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C H A P T E R 10 Developing Business/IT Solutions.

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1 C H A P T E R 10 Developing Business/IT Solutions

2 Knowledge Workers Checklist necessity of planning participation is important development through insourcing selfsourcing &outsourcing enterprise resource planning

3 most fundamental & critical step IT systems plan IT systems & organizations goals critical success factors evaluating proposed IT systems –cost-benefit analysis –risk analysis –capital investment analysis Planning

4 What, When, Who and … what & when done during planning who –insource –selfsource –outsource

5 systems development life cycle (SDLC) prototyping enterprise resource planning ( ERP) Joint application Development (JAD) Rapid Application Development (RAD) who & how are interrelated How

6 SDLC traditional & structured –IT specialists play major role steps –planning –scoping –analysis –design –implementation –support

7 Planning requirements IT plan should meet organizations strategic plan forge alliance –strategic direction & new system –fusion

8 define problem not symptoms which business units affected? form project team review existing applications feasibility reviews knowledge workers participate Scoping

9 logical requirements determined model, study & analyze current system define new requirements model new system update project plan & scope Analysis

10 Design identify alternative solutions analyze alternatives & choose one update project plan and scope overall goal: technical blueprint

11 Implementation programming software acquire hardware & install test training systems conversion

12 parallel plunge pilot piecemeal Conversion Strategies

13 Support react to changes in user needs keep system viable not the last step –the C in SDLC stands for cycle

14 Self-sourcing & Prototyping knowledge worker development empower users to build prototypes make improvements to model dynamic, iterative process

15 Advantages of Prototyping encourages user participation helps resolve discrepancies in requirements gives users a feel for the final system helps determine feasibility helps sell the proposed system

16 Disadvantages of Prototyping schedule expectations raised not performance under regular conditions may lead to lax testing and documentation

17 Self-sourcing major tasks –scoping –analysis –support –documentation –ongoing support

18 Advantages improves requirements determination increase in participation increased speed of development

19 Potential Pitfalls & Risks inadequate expertise lack of organizational focus insufficient design lack of docs & external support

20 Outsourcing select target system establish logical requirements develop Request for Proposal (RFP) choose a vendor test and accept solution monitor & reevaluate advantages & disadvantages exist

21 Request for Proposal most important document in outsourcing tells what you want invites bidding from vendors

22 the coordinated planning of all resources involved in: –production –development –selling –servicing of goods & services Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

23 Enterprise Software supports ERP a set of common business applications tools for modeling entire organization development tools replaces CASE tools

24 Summary planning is the most critical step in the systems development process answers to the questions of what, when, who and how surrounding a system should be answered the who is a choice between insource, selfsource and outsource the systems development life cycle is the traditional how while prototyping can also be used, enterprise resource planning (ERP) is gaining many fans the steps in SDLC are: planning, scoping, analysis, design, implementation and support prototyping is often used by knowledge workers to build their own systems selfsourcing can increase the participation of workers outsourcing relies heavily on RFP to select vendor

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