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EDUCATION AND YOUTH AT GREATER LONDON AUTHORITY Helen Saddler Senior Policy and Projects Officer

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1 EDUCATION AND YOUTH AT GREATER LONDON AUTHORITY Helen Saddler Senior Policy and Projects Officer

2 After a successful event at City Hall on 10 th December 2014 we set up the AP/PRU London Network 5 bulletins on the following themes: –Designing effective curricula –Involving PRUs/APs in the Mayor’s Gold Club –Exploring effective multi-agency working –Employing and keeping excellent staff –Promoting senior leadership roles. AP/PRU LONDON NETWORK

3 Excellent teaching and learning The London Curriculum Gold Club London Schools Excellence Fund (LSEF) Events Healthy Schools London Peer Outreach Team London Fostering Achievement Global Cities OUR PROGRAMMES

4 THE LONDON CURRICULUM Inspired by London’s people, places and heritage. 15 FREE teaching resources schools can use. These support KS3 in English, Music, Art and Design, Geography and History. Register to get access to the full suite of resources.Register Join over 165 schools that now get FREE:  teaching resources to help learning in and outside school - developed by subject experts  exclusive evening sessions for teachers at leading London venues  competitions, events and other opportunities for students to showcase their learning STEM subjects from July 2015 Find out more:

5 Mayor’s Gold Club recognition and school-to- school support scheme goes into its 3 rd year For first time, there is a tailored AP/PRU strand: criterion, 100% sustained destinations 3 qualify in 2015-16 Pilot year so keen for feedback (Twitter feed) This term and next year’s programme of seminars, conference days and visits is for all London AP/PRU to participate. GOLD CLUB: AP/PRU STRAND

6 The London Schools Excellence Fund was set up to improve the quality of teaching and learning in London schools. Over 100 projects have been awarded funding Teachers from schools in every London borough are taking part 13,000 teachers benefit from the programme 830 schools have been involved in year one Languages For All - This project lead by The Bridge AP Academy aims to increase number of pupils in alternative provision learning Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, French, Spanish, Italian and Polish through building an outstanding teaching and training of languages programme for teachers in partnership with a mainstream language specialist school. LONDON SCHOOLS EXCELLENCE FUND

7 This programme supports and rewards schools that promote pupil health and wellbeing. 4 themes: Healthy eating, physical activity, PSHEE, emotional health and wellbeing 62% of all London schools are involved: 1460 618 Bronze, 140 Silver, 7 Gold Annual celebration at City Hall 4 June 2015 HEALTHY SCHOOLS LONDON

8 The peer outreach team are a diverse group of 30 young people aged between 15 and 25 from across London. They work on a number of projects with young learners in London. Work with Redbridge: every month the students visit City hall or the Peer outreach team visit Redbridge College and take part in unique well planned workshops that are designed to be fun, informing and different from anything the students have experienced in education. The peer are a diverse group of 30 young people aged between 15-25yrs old from across London. PEER OUTREACH TEAM


10 4 developments/programmes that you should be aware of: London Ambitions Careers Offer Careers Clusters – funded through 2014-20 European Structural Investment Programme (ESIF) London Ambitions Website Inspiresme Week GLOBAL CITIES

11 Encouraging schools and colleges to build stronger links with employers and universities to develop strategic approaches to careers guidance. Focus on destination outcomes of students, using an improvement model to ensure school leaders, teachers and careers leads have the resources needed to develop their careers guidance offer APs will be invited to a GLA market warming session – dates to be confirmed CAREERS CLUSTERS

12 Bridging the gap between foster care and school to improve the education of children in care Working with over 1200 foster carers, 500 schools, 165 children in care & 800 teachers and other professionals Offering: multi-agency education training, direct work with schools, education masterclasses & piloting foster carer education champions. LONDON FOSTERING ACHIEVEMENT

13 Twitter conversation: Wednesday 13 th May AP/PRU London Network Newsletters GLA Schools bulletin AP/PRU London Network event: 11 th December at City Hall KEEPING IN TOUCH

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