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Developing Your WHY By: Holly Hardy Platinum Executive.

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1 Developing Your WHY By: Holly Hardy Platinum Executive

2 “Dreams are Seedlings of Reality” Picture a garden seed. Planted, nourished then sprouting and growing. There was a plan, a purpose, a destiny for that seed. To grow, flourish, THRIVE and give back! What is YOUR plan, your purpose, YOUR destiny?

3 “When you know your WHY you know your WAY. “When you feel inspired, what appeared to be risky (uncomfortable) becomes a PATH you feel compelled to follow. The risks are gone because you’re following your bliss (purpose), which is the truth within you.”

4 Two questions for you? Are you in this business to earn a side income for you? Are you in this business to build a lifelong (family) business?  Learn the “How-to’s” and S.R. offers all the needed tools to make this successful, with the right products and the right time. Step 1: DEFINE your INTENTION


6 Setting S.M.A.R.T Goals Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant=Your WHY Timeframe

7 Setting S.M.A.R.T Goals What is my specific goal? How will I measure/track my goal? Is my goal a challenge yet possible with applied effort? Is my goal relevant to my life purpose and my big picture plan? Will achieving this goal help me lead the life I want to have? When will I achieve my goal? (specific date: mm/dd/yy)

8 Your WHY will become your anchor in this business For ANY goals, dreams, pursuits, one must have a WHY to continue in their path and pursuit. (1)

9 New Exercise Program “Insanity”—Have you heard of it? It is exactly how it sounds…it’s insane 60 day program, 6 days a week. Why in the world did I want to start something with a name or daily vigor such as this? (2)

10 Day 1 Monday: My ‘Why to Try’:  ‘Because Chris was going to seize the challenge. If he’s doing it, I don’t want to be left out!’-- Simply not well thought out (just doing action, no pre-plan for my new program) Was THIS WHY of mine strong enough to keep me committed through 60 days of pain, mental/physical ups and downs, sweat, discomfort and hello…for a consistent SIXTY days???

11 “Begin with the End in Mind” “Your Why…to Try” or in this case, my “Why to DIE!”  It hurts!  I’m too old, I’ve had 8 children…this is over the top!!  Mental doubts and discouragement  Negative Self talk  Why am I doing THIS? “Pain Is Temporary. Quitting lasts Forever” LANCE ARMSTRONG

12 The Power of Self Talk + or - Day 2 Tuesday: My WHY was evolving :  ‘So I can do full push ups like I used to!’ (4)  Was this WHY strong enough?

13 Developing the Why… Day 3 Wed: “Why am I doing this again today?” : I wanted to feel strong, feel fit! My ‘Why’ began to develop, during the workout. 1 st 3 days…I needed to seriously ‘flip my switch’…my inner negative self talk, doubting this new routine, the instructors choice of movements, myself and my abilities HAVE YOU EVER EXPERIENCED THESE THOUGHTS/EMOTIONS IN OUR BUSINESS?

14 “I can DO what I can DO!” Do my best, build up my strength …these fitness gurus have done this for years…I can follow their lead, their example, their moves. I can duplicate these trainers and do what I can do at this time of my training. The instructor is ripped, built, fast (speed)…alls he asks of us is to ‘Dig Deeper’. I CAN do that…I can Dig Deeper for me!!

15 Dig Deeper! Today I challenge each of you to utilize the trainings, the DVD’s, the tools of your trainers and Dig Deeper in your skills and business! What creates pain and discomfort? Stretch, seize it… & ‘flip your switch’! The Power of Duplication…utilize it! Developing your WHY comes from within

16 DAY 4 After Day 3 I defined WHAT I wanted by participating in this program.  I could FEEL, SEE, VISION what it is I wanted by doing this. It was no longer, just to workout WITH my husband. I had a goal, and a literal VISION. Bring it on! Day 4:  I craved ‘more pain’  “Give it to me!!” (my mental switch was flipped!)

17 When you know the WHY, you know the WAY. Your Why to Try Your Why that makes you Cry  FEEL, SEE, VISION what it is YOU want by doing this business. Have a goal, and a literal VISION, so you too can say “Bring It On!”

