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2 Buffet set up To achieve best cooling/heating, the dishes must be laying on the cooling/heating area and different heigths of dishes are needed for best presentation (see picture)

3 Food Safety 1 All food must be held in commercial quality, clean and well maintained holding equipment which as food grade surfaces and adequate protective food covers (lids or sneeze guards at no more than 15cm from the food level itself) The holding units must be pre-heated/chilled before use to ensure that food is held at the correct temperature (hot 64 degrees/cold 5 degrees minimum). Maximum food holding periods will be fixed to 2 hours for hot and 4 hours for cold Food will be replenished frequently on food display units. New hot or cold food must not be placed on the top of existing food

4 Food Safety 2 Utensils used to serve food from display units must be of food grade finish, clean and a separate utensil for each dish/ingredient Utensils used for food service and replenishment must be cleaned and sanitized regularly at least each time the food item is replenished. The utensils should be store either in a separate container which contains a sanitizing liquid or stored in the display unit at the correct temperature It is also important to mention that food unit display need to be pre-heated for hot at least 30 min prior service and also cold display to be pre-cooled 45 min prior service

5 Jam 8 kinds of jam Adjust marmelade selection to seasonal fresh fruits selection Small glass or china dishes to put jam or honey in

6 Alternative for Jam (service at table) Alternatively Jam (incl. One honey can be set on the table. 5 kinds are set and 3 kinds are offered on demand

7 Honey 3 kind of honey plus koney comb

8 Cereals & Muesli 12 kinds of cereals and muesli including one prepared one (e.g. Bircher muesli)

9 Dry fruits 6 kinds of dry fruits 3 kinds of dry nuts

10 Yogurts 6 kinds of yoghurts – some in portion (environmental friendly) and some mixed

11 Fresh fruits 4 kinds of seasonal fruits as whole 5 kinds of cut fruits 5 kind of compotes

12 Fresh vegetable & salads 6 kind of cut vegetable & salads incl green leaves

13 Oil & Vinegars 3 kinds o oils and 3 kinds of vinegar

14 Marinated and smoked salmon 3 kinds

15 Local corner (country typical breakfast items) 4 kinds of cold items

16 Diet cold corner 11 kinds in total

17 Olives & pickles 3 kinds of olives and 3 kinds of pickles (to be review depending on countries)

18 Spices and herbs 12 kinds of herbs and spices

19 Hot carving 1 item changing each day

20 Local hot corner (country typical breakfast items) 4 kinds of hot items

21 Diet hot corner 4 hot items

22 Live cooking egg station Any requested egg dishe done in the kitchen or at the egg station in the restaurant

23 Egg dish presentation Presentation of any egg dish

24 Hot items (chafing dishes 1) 6 item fixed (not changing) as Boiled egg 6 minutes Tomatoes with cheese Breakfast sausages Ruehreeier N n

25 Hot items (chafind dishes 2) 6 hote items changing every day

26 Live cooking bakery station 3 items fresly finished E.g. 1 kind of croissant 1 kind of danish 1 kind of venoiserie

27 Cheese 15 kinds of cheese 10 local ones 5 imported ones

28 Cold cuts 10 kinds

29 Bread & Rolls 11 kinds of bread and 8 kinds of rolls

30 Rolls & croissants set on table or offered from trolley Basket contents: 4 different rolls 2 croissant 1 muffin 1 danish Any items requested by the guest to be served to the table Different kinds of bread on buffet or or trolley for self-service

31 Croissants & Viennoiserie 15 kinds

32 Cake & muffins 8 kinds

33 Crepes and waffles (preferred live cooking) Crepes and waffles either prepared in front of the guests or from the kitchen (in both case at the guest preference) If live cooking 2 items with 15 condiments

34 Coffee and tea selection Coffee/Tea service From the glass can Serving from the 0.5l thermos can and letting the can on table Individual portion pot (2-3 cups)

35 Juice selection 2 freshly squizzed fruit and 1 vegetable juice matching with seasonality either served from caraffe at the table or offered on the buffet

36 Sparkling wines 2 kind (e.g. White an Rose if available) Depending on country and clientele either every day or on weekend only

37 Vielen Dank


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