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SRWG Chair Report March 2015 WECC HQ

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1 SRWG Chair Report March 2015 WECC HQ
John Gross SRWG Chair SRWG Chair Report March 2015 WECC HQ

2 Topics Where are we headed? Data Preparation Manual status
MOD-032 implementation plan and associated DPM 2015 Base Case Compilation Schedule status Base Case Coordination System Model Implementation Schedule Renewable generation dispatch Balancing Authority Area representation WECC contingency analysis RAS Workshop and File Format specifications MOD-033 coordination with MVWG

3 Where are we headed? What is the point of SRWG’s efforts?
Provide data to support study requirements Changes on their way (or already here) Node-breaker representation RAS and contingency modeling Relay emulation How should we react? Develop staged implementation plans Get ahead instead of behind

4 Data Preparation Manual
TSS approved 4 digit zone numbers Also included technical writer edits Rev 4 4 Digit Zone addition Non-BCCS Rev BCCS-4 4 Digit Zone addition Rev BCCS-5 MOD-032 Implementation BCCS DPM Revisions

5 MOD Implementation TSS approved SRWG’s implementation plan and associated DPM Focus will begin shifting to Planning Coordinators How to collect data from non-registered entities?

6 2015 Base Case Compilation Schedule
TSS approved revisions to 2015 schedule Load description Shifting summer operating cases Separate approved item to replace TEPPC case with 10 year light load case Requested by WestConnect, NTTG, ColumbiaGrid, and California ISO

7 Base Case Coordination System
Patch provided following December meeting did not resolve all critical issues Siemens has hired a consultant to support troubleshooting issues Further update?

8 Model Implementation Schedule
New approved models ccomp – cross current compensation Need to add to implementation schedule?

9 Renewable Generation Dispatch
TSS is requesting renewable generation to be dispatched to non-zero Not realistic for all renewables to be off When end-users turn them on, models cause problems Represent realistic output for scenario

10 Balancing Authority Area Representation
TSS and MVWG support including BA representation in base cases Similarities to Westwide System Model More closely mimics actual system controls Comparison to L&R submittals Implementation pending software development and utilizing the new versions Or changing existing Areas in cases to BA’s, no software changes required

11 BA Representation Demo
Create new Area Move buses to new Area by filter Select an Area slack bus Change control to Area Slack Set interchange for new Area to ACE Error Attempt to match existing solution Unspecified interchanges absorbed at slack

12 WECC Contingency Analysis
WECC Staff is continuing to run contingency analysis on operating base cases SRWG will support data collection efforts as needed

13 RAS and Contingency Modeling
April 2, 9-11 MDT (Webinar) Intro to RAS modeling and RAS/contingency file format Types of RAS that can be modeled May (Salt Lake) In person workshop Create models of your specific RAS for use PE continuing education credits available

14 MOD-033-1 Implementation Plan
SRWG was directed to work with MVWG to develop an implementation plan Compare planning power flow model to state estimator Compare planning dynamic model to actual system response Merging WSM and planning model?

15 Questions?

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