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A Workshop on Mastering Self-Motivation and Attitude

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1 A Workshop on Mastering Self-Motivation and Attitude
Taking Charge Of Your Destiny: A Workshop on Mastering Self-Motivation and Attitude Brought to you by the UC Clermont Learning Center

2 Goals For This Workshop
To explain the importance of being self-motivated. To show how each person can attain self-motivation. To explain the link between thoughts and actions. To show you easy ways to control your actions through controlling your thoughts.

3 Why Strive To Become Self-Motivated?
It puts you in control: You will not have to wait for someone else to motivate you to be a success! Not Procrastinating=Less stress! You will feel better about yourself: You will no longer see yourself as a slacker. You won’t have to feel guilty for not doing what you know that you should do!

4 Personal Reflection Questions
Does your GPA reflect your intellectual ability? If not, why? What changes must be made (by you and not by others) so that your GPA WILL reflect your ability?

5 Personal Reflection Questions
What are two things you’re MOTIVATED to do? What are two things you WANT to do but are not MOTIVATED to do? Why are you MOTIVATED to do the first two, but not the last two?

6 Everyone Is Motivated To Do Something:
You can no longer say that you are not motivated! Most people are not motivated to do a difficult or “uninteresting” activity. They are motivated to obtain the result of the unpleasant activity. Example: Do you take cough medicine because you like it, or because you are motivated by the desired result?

7 Everyone Is Motivated To Do Something:
If you are not motivated to do something, you either: Have not figured out what you want out of the activity. Do not value what the activity will produce. Are focused on short term thinking instead of long term thinking. It is Your Responsibility To Figure Yourself Out And Motivate Yourself!

8 Personal Reflection Questions
What Is The End Result That You Are After? Why did you decide to go to college? What are three things that you are looking to accomplish by getting your degree?

9 The Pitfall of Excuses Unsuccessful people often have good reasons for not hitting their goals: Work Challenges, Children to Care For, etc. Successful people use those same reasons as their motivation: I can not give up, or I will be stuck in this dead end job forever! I have to study harder so that I can properly care for my children! Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure. -Don Wilder

10 Have You Ever Made One Of These Excuses For Not Studying?
The Pitfall of Excuses Have You Ever Made One Of These Excuses For Not Studying? Something more important has come up. My family is inconsiderate and always bothers me while I study. I work more hours than most other students. I can learn this stuff in no time! Studying won’t really matter because I am not going to be able to understand it anyways. I do not understand what the professor wants me to do. My life is out of control!

11 The Cycle of Motivation
Renewed resolve!!! This is GREAT! I can’t wait to try it! The thrill is gone. Cram time!

12 How To Get Out of the Cycle
Do it anyway, and you will get MOTIVATED! You do not feel your way into right acting; you act your way into right feeling…

13 No More Excuses! Be Proactive! Get positive! It is time to
Take control of your time and stop letting your time control YOU! Get positive! Take control of your mind and stop letting your mind control YOU! Don’t Confuse Bad Decision Making With Destiny! It is time to Get In Control

14 Take Control of Your Mind
Think of Your Brain As a Computer Studies Have Shown That Your Brain NEVER Tries To Prove You wrong! Just like a computer, your brain will simply run the program it is given.

15 Take Control of Your Mind
So, Choose your words wisely! Think of Your Brain As a Computer When you say that you CAN’T do something, your brain can only run the “WHY?” Program. When you say that you CAN do something, your brain will help you by running the “HOW” Program! Your Mind Can Only Pull Up What YOU Have Programmed In! Your Mouth Is The Key Board That Types Information Into Your Mental Computer

16 Take Control of Your Mind
Think of Your Brain As a Computer Your Brain Will Help You… If You Say or Constantly Think… If I work hard, I know I can do it …  Yeah. If not you are going to fail just like you did when you tried last time! My brain runs so slowly…  Yeah! Remember last week’s Chem exam and back in high school your math teacher said so and… I might as well give up now … Yeah! You can start working on it today, and with some hard work, be done in time!

17 Personal Reflection Questions
How Are You Programming Your Computer? What are 5 negative things that you think or say about yourself on a regular basis? Now, rewrite them as positive statements about yourself! For Example: I can never make it anywhere on time! I will be late for my own funeral! I am taking control of my time. I work out of a calendar and keep myself on task!

18 Time To Take Action! Three Week Commitment:
It only takes 21 days to make a new habit! 1. Write down 1-2 specific behaviors that you will change for the next three weeks? 2. Share your 3 week goal(s) with someone close to you and ask them to check up on you!

19 Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions. Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become character. Watch your character, for it becomes Your Destiny -Anonymous

20 Need More Help Mastering Self-Motivation?
Visit Us on Campus at: The Learning Center Room Educational Services Building

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