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2011.10.17-2011.10.21. An international event especially for young designers all over the world! Each workshop team has its own specific themes including.

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1 2011.10.17-2011.10.21

2 An international event especially for young designers all over the world! Each workshop team has its own specific themes including industrial design, communication design, traditional crafts, and interior design. 30workshop teams and 900 next-generation designers will get together in Taiwan and share their inspiring and exciting ideas about design.

3 Date: 17-21 October 2011, lasting 5 days. Location: Taiwan (30 different sites) Team Members: Maximum 30 members in each group which are composed with 15 international members and 15 Taiwanese members. Age: Must be over 18 years old and under 32 years old

4 Language: All participants must have basic English communication skills. English will be the main official language during the workshop. Workshop fee: NTD 3,300 OR USD110 Registration : Begins online at October2010 and ends until full. Payment: ATM transfer, bank telegraphic transfer and credit card.

5 NOSchool Nameworkshop topic 1Kun Shan university2011 the darkest fun workshop: Cutting edge of night market 2National Yun lin university of science & technology2011international design workshop-creativity, culture, branding 3National Taiwan university of art2011international modern crafts & design workshop 4National Taiwan university of artAn encounter with diverse beauty of Banqiao arts 5national united universitybeauty via the sense of hand-innovative design for weaving art of rush grass 6National Chen kung university Design and Culture integration" - products. Food. Drink. Flavor design work camps 7Da yeh universityDesign Encounter Cultural Aesthetics 8Shih Chien universityExperience design above the xyz 9china university of technologyinheritance and innovation: Creative Taiwan space workshop 10National Chen kung universitymovement stimulus workshop 11National Taiwan normal universitythe fashion night market 12National Chen kung universityCinemetrics Workshop 13National Yun lin university of science & technologyThe Innovative Design Camp of Taiwan Digital and Local Culture 14Chao yang university of technology The intersection of traditional and technology (Eating utensil): A. The dialogue between cultures and trace B. The design spark between Traditional and future 15National Taipei University of technologyVariable Han Chinese characters Workshop topics

6 16Tatung university100KM away from design 17Tainan university of technologyAct of rescue with unitized design international through study camp 18Fu Jen catholic universityConstruct the ideal living places for seniors of 50 years later 19Shu Te universityEnvironment and future's illustration innovation work camp 20southern Taiwan universityextension of sustainable development in the world 21Tung fang institute of technologyGlass design sustainability 22Asia universityGreen Culture Design Workshop 23National Taipei University of technologyThe Hulk 24Hua fan universityDouble Yellow line 25National Chen kung universityInternational workshop of intelligent living space 26Tatung universityTechnology Toys-Children's intelligence toy design 27Tung Hai universityThe emotional cup?! 28Chang Gung universityUniversal Design – experiencing elderly life 29 National Taiwan university of science and technology Walking in the Clouds: Boundless Social Interaction 30Fu-Jen Catholic University,Orange Beneficence--Design Workshop of Leisure & Fashion for Elderly Workshop topics

7 DateSchedule 10/17 DAY 1 Registration/workshop opening/Lecture Design and Practice 10/18 DAY 2 Workshop /Lecture/site visiting/ 10/19 DAY 3 Workshop /Lecture/group discussion/ Works producing 10/20 DAY 4 Workshop / Lecture/Works producing/review 10/21 DAY 5 Exhibition setting for the Taiwan Design Expo and Final Review. Outcome Display Agenda Exhibition at World Trade Center Young Designers sharing during IDA congress

8 Buy YDW get IDA Congress free! All YDW participants will have free admittance to IDA Congress, the 2011 Taiwan International Design Expo and the night of three major themes. Great opportunity to show! Workshop results will be displayed at the Taiwan International Design Expo and presented during IDA Congress. Participants will broaden their vision with different design approaches from various cultural backgrounds. Learn from experienced guest lecturers Special advisory group composed of professional designers and researchers from academia and design industry will be invited to each workshop as their guest lecturers. Reasons that you can’t miss 2011 YDW

9 Designers all over the world are welcome to join 2011 YDW. For more information, Please visit our website at

10 Parallel event to Organizer Executing Organizers

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