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2001 South First Street Champaign, Illinois 61820 +1 (217) 384.6330 PowerWorld Service Contract on RAS.

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1 South First Street Champaign, Illinois (217) PowerWorld Service Contract on RAS Mark Laufenberg, Ph.D. President ext. 10

2 2 Project Tasks 1.Software Modifications 2.User Workshops

3 3 Software Modifications Some new features –Opening substation contingency actions –Injection group load dropping actions –Adding “time delay” to contingency elements and defining order to occurrence of actions –Modifying injection group “open” actions to specify whether or not to exceed the requested flow –Adding contingency action to change resistance of DC line –Total fixed cost of all these together: $19,440

4 4 Software Documentation Updating RAS specification document to include all software enhancements. Document on our public website, continually updated Also – “If PowerWorld identifies the need for additional software enhancements, PowerWorld shall notify WECC of the need and provide an estimate of the cost needed to implement the specified additional features.” –Software Features are added on a cost-sharing basis at a reduced fee based on $135/hr

5 5 Implementation of RAS Models: WECC Utility Staff The only folks fully qualified to describe a utility’s RAS are the engineers who maintain and design the RAS for their system. –There must be engagement by WECC utility staff on this project –PowerWorld Corporation staff is here to help jump start the process, but utility staff needs to participate because they have the knowledge

6 6 Implementation of RAS Models: User Workshops Initial two hour webinar –April 2, 2015, 9 am – 11 am MDT. –Goal is to motivate interest in folks to sit down and start modeling their RAS First 2-day workshop at WECC Office –May 27, pm through May 29, Noon MDT –First day will be classroom training on what these RAS models can do –Second day will be break-out sessions with WECC members implementing their actual RAS together At the discretion (and scheduling) of WECC, possibility of second in person workshop and a follow up webinar will occur

7 7 Contractual Flexibility for WECC– Ability to Cancel Go back to earlier presentations by PowerWorld over the past several years on how effective software development projects work –Small projects with short time-frames –Small means very small: Features so far have been between 4 hours and 60 hours Don’t think of this as one big project –It’s really a bunch of small projects all under one contractual framework –Give WECC staff flexibility in assigning tasks –This can be cancelled at WECC’s sole discretion at any time

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