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4-H Area Meeting 2011-12 Supporting 4-H Youth to Thrive.

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1 4-H Area Meeting 2011-12 Supporting 4-H Youth to Thrive

2 Ice Breaker  SLC Teen Leaders

3 Agenda HO*= Handout 6 :30-6:45 Ice Breaker by SLC Teens 6:45-7:00 County Updates- HO* We’ve Mooved  County Calendar and Newsletter- HO* Due Dates and August Newsletter HO*  County Council Leadership Opportunities-Charla Cranor County Council President, Outreach and Expansion Committee HO*  Teen Council Leadership Opportunities-Teen Council Officers  Emerald Star Advisor Robin Whitecotton, All-Stars Advisor Kevin Fletcher  Albertson’s Cards Request Form HO* 7:00-7:15 State Update  Club Planning Guide HO*  Online Record Book County webinar 9-20, 10-22 county office  Volunteer Training – 8/23 at 6:00 pm Adobe Connect URL: Hogan  Youth Member Training – 8/30 at 6:00 pm Adobe Connect URL: Hogan  State Policy Update HO* Dealing w/bounced checks/crossover form

4 Agenda Continued 7:15-7:30 Policy and Procedure Reminders  Food Safety Certificates  Fund Raising Do’s and Don’ts HO*  Medical Release Forms and transportation  Adult to member supervision  Approved Volunteer Process  Online Enrollment folders 7:30-7:45 Conflict Resolution Activity HO* 7:45-8:00 Curriculum Possibilities  Citizenship-Leadership Project every club- Thrive 10/8, 11/5  4-H Project Agreement Form HO*  SET kits September 10 th Power of the Wind, Robotics and No More New Water  Healthy Living – President’s Fitness and new materials 8:00-8:10 4-H End of Year Survey/Evaluation HO* 8:10-8:30 Area Planning (Area Presentation Day, Area Judging Day, Area Field Day, other events HO*  Constitution and Bylaws Templates and Event Coordinator’s Planning Guide HO*

5 New Directions  9335 Hazard Way Suite 201 San Diego 92123  Terri Barratt (858)-614-7617  Natasha Mini (858)614-7605  Carol Hrigora(858) 614- 7614  Sue Manglallan(858) 614- 7613 Please update your banks with our new address

6 Leadership Opportunities  County Council Committees (Outreach and Expansion) and (Awards and Incentives)  Teen Council (officers, Sept. 17 th Family Fun Picnic, Officer Training Day, Super Saturday, JLC & more)  County Newsletter needs your news and pictures  Emerald Star Robin Whitecotton and All Stars Kevin Fletcher

7 Planning Guide  Member in Good Standing  Yearly Planning Guide

8 4-H Online Enrollment & Record Book Volunteer Online Record Book Training – 8/23 at 6:00 pm Adobe Connect URL: Youth Member Online Record Book Training – 8/30 at 6:00 pm Adobe Connect URL:

9 Policies and Procedures  Food Safety Online Course Certificates (link in newsletter and training on Sept. 10 th face to face)  Fund raising Do’s and Don’ts handout  Treasurer’s report see due date handout  Secretary’s minutes see due date handout  Outreach report see due date handout  Medical Release forms must be with adult at activity  Travel no teens driving teens  Adult to member supervision, 2 adults  Approved Volunteer process self-disclosure, enrollment, orientation, fingerprints, project list this month  State policy update handout

10 Officer Training  October 8 th, Twin Peaks Middle School Poway  Treasurer’s Last Minute Help Saturday September 23 rd County Office (books due September 22 nd.

11 U nderstand to be SMART  SMART Card  S o what happened is…(actual event)  M y good guess is…(meaning you added)  A nd deep down I feel…(emotions)  R eally what I want is… (what outcome or understanding)  T hank you (for listening to me) Mats available from San Diego 4-H office

12 Curriculum Possibilities  Citizenship  SET  Healthy Living September 10 th Leadership Conference  Twin Peaks Middle School Poway 9-3  Project Leaders, Teen Leaders, Volunteers, Parents, and want-to-be volunteers.  Register online for Free Lunch, project materials will be provided. or call Terri at 858 614 7617 to register

13 Leadership Project/Thrive  All clubs should offer Leadership project.  All officers should be enrolled in a Leadership project.  Any member interested in Leadership should enroll in the leadership project.  All Leadership Project Leaders will be trained to use Thrive Materials.  Thrive materials provided  Step up to Leadership curriculum provided  Parliamentary Procedure Team competition possible for members.

14 Project Leader and Volunteer Training  Record Book Evaluation Training August 31 st (Areas 1 &2) North County Office  Record Book Evaluation Training September 1 (Areas 4 & 5)County Office  September 10 th Leadership Conference Twin Oaks Middle School Poway  Online Record book webinar Sept. 20 th 6:30  Thrive Training October 8 th at Officer Training Day and November 5 th North County Office for Leadership Project Leaders

15 4-H Project Agreement/Proficiencies  Project Meeting Plan see handout and September 10 th conference for more information  Proficiencies – Let me know what you need

16 Area Planning and County Evaluation Survey  See handouts

17 Constitution and Bylaws  Be sure your club is using the new template provided in your folder.

18 Thank you for your commitment to San Diego Youth Development and for making the best better!

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