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Digital License Plates Team Impulse. Marques Dickson Krystle Garcia- Gibbons Marques Dickson Team Impulse.

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1 Digital License Plates Team Impulse

2 Marques Dickson Krystle Garcia- Gibbons Marques Dickson Team Impulse

3 Kelly Kermode Joanna Garcia Kunj Bhatt Team Impulse

4 Inventions Today Leisure (ease) vs. Survival

5 Abstract - A practical upgrade approach and solution for an “ancient” piece of technology. - Digital and/or electronic license plates are the future. - Serves the two purposes of today’s technologies: leisure (ease) and survival. - The digital/electronic license plates and the environment. - The digital/electronic license plates and crimes against person and/or property. Kunj Bhatt

6 Claims  Digital/Electronic License Plates The Digital License Plates would be linked to the DMV computer database and/or police department databases. When you pay your yearly vehicle registration the "sticker" on the license plate will automatically download and update on your Digital License Plate. This will save paper because people can pay online and there will be no need to make new stickers for all cars every year. If a car is reported stolen your local police department can set the license plate to “blink or flash” so that police officers will know the vehicle has been reported stolen. This feature will also be effective for Amber Alerts. Marques Dickson

7 Claims Continued…  In emergencies, the plates could be used to broadcast Amber Alerts or traffic information  This idea is not new  California legislative bill SB1453  Advocates for the use of electronic license plates.  No patent has been made for an electronic license plate. Marques Dickson

8 Digital License Plate

9 Problem Resolution  Energy  License plate will use power from car battery when car is on  Stored Solar energy when car is off  Burned out light  Mandatory checks similar to smog checks  Vandalism  Vandal Cover to protect from vandalism and the elements  Disabling License Plate  Alert sent to DMV when license plate it disabled  Front license plate would remain “non-digital” Joanna Garcia

10 Materials and Functions There is so much technology to chose from!

11 Materials  LED in theory would be what we would use.  Functions to display the license plate images.  LED is what most electronic billboards use. Marques Dickson

12 Materials and Functions  Iphone Technology?  A capacitive touchscreen panel is one which consists of an insulator such as glass, coated with a transparent conductor such as indium tin oxide (ITO).  TFT-LCD  A form of Liquid Crystal Display more of a viewing angle and display of color  Function to display images. Marques Dickson

13 Materials and Functions  Cell Phone transmitter technology  This is useful in providing a unique radio signal to each plate which allows for the government to control the implementation of Alerts. Marques Dickson

14 Materials and Functions  We will use a 620MHz ARM CPU  This will allow us the simple interface to compute the directions that will be sent to the plates.  We will also use plastic enclosures to prevent vandalisim  We will also use solar cells to power the plate when it is off. Marques Dickson

15 Similar Products

16 Antecedents (Similar Products)  Enhanced vehicle advisory system to advise drivers of other vehicles and passengers in the vehicle of actions taken by the driver “A front window advisory system embedded into the front window, the advisory system having a multiplicity of words which are STOP, HELP, SLOWING DOWN, LEFT TURN, RIGHT TURN, REVERSE and U-TURN, with the words readable from the front of the vehicle so that drivers of oncoming traffic can read them,”  Event-recorder for transmitting and storing electronic signature data “An electronic event recorder for attachment to a vehicle is provided which can broadcast encrypted signature and data, thereby leaving behind an electronic version of a "fingerprint" in the event of an accident or traffic violation. The fingerprint, captured by an external data acquisition system or another vehicle so equipped, provides a history of events related to the vehicle. The event recorder is preferably integrated on a smart card and housed in a tamper proof casing,”  Light guide plate, surface light source, and liquid crystal display device The surface light source of claim 1, wherein each of the light sources is an LED of at least one color selected from the group consisting of a white LED, a red LED, a green LED and a blue LED. Kelly Kermode

17 Anticipated Costs

18  Each LED bulb costs about.75 cents retail.  By contracting with a bulb manufacturer we would lower the price of the bulb.  The only foreseeable problem is that LED technology is bulky and expensive. Marques Dickson

19 Anticipated Cost (Cont.)  We calculated the prices by taking a look at the pricing of other businesses.  For a 6.56 X 6.56 foot led screen it costs $30-60 thousand dollars depending on specifications.  Too expensive Marques Dickson

20 Anticipated Costs (cont.)  The Sony Bravia LCD TV runs for about $1000 US dollars retail.  That costs about 30 dollars an inch.  A license plate is about 8 across.  Estimated price for LCD components $240. Marques Dickson

21 Anticipated Costs  If we use capacitive touchscreens or a similar technology on the license plates.  The price to make it would be around $ 100 US each and is expected to go down each year as technology advances.  We could use the glass substrate that is found in the capacitive touchscreen to protect the TFT-LCD.  Plastic enclosures will cost.10 cents each to make  Solar cells cost.20 to make  If we were to use the TFT-LCD it would be much cheaper around $50 in total per plate. Marques Dickson

22 Marketing

23 Anticipated Market  All registered vehicles in California and possibly the entire United States  255,917,664 registered vehicles in the United States  7,499,722 registered vehicles in Los Angeles  Record number of online vehicle registrations in 2007  23.8% Increase in online registrations  2.36 million online reg.  453,430 in Los Angeles alone Joanna Garcia

24 Projected Profits

25 Projected Profits* Cost of Production (TFT-LCD)  $50 to make each license plate screen  Over 21 million registered cars in California alone  Roughly $1,050,000,000 to supply all of California *Projected for sales in California ONLY Costs of Labor and Product Price  Product Price: $150 each  Worker Wages: $20 per/hr  Inventors’ Salaries: $100,000/yr Krystle Garcia-Gibbons

26 Projected Profits*  $ 3,150,000,000 (price of product) – $1,050,000,000 (cost of product) = $2,100,000,000 (total profits)  200 (amount of workers) x $41,600 (worker wages/yr) = $8,320,000 (total worker wages)  5 (salary paid inventors) x $100,000 (salary/yr) = $500,000 (total inventor salaries) Total Profit: $2,091,180,000 *Projected for sales in California ONLY Krystle Garcia-Gibbons

27 Works Cited  California Department of Motor Vehicles. Record number of vehicles registered online via DMV Web Site. 3 08 2007. 28 11 2010.  RITA. "Table 1-11: Number of U.S. Aircraft, Vehicles, Vessels, and Other Conveyances." Bureau of Transportation Statistics. 28 11 2010.  Vehicles Registration Los Angeles County. 31 12 2008. 28 11 2010.

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