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Canyon Meadows 2007-2008 …responding to the needs of students, parents, and teachers.

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1 Canyon Meadows 2007-2008 …responding to the needs of students, parents, and teachers

2 Our Crunch Year for Space  For three years, we have know that this would be the year requiring innovative and creative solutions to school organization  Our school priority has not changed… optimal learning in a safe environment

3 The Facts  481 students  241 grades 1-3 and 155 grades 4-6  2 student entry and exit doors  One playground  One gymnasium  One music room  An enhanced curriculum

4 Student feedback  Its too crowded at the doors  I don’t get a turn on the play park  I don’t want my snack now, I want it later!  I’m painting a picture, why do I have to go outside now?  I want to play with my friends at recess

5 Teacher Feedback  We need an uninterrupted literacy block (2 hours)  My students have PE and recess in the morning and nothing in the afternoon  Its too crowded at the doors, by the time my students get out, recess is over  It takes too long to bring students back in to learning

6 Parent Feedback  It is unsafe and crowded at the doors  Why do 200 kids play on the play park at once and then no one is on it the rest of the day?  My child wants to play with their friends  My child needs his snack at 9:30, not 10:30

7 We hear you! What can we do?  Crowded doors: Kinder students are dismissed at staggered times reducing congestion by 50 students Room 5 and 11 exterior doors are used by 75 students, reducing congestion Recesses are staggered and varied – everyone is not at the door at the same time

8 Total Utilization of School Spaces  We are able to schedule our school learning spaces over the whole school day Gymnasium Music Room

9 The play park, too crowded, too empty  Staggered and varied recess – utilization of the play park all day  Play park is not trying to accommodate too many children  Recess is not used up waiting for “turns”

10 Playing with our friends  Teacher’s schedule recess times with other classes so students can play together  Students have a common 25 minute lunch recess to play together  PE classes are combined, students play together in the gym  Recess is never “missed” because of assemblies, fire drills, schedule changes etc

11 Uninterrupted Literacy Block  Teachers monitor and decide on the needs of their students  Learning time remains the priority  Balance of work and play for all ages and grades

12 The Results  Last year, every Friday, teachers utilized a flexible schedule – favorable feedback from all groups  After 5 days of school, working out the kinks  Learning is maximized, not interrupted  No bells interrupting instructional hours

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