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Unit # 2 – Foundations of Civilization Lesson # 1 – Nomads.

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1 Unit # 2 – Foundations of Civilization Lesson # 1 – Nomads

2 Agenda Warm Up – Definitions Maslow’s Hierarchy Civilization Agriculture Reminders Tutorial on Thursdays Missing work on the wiki site

3 Friday, January 31 Page 7 Bell Ringer: Define the following words using your textbook glossary ◦Civilization ◦Domestication ◦Cultural diffusion ◦Nomads Objective: Analyze the causes that led to nomadic people becoming settled people Next, turn to the following pages… Title: Civilization Page 8 Title: Guided Notes Page 9 Turn to the first blank page in your notebook and copy everything on this slide

4 With a partner Look at your definitions: ◦Civilization ◦Domestication ◦Cultural diffusion ◦Nomads For each one, come up with a modern day example ◦Ex: Civilization - Charlotte

5 Opening Activity Each pair is receiving a list of items a person needs in order to achieve “self actualization” – or a happy state of being (we all want to be happy people, right?) What do you think “self actualization” means?

6 Opening Activity Put the list in order ◦At the bottom, put the most basic things a person needs to survive ◦At the top, put the things that will lead a person to be the happiest, self-actualized person Let’s see how you did…

7 Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs





12 Society works similarly to individuals Much as individuals need certain things to thrive, so does a society…

13 What does a civilization need to exist? On page 8… ◦List three things a civilization needs to exist. ◦Think about it in terms of most basic needs to what our civilization has that makes us operate! Let’s brainstorm as a class…share your ideas. Now put those ideas into a pyramid for civilization (just as you did for an individual)

14 What about a civilization? Culture Infrastructure, government Geographical features, resources, people What does a civilization need to thrive?

15 Agriculture Changes Society Turn to the map on page 32 in your textbook Turn to page 8 in your notebook Underneath “Civilization”… ◦Identify  3 characteristics of the geography of this region. ◦Explain in 2-3 sentences  Why did early civilizations develop in the area known as the Fertile Crescent?

16 Fertile Crescent

17 Complete the graphic organizer below as we go through notes… Agriculture Describe what it is and how it began Changes to Society Identify 5 ways that agriculture changed society Civilization List 3 early civilizations What 3 characteristics did early civilizations possess?

18 Agriculture Originally, people were nomadic When the last Ice Age ended… ◦New plants appeared ◦People learned how to farm  Irrigation Animals became domesticated ◦Used for meat, milk, wool ◦The early things needed to for a society to thrive

19 Changes to society Nomads began to settle Could now farm and work together Trade emerges Between people farming, making clothes, and doing labor for other tasks Social classes emerge Men did more physical labor than women and therefore had more power Religion became formal People worshipped animals and the elements Competiti on for resources Leads to conflict and war

20 Changes to Society Cities develop Farmers with excess food sell for a profit If all the people can be fed (no more starvation), population grows

21 Civilizations Cities ◦Had politics, economics and culture to distinguish between themselves Organized governments ◦Formed in response to needs ◦Establish systems of justice Formalized religion ◦Wanted to gain favor of the gods Cultural advancements ◦Math ◦Alphabet and writing ◦Innovations and InventionsInnovations and Inventions

22 Exit Ticket Write a 5 sentence paragraph describing how agriculture has led to religion. Use the graphic organizer and notes from class to help. OR… Draw a picture to depict how this evolution occurred.

23 Fun on Friday Good things?

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