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School of Physics – Research Profile

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1 School of Physics – Research Profile Physics@DCU

2 DCU by Numbers 10,848 students 1,968+ international students from 114 countries 2,974 postgraduates 767 by research 898 staff (449 academic)

3 Faculties and Schools DCU Business School Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences OSCAIL National Distance Education Centre Faculty of Science and Health Faculty of Engineering and Computing Faculties and Schools

4 School of Physics – Talk Outline Vision & Mission Staffing Research

5 School Strategy - Vision/Mission Our Vision: To achieve, by 2014, a nationally leading and internationally competitive position in niche physics education and research fields which is both highly visible and widely recognised Our Mission: To achieve clear and significant improvements in education and research quality at third and fourth levels from undergraduate recruitment to postdoctoral formation during 2007 – 2014

6 Physics - Academic Staff Academic staff from Ireland, UK, France, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Italy, US, Australia & Japan 2 X Full Professors 1 X Emeritus Professor 5 X Assoc. Professors 4 X Senior Lecturer 5 X Lecturer (Permanent) 1 X SFI Stokes Lecturer 1 X Lecturer (Fixed term contract) 2 X Adjunct Professors (E Meurs & N O’Hare)

7 Physics - Academic Staff One DCU-International Visiting Research Fellow – Dr. Sivanadan Harilal (Kanpur  Bochum  UCSD  (DCU)  Purdue)

8 Postgraduate Students and Researchers 53 Research postgraduate students (Nov 2010) 15 Contract research staff (Administration, Research Officer, Postdoctoral Fellow and Technical – mostly )

9 Graduate Trends (2003-2010) Average 25 B.Sc (Hons) in Physics p.a. Average 12 Ph.D graduates per annum National Context: 200 BSc across 20 programmes in 10 institutions during this period (RIA/IOP Annual Surveys, 2005 – 2009)

10 Research Strategy (Themes) To further enhance our research programmes in: 1.Plasma science and technology (fundamentals, nanomaterials growth/processing and fusion energy) 2.Photonic sciences (optical sensor platforms, nano- biophotonics, photonic materials, surfaces and interfaces, ultrafast photonic processes and interactions) To continue grow research in: 3. Physics education 4. Astronomy (

11 Research Strategy (Aims) To continue to work with associated research centres in order to build the major national research programmes To continue growing postgraduate research student numbers To play a leading role in Graduate Research Education Programmes (DRHEA, PRTLI V, etc.) To make further strategic hires in order to achieve these targets (e.g., DCU, SFI Stokes, etc.) To build strategic, robust and lasting links with DCU-India partners in our core research themes

12 Research - Context Critical Mass Physics Groups - Astronomy, Plasmas, Surface Science, Laser-Matter Interactions, Semiconductors, Sensors & Education Integrated with NCPST and NCSR (BDI) On-site laboratory and international large scale facility (CERN, RAL, DESY, SOLEIL, ASTRID, MAXLAB, LCLS, ITER,…) based Many other top-tier international collaborations Sustained major successes wrt PRTLI, SFI, EU & EI

13 School - Associated Research Centres Senior staff have established multi- million euro research programmes and centres Precision SRC-(Turner) & BDI CSET (MacCraith) Two National Research Centres founded by School Professors NCPST (Kennedy), NCSR (MacCraith)

14 Research - Indicators - Income Examples: 2009 – 2010 SFI Cluster (Turner): €4.3 M SFI PI (Cafolla, Costello & Hughes): € 1.4 M SFI Stokes (Costello/Nikolopoulos): € 0.49M EI (Karkari, Hayden, etc.): €0.62M IRCSET Fellowships (various): €0.48M EU (Turner, Nikolopoulos et al.): ca. €1.2M Physics Average Annual Research Expenditure (2005-2010): > € 2M

15 We publish in the highest impact/ esteemed scholarly journals, e.g: Astrophysical Journal AAS Astronomy & Astrophysics APL/JAP/RSI/PoP, etc - AIP Physical Review Letters/Phys. Review (A & B) - APS Journal of Physics (B & C) - IOP Optics Letters - OSA Nature Photonics, etc. Research - Indicators - Publications

16 Refereed papers $ in scholarly journals, 2003 - 2007* *Source - Web of Science $Figures exclude special issues of journals

17 Research - Indicators - Publications * 2007-2010 *Figures include special issues of journals

18 Research - Other Indicators Outputs (2007 - 2010) > 200 refereed journal articles >110 Invited talks (Plenary, Conference, Workshop, Seminar) >300 Conference presentations 6 Book chapters 8 Patents Editorial Boards (2007-2010): Plasma Sources Science and Technology Hindawi - Journal of Atomic and Molecular Physics Journal of Physics-C: Condensed Matter Sensor Letters Sensors and Actuators Measurement Science and Technology Journal of Modern Optics

19 Other Staff Activities Activities (2003 - 2010) Conferences [EPS-EGAS(05), ICPIG (06), Europtrode (09), EPS-Plasma (2010)] Workshops [SMEC, IOP-AMIG, IPBPG, IOP-RF, I-SWAMP (11)…] Esteem - Examples: MRIAs (2 staff ) and F.Inst.P (5 staff) UK EPSRC College (2 staff) of only 3 physicists nationally (7 ROI members) Chair - Board of Studies for Science of the NCCA Chair Radiological Protection Inst. Irl. Chair - Education group of the IOP Governing Board - Armagh Observatory EU Consultative and Steering Committees for Fusion Board - Univ Manchester Photon Science Institute Advisory panels of many international advisory conferences

20 People Facilities Competences Internationalisation DCU Physics - Key Traits

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