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Overview of Course Expectation, Policies, and Rules Mrs. Palka Ms. Thomas 2011-2012.

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1 Overview of Course Expectation, Policies, and Rules Mrs. Palka Ms. Thomas 2011-2012

2 Course Goals Improve Reading Comprehension Skills Improve Writing Skills Improve Critical Thinking Skills

3 Course Materials Writing Utensil– preferably pen Assigned Text Handouts/ Course Materials Notebook Paper Homework SSR Book

4 Grading Policy

5 “A” Work Like a banana split with all the toppings and some original ingredients, “A” work goes above and beyond expectations. It not only demonstrates an understanding of concepts discussed in class, but also takes risks and presents additional insights.

6 “B” Work Like homemade vanilla ice cream, “B” work demonstrates understanding of the concepts presented in class and shows thought and effort, but it doesn’t take any risks or offer fresh insight.

7 “C” Work Like yogurt or fat-free ice cream, “C” work is solid but doesn’t pack the punch of “A” or “B” work. It’s competent but not dazzling.

8 “D” Work Like freezer-burned ice cream on a soggy cone, a “D” paper is there, but leaves a bad taste. “D” work just doesn’t hang together and probably shows lack of thought and effort.

9 “E” Work Like a half-eaten ice-cream cone that has fallen on the floor, “E” work is definitely better than zero, but it is clearly not up to snuff. It is the result of poor planning and little effort.

10 Formal Assessments The following tests, used to measure your ability as a reader, writer, and thinker, will count significantly towards your course grade: -- Pre-, Mid-, Post- Exams -- Unit Benchmark Exams -- SRI Tests -- PSAE Practice Examinations

11 Cheating/ Plagiarism If a student is caught cheating or plagiarizing, he or she will receive a “0” for the assignment.

12 Tardy Policy If you are late to class you must sign the in-and-out log and behavior log. Excessive tardies may result in a dean’s referral. Do not interrupt the class; begin classroom activity immediately. Dean’s referrals will be written for truancy, which is defined as arriving over five minutes late to class with no pass.

13 Absent Work Your Responsibility to Check Online Print Assignments and Follow Directions Posted Check Absent Folder See Me At Pre-Dismissal Upon Return One Week To Turn Absent Work In Write “ABSENT” on Absent Work

14 Unexcused Absences I Will Only Accept Late Work Due To Unexcused Absences on a Case By Case Basis! Don’t Risk Unexcused Absences At the End Of A Grading Period!

15 Homework Expect 30 minutes of homework every time we meet. If you do not have a specific assignment to take home, I expect you to read a text of your choice for 30 minutes.

16 Late Work Second Semester No Late Work Will Be Accepted. Check/ Print Assignments Online From Home. Turning It In After I Collect It Is Considered Late. Write “LATE” On Late Work first semester.

17 Suspensions Follow Absent Work Policy Email Me With Any Questions/ Concerns Do Not Expect Homework Requests to Be Honored; You Are Expected to Check Online.

18 Classroom Rules Bert Simmons

19 Rule #1: Follow All Directions Follow teacher instructions for the bell ringer, classroom activities, and pre-dismissal. I will always make my expectations clear in terms of classroom assignments, volume, and other factors that contribute to a smooth, meaningful lesson; I expect you to meet my expectations!

20 Rule #2: Be In Class Before the Bell Rings Follow Directions for Entering the Classroom Make Every Effort to Use the Pencil Sharpener Before the Bell. If Tardy, Sign Log, Sit Down, and Start Classroom Activity. See Me at Pre- Dismissal. Put Passes Under Clip Board (No Need to See Me at Pre-Dismissal With Pass).

21 Rule #3: Follow All District 206 Rules No Cell Phones No Backpacks No Electronics (MP3s, IPODs, Etc.) No Food/Candy or Drink No Outerwear (Coats, Gloves, Sunglasses) Always Wear Your ID

22 Rule #4: Be Prepared for Class

23 Rule #5:Behave in a Professional Manner Mutual Respect No Put-Downs No Swearing Keep the Classroom Clean Maintain a Positive Classroom Environment

24 Consequences Step 1: Warning Step 2: Last out + Parent Contact Step 3: One Minute After Step 4: One Minute After + Parent Contact Step 5: Dean’s Referral

25 Severe Clause Fighting, Gang Activity, or Overt Defiance Will Result In An Immediate Dean’s Referral!

26 Rewards Reward Points Verbal Praise Positive Notes Free Time At Pre-Dismissal

27 Procedure for Entering the Classroom 1.Sit in Assigned Seat 2.Get Homework Ready to Turn In 3.After the bell rings, start bell ringer immediately or wait for teacher directions. 4.No Talking During the Bell Ringer 5.If You Finish Early, Work On Something Quietly

28 Procedure for Classroom Activities Follow Teacher Directions In Regards To Voice Volume, Raising Hand v. Speaking Out, and Activity Instructions. No Talking While I Am Talking No Talking While Your Peers Are Talking Work Hard! If You Finish Early, Work On Something Else.

29 Procedure for Pre-Dismissal See Me At Pre-Dismissal If… You Were Absent the Previous Period You Want To Discuss Something You Need To Sign the Behavior-Log 1.Class Will Continue To Work Until Dismissal. 2.Follow Teacher Instructions for Volume.

30 Channel One, Bloom Scene, Announcements 100% Silence These Programs Are Important and They Must Be Able To Be Heard.

31 Pledge Policy Everyone Stands If You Cannot Adhere to This Because of Religious Reasons, Please Make Me Aware of This.

32 Pet Peeves 1.Talking During Bell Ringer 2.Paper On The Floor 3.Talking While Someone Else Is Talking

33 Need Extra Help? Before-school tutoring is available on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 8AM-9AM Ask me for an early-bird pass!

34 Teacher Creed As your teacher I will not tolerate any student in this classroom stopping me from teaching for any reason whatsoever.

35 As your teacher I will not tolerate any student in this classroom stopping another student from learning for any reason whatsoever.

36 As your teacher I will not tolerate any student in this classroom doing anything that is not in their best interest or the best interest of the class. As your teacher I am a member of this class. There are two things you never do to me: 1. No Manipulations. 2. Never question my management system when I am teaching.

37 Do You Have Any Questions, Comments, or Concerns? Let’s Have a Great Year!

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