18 “It’s the roots that create the fruits. It’s the invisible that creates the visible.” Having a Vision, A Defined Goal of what you WANT to create in your life, in this business, is the root to reality. I use the word CREATE, because you truly can ‘create’ your life, or wait for life to happen TO you. What do YOU Choose?? What are you ready to CREATE?

19 Your Visions into Fruition Recall the reason YOU became a S.R. consultant OR recall the reason you’re ready to do this business?  What is it you LOVED, you were excited about…  Why have you spent countless nights experiencing S.R.I.?! The reason or motivation for doing S.R (or making money) is vital and exciting!

20 What is your Destiny? “WORK without VISION is drudgery. VISION without WORK is Dreaming. VISION coupled with WORK is DESTINY.” -Thomas S. Monson

21 How do you Create? Define what you WANT?  From life  In your relationships  Where your dream place to live would be  Your business, health/fitness, spiritual, educational goals  Whatever matters to you! Refine your goals by breaking it down into bite-sized pieces of action.


23 “SUCCESS is a learnable Skill” “Brick walls are not there to keep us out. Brick walls are there to show us how badly we want something”. RANDY PAUSCH- “THE LAST LECTURE”  Have you experienced this yet in this business? (5)

24 “SUCCESS”…what DOES it take? Shawn-ti, Jimmer’s—  Hungry, focused, determined, consistent, vision, tiger eye, sweat, hard work, commitment, passionate These traits come when you have a defined WHY.

25 Your WHY is your Anchor in this business… IT is what carries you through the thick and thin, the highs and lows. IT is what creates the tools to climb and conquer those ‘brick walls’. IT is what makes you DIG DEEPER and find ways to make it work, to create the avenues to open the doors and open the way.

26 WIN-WIN Our THRIVE foods & S.R. products are so incredible to share with ALL… What we have to offer AFFECTS ALL! The products; the opportunities for hosting, consulting…is a WIN-WIN. Do not let the ‘walls’ seem larger than the tools to access your future. (6)

27 Lessons Learned 6 Days a week  Consistency  Same time of day  On my calendar Mind over matter…my mindset going into the workout. WHERE IS YOUR MINDSET? The power of POSITIVE self talk Support Group- (in my workout it was my spouse)  Your upline, spouse, friend, child, parent…  Your cheerleader

28 BE that cheerleader! As a Shelf Reliance Consultant you can and will become another’s Mentor, Trainer, Leader, Cheerleader!  BE that!  Encourage  Support  Challenge  Listen

29 “INSPIRE!” 48 hrs until the closing of Feb sales (7) They said to me: “You gave us a challenge, which gave us the motivation and belief that it could happen! That it was doable. You inspired us”.

30 To ‘Inspire’ Inspire= ‘Breathe Life into Another’s Dreams” THIS is what we have the capability of doing in this business and it is SO rewarding and empowering to witness goals and dreams become REALITY for those that want it!!

31 “Live Life in Crescendo” -Dr. Stephen R. Covey Crescendo (Italian)= To increase or grow (8) Get Active, Get up, Get involved, Get MOVING!!

32 Lesson Learned Surround yourself with those that are ACTIVE in the business. Not those watching, waiting, saying they ‘should do this or that’…be a DOER! When it is uncomfortable, intimidating going to a new party, expo, just sharing what you have to offer (believe me I’ve had many of those lately ) Just go and do with a ‘positive’ outlook of sharing, teaching, educating and empowering those that will be there  It all comes back to you!

33 “Which groups of people do you target for this?” I simply said: “Anyone that eats.” This is our target group team. Anyone and everyone that eats.

34 YOU can DO this!! Dig Deeper-When it is hard, tough, uncomfortable…just Dig Deeper Define your Why Define and Refine your goals and Dreams Educate yourself  What are the areas to focus on in your business to create a strong, solid foundation for success? Take Action  What is your FOCUS at every party, Expo, phone call, contact etc.

35 Realize your Thriving Life! Once again, I challenge each of you to utilize the trainings, the DVD’s, the tools of your trainers and Dig Deeper in your skills and business! What creates pain and discomfort? Stretch, seize it…’flip your switch’! The Power of Duplication…utilize it!

36 “Get THRIVING!” i love that everything our bodies need... we can find in food. and now, i love that every kind of food i need, i can find in THRIVE! -Marci Pratt

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