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A New Way to Manage Business Continuity has Arrived.

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1 A New Way to Manage Business Continuity has Arrived

2  When ISO 31000 Risk Management strategy fails to cope up with a disruptive event, it is Business Continuity Management which takes over.  When that happens an entirely new system of management is required which is covered by ISO 22301.  In summary the BCP domain covers continuation of critical business processes when all risk mitigation strategy fail and a disaster strikes.

3  While conventional BCM software aims to provide a Continuity Plan, Thrive goes further.  It covers the entire ISO 22301 Framework in a comprehensive manner.  It provides tools to manage the entire Business Continuity Management cycle. It is designed not only to avert crisis and disaster, but guides through the process of Continuous Improvement and paves the way to rise and Thrive.

4  Thrive starts with a comprehensive blue print of the Business Management Process  Then it gives a set of tools to cover each aspect of BCM.  This is just the start. Thrive then takes this to a higher level by codifying the process of Continuous Improvement.  In summary Thrive provides a BCM framework, set of tools and the mechanism to implement Continuous Improvement.

5  Most BCP implementation rely on ISO 31000 framework by stretching and tweaking the existing software. Thrive has a single focus…ISO 22301.  Thrive starts with an ISO 22301 Framework and in- built tools follow this blue print to deliver a well structured BCM. Business Continuity ISO 22301

6 Business Continuity Test & Audit Business Continuity Exercise Business Continuity - Insights Business Continuity Plans Business Impact Analysis Continuous Improvement Cycle Generic model of ISO 22301 Implementation of ISO 22301 through Thrive Technology

7  Thrive starts with the Policy at the centre to lead the process.  It is surrounded by the Plan-Do-Check-Act model.  It is layered further by Continuous Improvement.

8  Thrive comes with a ready-made policy framework. You can build on it, you can modify it, and you can even replace it with your existing framework. The choice is yours.  What you don’t find is a blank screen to stare at; you get a ready map Knowledge Base of Policy formulation to get you started from the day one.

9  Thrive provides the most comprehensive model to implement BIA. You can use only a part of it, you can build on the top of it or you can use it as delivered


11  Thrive provides a logical route to conduct business exercises

12  Thrive provides a methodology to audit business plans, exercises and their implementation

13  Thrive methodology provides a codified way to implement Continuous Improvements and measure their monetary values.

14  The entire process of BCM is not a mechanical activity, there are insights to be gained but who will have the insight? And how can we access that insight?  Thrive has the answer, it has BCM insight Built in.  Sounds exciting, now what are those insights? BCM Insights displayed on dashboard for CEO to view

15  Comprehensive Framework for Policy Formulation  Sound Platform to carry out BIA  Comprehensive well structured plan  Plan-Do-Check-Act Model of Continuous Improvement

16  Thrive takes delivering BCM plans much beyond, Word, Excel and other available tools. It incorporates one of the most innovative Mosaic Printing Technology to deliver final BCM documents.  You change any component of the BCM, the entire plan is revised and printed automatically.  There is no need to use variety of tools to get the right BCM plan printed.

17  Say good bye to the lengthy process of implementing BCM, the most comprehensive way to implement BCM has arrived.  Yes Thrive has arrived!

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