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Business Process Assurance and Test Automation in a Service Oriented Architecture Alan Oatman.

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1 Business Process Assurance and Test Automation in a Service Oriented Architecture Alan Oatman

2 Introduction Results of a team, not one person All ideas, thoughts, and statements represent my own ideas, thoughts, and statements and do not necessarily reflect the position of Comcast Cable or the Comcast Media Center

3 Introduction “Business Process Assurance and Test Automation in a Service Oriented Architecture” …….… How we Managed to Thrive in a Tough Situation

4 Introduction Test Challenges Improve business savvy Reduce test cycle time and investment Be more responsive Maintain quality

5 Introduction When you leave today New perspective Relevant information Time well-invested

6 Introduction Background Aerospace – MIL-STD Aerospace – Research Lab Aerospace – Commercial STD Commercial Start Up

7 Introduction Where did the greatest level of user satisfaction occur? Why?

8 Situation Our model for progress Situation + Response = Outcome

9 Situation Comcast Media Center Cable industry service provider Programming, HITS Advanced Advertising User Generated Content Video On Demand (VOD) Systems Development?

10 Situation Legacy Systems and Approach Former Aerospace personnel High Availability and Reliability Waterfall Long periods between changes

11 Situation Challenges Time to Market Development Cost Responsiveness Silo approach

12 Response Adoption of Collaborative development style Shared hardware resources Service Oriented Architecture BPA Validation method Test automation

13 Response Service Oriented Architecture Enterprise bus-centric Modularize functionality Re-use and re-factor

14 Response What - Service Oriented Architecture Loose Coupling Consistent interface Stateless Discoverable Shared

15 Response Why – Service Oriented Architecture Optimize re-use Improve system agility Simpler integration

16 Response How – Service Oriented Architecture SOA Mindset Business process Disintegrate process Check ‘inventory’ Identify elements for re-use Define new, modified services & orchestration

17 Response SOA Manage Orders - Services Create Order Update Order Check Inventory Cancel Order Ship Order An Orchestration defines services, sequence

18 Response Integration Strategy Component System Multi-system Validation Strategy Business Process Assurance

19 Response Business Process Assurance Business relevance in validation Describe business risk and capabilities Perspective on technical challenge Business Enabling vs Business Inhibiting

20 Response Business Process Assurance Features Test like it is Used Test what realizes revenue first; prioritize “Regression” Domain Knowledge Business Need vs Perfection

21 Response Business Process Assurance Advantages Reduced situations to consider Plans and Results are business-centric Improved communication with downstream groups Easily combined with classic SWT methods Boundary Value, Interface, etc.

22 Response Legacy System Replacement Unicorns? Schedule Technology Business Environment Swapping engines mid-flight Impact on SI&T

23 Response Legacy System Replacement Domain Knowledge User perspective Back to the Basics Communication Viola!

24 Response Survival Cost Thrive ? Can we find the core of success and replicate it? Can we make it faster and improve quality?

25 Response Automation Data Generation Services Orchestrations ?

26 Outcome Time to Market Quality Morale Productivity Communication

27 Outcome Challenges Volatile processes Identifying critical Support for discovery Reliability Load and Stress

28 Outcome Overcoming challenges Blended approaches Recall classic SWT methods Enhance domain knowledge Automate orchestrations

29 Summary SOA, BPA, and Automation can be combined to radically alter the success in systems integration and validation to improve Productivity Time to Market Communication When applied in appropriate situations

30 Closing New perspective ? Relevant information ? Time well-invested ? Be a Business Enabler

31 Questions?

32 Additional Information BPA search for BPA SOA Comcast Media Center - Article in Jan 6th Business section Greenhat Software

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