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1 VIDEO CLIP Two Chickens, from 1:00

2 THE LUNCH BUNCH, A PALATABLE ALTERNATIVE TO BOTH PUSH-IN AND PULL-OUT Annette Burton 1.Introduction: my own situation 2.During the session: think of ways to adapt this concept to your own environment 3.End of session: we can brainstorm individual concerns, ideas, and suggestions

3 In a school with hour-long lunch periods, advanced students’ 180-minute mandates can be met in 3 lunch periods. Intermediate and beginners need an additional 180 minutes, some as pullout, some as pushin. What do I mean by Lunch Bunch? Students bring lunches to an empty classroom for ESL.

4 Rationale for ESL lunch lessons 1. Sidestep drawbacks of both pushin and pullout [ more on next slide ] 2. Address mandates while avoiding scheduling conflicts 3. Keep people happy Legislators Administrators Parents Colleagues Students Ourselves 4. Nurturing for younger, social bonding for older

5 PushinPullout + * No ESL room necessary * Can’t blame ESL schedule for sts’ content deficits * Stigma of “failing NYSESLAT” in some communities * Specialists can help struggling monolingual sts too (admin POV) * Know what’s going on in classes * Students don’t miss fun or “impor- tant things” * Grouping by linguistic need * Less self-consciousness * More individual attn * Better acoustics, hear nuances * Space to move, read chorally * Teacher time not diluted by non- mandated student issues * No schlepping * No chameleon adjustments to changing “host” expectations _ * Uneven contact minutes; neediest get more than their share of attn * Apparent status in class (helper) * Inefficient sched (rug time, chess, snack, gym, art, music, parties) * Lessons not linguistically tailored but vocab-dominated content * Pressure to affect exam scores * No controlled research studies yet * No co-plannning time * Double homework, miss mainstream instructions and headstart time * 6 hours a week is a lot of out-of-class time * At mercy of mainstream tchrs’ content scheduling (“he’s always gone during math” “that’s our poetry time”)

6 How to do it: 1. Logistics Routines for younger, for older The food Varied linguistic levels: problems and opportunities The room Lunchroom impossibly loud Peanut allergies Timing, cleaning up

7 How to do it, cont. 2. Lesson content Only 3 modalities (unfortunately, no writing in my Lunch Bunch sessions) Alternative scheduling Separate report cards for lunch- bunch-only students [example on subsequent slide] Record keeping beyond first year [example on subsequent slide] Followup lessons for intermediate and beginners


9 Choose from two VIDEO CLIPS: 1. Nonfiction Air, from 3:40 2. Classic Rikki Tikki, from 4:45, from 21:32 Then slide 10

10 How to do it, Lesson content cont. Videos Sources: a. Discovery Education Streaming [ more on subsequent slide ] b. Youtube Captioning MAGpie [ more on subsequent slide ]

11 TESOL English Language Bulletin Oct. 31 “Research conducted over the last 18 months indicates that more than 80% of teachers in the US are using video in the classroom as a valued teaching resource, however a combination of lack of subtitles... and a lack of understanding how to use [them] effectively, mean [they] are not getting the full benefits...” video-for-teachers-school-classoom/

12 Chart for who’s seen which video

13 Discovery Education Streaming Originally free in NY through PBS and grant money You may already have a subscription (half the schools in US subscribers) Varying pricing because of BOCES / city contracts Title III funds; whole faculty with one subscription Free trial period till 1/1/13 if you register for it before 12/1/12 Passcode for today’s attendees

14 Adding captions to videos MAGpie free software download Developed by the Media Access Group at WGBH. “User-friendly” Adds captions to 3 digital multimedia formats: 1. Quicktime player 2. Realplayer 3. Windows Media Player Must have version of Quicktime 7.6 (no later!) MOV formats superimpose captions on picture, but WMV puts captions at bottom of video screen Import text file into MAGpie, use.MOV to time captions, export SMI file If you download from Youtube, you can convert.FLV to.MOV free at


16 Choose from three VIDEO CLIPS 1.Text painting The Wave, from 4:00 2.Vocab from context Cinderella, from :35 3.Genre Mystery on the Docks, from 2:25 Then slide 17


18 The nationwide trend away from pullout comes at the cost of the teacher-satisfaction provided by the ESL room, where lessons are freely tailored to linguistic needs. In ESL pull-out, quiet students’ utterances are more audible and relaxed, yet lessons can be noisy, with space to move around freely. The pull- out teacher is never relegated to assistant-status. With push-in on the other hand, administrators don’t have to provide teaching space and students don’t miss important mainstream lessons.

19 When students leave the cafeteria chaos and bring lunch to ESL, it’s possible to meet advanced students’ 180-minute mandates completely with three one-hour lunch sessions and utilize what is otherwise academically unproductive time without missing classroom activities, and rooms vacant during lunch are available. In lunch-bunch sessions, the ESL teacher has control of lesson content, and the quiet ambience accommodates shy children.

20 Videos enhance speaking, listening, and, with captions, reading skills as well. Lively literary discussions are peppered with new vocabulary and teacher-controlled captioning passively (or actively) presents correct spelling and punctuation. Children love watching the videos and say they like spending lunchtime with the ESL teacher.

21 WGBH-Boston developed a free downloadable software program named MAGpie (Media Access Generator) which makes it easy to caption videos. Videos themselves can be downloaded from, or with a subscription from Discovery Education’s United Streaming.

22 FINAL THOUGHTS A surprising bonding, different from what takes place in a classroom, grows out of sharing mealtime. More is being nourished than just bodies.

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