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Launch Promotional Plan

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1 Launch Promotional Plan
ZEET - P Launch Promotional Plan

2 Product attributes Composition Honey – Ginger Flavored syrup
Desloratadine mg Ambroxol mg Guaiphenesin mg Menthol…………1 mg Honey – Ginger Flavored syrup Presentation - ___ ml bottle

3 FAB analysis Feature Honey ginger flavor Des polymer of Loratadine
Advantage More palatability by paed patients More effective in relieving cough and no sedative side effects Benefit Increased treatment outcomes and patient acceptance

4 Indications Pediatric cough

5 Target Audience General Physicians

6 Launch Promotional Plan

7 Objectives to be achieved
Availability of the product at all the potential counters Noise creation amongst field & doctors of lesser side effects Noise creation amongst field & doctors of honey and ginger Field motivation Patient education about safe drugs in pediatrics

8 Launch deliverables Teasers for field Tag line / punch line Visual aid
Doctor gifts LBLs Field engagement inputs Chemist and stockist new product welcome letter Patient education posters

9 Teasers for field Objective: to create inquisitiveness amongst field about this new product thereby facilitating the field engagement in the promotional activities of the brand. Story Line: Happily ever after Modus operandi: It is a set of 3 teasers telling a story of Zeet – a hard working boy and a girl named Honey-Ginger. They met at a bus stop, got married and will become the parents of Zeet P. It will be sent in s in the form of designed ers to ensure timed delivery.

10 Teasers for the field Copy – Teaser 1: Zeet was rushing to Office and he saw a beautiful girl at the bus stop. Her name was Honey-Ginger and they fell in love at first sight. They wanted to live a Happily ever after… Copy – Teaser 2: Zeet and Honey-Ginger got married. They bought a home on cough Island. They had just started their Happily ever after... Copy – Teaser 2: Zeet and Honey-Ginger became parents. They named their child ZEET P And they lived Happily ever after...

11 Tagline options 1 Objective: To highlight the following features of the brand and create maximum noise thereby gaining maximum mileage in terms of Rxns: Safety Flavor Options Fusion of Safety, effectiveness and flavor A smart anti-cough A safe, effective and loveable combination A combination that loves your patient A fail-safe anti-cough An approved combination in honey ginger flavor

12 Tagline options 2 Objective: to associate the brand with the direct outcomes of the therapy which the doctor seeks while prescribing a brand to pediatric patients in cough. Option 1: Khasi band, bhagana shuru Option 2: Khasi band, homework shuru Option 3: Khasi ki chutti Option 4: Bye Bye Khasi

13 Visual Aid Scripting Following 5 points will be highlighted in VA to detail this brand as a safer, effective and more patient compliant alternative amongst the other cough formulations in the market. DCGI approved combination in productive cough No sedative effect Better than the expectorant combinations containing Loratadine Safer combination Preferred flavor and flavor plays a role in compliance

14 LBLs Theme: Childhood is an occasion where an individual undergoes a lot of constructive changes in terms of learning, growth, aptitude development, inspiration and many others. Most of these changes are facilitated by their normal activities during the day like playing, sleeping, trying to copy father’s action by wearing his dress or cap. Hence these things are more important than they seem to be and cough can hamper all of these. We will try to highlight the importance of these tiny things and while doing the same, we will offer our product as a safe, effective and better option which not only eliminates cough but also makes childhood an occasion to celebrate. On the back side of each lbl, we will highlight either of the points given in VA with the punch line.

15 LBLs option 1 – Artist brief
Keep the cough out… … intelligent brains are at work. Picture of a child playing with building blocks

16 LBLs option 2 – Artist brief
Keep the cough out… … there are dreams to fulfill Picture of a child playing solving math problems

17 LBLs option 3 – Artist brief
Keep the cough out… … its time to inspire Picture of a child wearing a pilot’s cap and watching in mirror

18 LBLs option 4 – Artist brief
Keep the cough out… … its time to grow Picture of a child playing in a park with fresbee

19 LBLs option 5 – Artist brief
Keep the cough out… … there are big things to do tomorrow Picture of a child sleeping peacefully

20 LBLs option 6 – Artist brief
Keep the cough out… … there is a lot to learn Picture of a child going to school

21 Field Engagement Inputs
Mailers : bi weekly motivational mailers for the field Badges : having just the mention of tagline. The field personal promoting this brand will be wearing it for the whole day. This will lead to queries from doctors out of curiosity and will provide more number of opportunities to detail this brand in chamber. Cough ring tone : Polyphonic mp3 ringtone for all field personals. This will keep reminding them of the new product promotion

22 Field Engagement Inputs
Conversion trick cards: These will be the cards which will bear one in-clinic talking point in detail on one side and on the other side space to write date, name of doctor and whether converted or not. Each ME will be provided with a set of 75 cards for 3 months. They will have to use one card daily and for that day they will use only that talking point which is printed on it. And on the back side, they will write the outcome of call from various doctors. The date can come pre-printed on the same to ensure homogeneous communication. These will be inspected by AMs/RMs on regular basis to evaluate the effectiveness of talking points.

23 Chemist and stockist letter
We will draft a letter to introduce this product to the stockist and chemist and the same will be given alongwith a pen branded with Zeet-P as a gesture. This will help in initial availability of the product.

24 Patient education posters
2 Patient education posters will be made on the following topics: Myth busters in pediatric cough Dos and don'ts in pediatric cough These posters will be made utilizing lenticular 3d printing to have a greater aesthetic value and to attract more number of eyes. These posters could be made in two languages hindi and english.

25 In clinic activity Since flavor of this brand is very unique to cough formulation, and also, flavor plays an important role in deciding the pediatric prescriptions, we can do taste campaigns on regular basis. Special ginger shaped and honey comb shaped lbls will be prepared for the same. MEs will buy a competitor brand and will cover the label and will let the doctor taste both formulations and decide for himself so as to which brand is better for cough keeping the taste in mind.

26 Other inputs for brand hammering
Sign stickers will be made for doctors’ clinic with the following messages: Cover your cough Maintain silence Take off your shoes here Turn your mobile silent before entering doctor’s chamber

27 Thank you

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