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4 “How How Foxic Got Rid of FearsFears” is a nice, clean, marvelous, touching and richly illustrated fairy tale. Most of personages are just fluffy toys you can buy in the nearest shop. You can easily heal all your child’s fears yourself, like Wise Owl showed Foxic way out from his night horrors, just playing with heroes.


6 The fast method embedded in this fairy tale had helped thousands of people to be free from their unhealthy imagination. Your child’s curious mentality will take this method automatically in consideration for further practice in their everyday life. Nobody deserves to suffer. Enjoy marvels with Foxic and his friends.

7 Foxic is a small fox.

8 He lives with his mother

9 in a big forest.

10 Father-foxes live separately from their families,

11 unlike wolves, who adore their family

12 and live all together happily.

13 Anyway, Foxic’s aunt Licy

14 and her twin sons, Foxic’s cousins, would often visit him and his mother.

15 Every morning Foxic was waiting for his friends under their beloved birch tree.

16 You know, birch trees are very good for your health. Their leaves heal wounds, cold, give a nice smell and warm your body up.

17 If you have injury, just apply the birch leave. It will heal! show

18 Foxic had a lot of friends:

19 Donkey Day

20 Froggy Phil

21 Rabbit P

22 Rabbit G

23 Squirrel Lanny

24 Small Torty

25 and hipo Lino

26 Sitting under their tree in the morning,

27 Foxic would look at the smiling sun, and the sun would smile back at him.

28 When you smile at the sun, your spirits rise, you feel strong and loved..

29 Friends would gather under their tree and discuss plans for the day.

30 Sometimes they would choose this or that open space in their forest,

31 would sit there, and tell funny stories to each other.

32 Sometimes they would go to pick wild berries:

33 Raspberries

34 Strawberries

35 Blackberries

36 Red current

37 Nuts and other riches of the forest.

38 By the evening time, friends would return to their families, tired and happy.

39 Every night Mother Fox would go hunting to the far places.

40 She would put a bunch of birch tree leaves in their small cave to warm up her son during chilly nights. Mother would kiss Foxic good night and leave.

41 He would make himself comfortable and fall asleep.

42 Nevertheless, there were times, when he would wake up in the middle of night.

43 The forest was filled with unknown sounds…

44 Shining eyes

45 unknown creatures

46 Moving in the darkness…

47 Foxic did not like to complain, nevertheless, one day he told his mother about his nightmares. Mother Fox caressed her son and told him, that such things happen sometimes.

48 She explained that Foxic had a very rich imagination. This gift, she went on, could be used in creating pleasant and comforting images and entertaining ‘films’. show

49 Foxic’s mother invited their neighbor, Wise Owl, to heal her boy and train him in creating lovely, comforting and healthy images.

50 Wise Owl knew a secret method of healing and Foxic got rid of his fears playfully and fast. Learn how

51 Free of his fears, Foxic expressed his gratitude to Wise Owl and she flied away.

52 That night Foxic was calm. He felt fine.

53 He looked up at the night sky and saw his friend Heggy… He was flying in the stars, carrying apples for their friends. Foxic smiled.

54 Calmed, he looked down at the darkness.

55 The moon appeared and lightened the forest.

56 …and saw a small dear, jumping to fly…

57 He smiled at his new healthy skill to create and enjoy nice and comforting images at night. show

58 He looked up. The dear was already flying among the stars,

59 All of a sudden, he saw a star. It was smiling at him…

60 Foxic made himself comfortable among birch leaves… and fell asleep.

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