRAPHICS Editing – MS Office PhotoEditor – Digital Camera, Scanner & OCR ( optional )

5 Presentation Managers l Course Applications –Editable Slide Show –Audience Notes –Modest Multimedia –Transparencies –Student Projects l Microsoft PowerPoint –Run-time Module free – Deliverable by WWW

6 Networked Communications l Mandate Student Sign-On! –3 Accounts : INFOSERV, UNIX, RNA l Asynchronous –ELECTRONIC MAIL –USENET GROUP (no more Listservers) l Synchronous –MOO, MUD (text) –Internet Teleconferencing (whiteboards, et al.)

7 Electronic Mail (Infoserv) l 24 Hour Office l Focused Inquiry l Broadcast Response l Homework by Attachment ( MIME ) l Distance Education –“Anytime, Anyplace”

8 UseNet Group Discussions l Threaded Chat l Not Email-based l Responses to All l 24 hr asynchrony l Text-based – “binaries” by UUcode attachment l Setup via 883-2911

9 Authorware l Presentation & Tutorials l Adaptive Testing and Branching l Free runtime distribution (web or CD) l Student Project Tutorials l Designer’s Edge –Prompts outline development l QUEST

10 Quest l University License l Sneakernet install anywhere on campus l Product is viewable anywhere with free player l

11 Quest Programming l Modular Design –for projects l Creation of Frames –like individual webpages l Coding for events –Visual metaphor but still C underneath –Not a casual undertaking.

12 INSTEAD... Borrow successful designs from the semi-infinite source: The World Wide Web

13 HTML Outline l – » Window dressing – » ALL YOU EVER WANTED TO SAY – l

14 ? ? Not only titles the Window (and its bookmark!) but also gets high points from Keyword Searchers.

15 ? ? l Reiterate TITLE as page heading l Concise, unambiguous information l Clear progress & backtrack devices – Site MAP if navigation is COMPLEX l Dated and signed development l Contact facility ( MAILTO: )

16 HTML Navigation link HTML Navigation link l stuff? – “http://Full_URL” – “file.htm” » if page is local – “file.htm#label” » target on local page l link is clicked to trigger a new page (can be an image too)


18 HTML Formatting l As Written: – Hello – Goodbye – Hello – Goodbye – ad naseum l As Displayed: – HelloGoodbye – Hello – Goodbye – ad naseum

19 HTML Tables

20 HTML Images l JPEG (.JPG or.JPE) – compressed photos – Properties will show size in pixels. – MS PhotoEditor File/SaveAs/More permits quality setting for tradeoff with file size (page appearance time).

21 HTML Images l GIF (.GIF) – non -photo images » < IMG » SRC=“mad_duck.gif” » ALT=“Hit any key” » ALIGN=right » WIDTH=250 » HEIGHT=200 » BORDER=0 > – Properties gives width & height (in pixels)

22 HTML Image Map (client-side) l l Shapes: rect, circle, poly l Origin is upper left. l Earliest defined overlap wins. l Pixel coords from MS PE cursor.

23 Graceful Conclusions l Provide Quick Access to Entry Point: – Home Page l Provide instant email contact: – – Send me email – or telephone (972) 883-2485. Date Last modified 11/9/99 & Sign your work: © Chris Parr (UTDallas)

24 Follow-On HTML Training & webpage installation notes l Mark Mitchell –Training Specialist in Telecommunications Services l Will offer hands-on if we evidence interest.

25 WWW Tutorials on Web Pages l A Beginner’s Guide to HTML Internet/WWW/HTMLPrimer.html l HTML Quick Reference other/ HTML_quick.shtml l Principles of Web Page Design

26 Posting WebPages at UTD l START RUN telnet apache OK l Login with valid UNIX ID & password – mkdir public_html – chmod 755 public_html – chmod o+x $HOME l Use FTP Explorer to copy “index.html” file to public_html directory – cd public_html – chmod 755 index.html

27 Fill-in-the-blanks Syllabus Template? If there is interest, UTD will supply an example course webpage with replaceable text modules that you could FILE SAVE AS and modify.

28 Free Microsoft Software Licenses l Licenses: $0 for home use (forever) – HighEd 1365 Glenville Road 972 437-3747 l Installation media (CD): $ 6-30 (trivial) l MS Office 2000 Professional Suite WORD, PowerPoint, EXCEL, ACCESS l MS Windows 98 or NT workstation l MS FrontPage, HTML site scripting l MS Visual Studio Pro C++,J++,VisualBasic

29 Y2K Millennium Bug Fixes l Win 95 & 98 – Settings/Control/ Regional/Date reset short-form year format to yyyy l Win 3.x & DOS – Before 2000 in DOS, DATE 1/1/2000 – When returning 1/4, DATE 1/4/2000 – Never DATE 1/4/00

30 And if all else fails... Chris Parr (972) 883-2485

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