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1/2006 Helsinki, 2008 Jaakko Helenius M.Sc. MBA Managing Director Helsinki Business and Science Park Ltd (HBSP) provides development, production and marketing.

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1 1/2006 Helsinki, 2008 Jaakko Helenius M.Sc. MBA Managing Director Helsinki Business and Science Park Ltd (HBSP) provides development, production and marketing support services for innovations that originate from academic research, but under a business environment. One aim is to create new startup companies through the HBSP incubator system. Existing companies, and research institutes derive a mutual benefit through HBSP. The main fields of operation are biotechnology, diagnostics and medical technologies, food technology and environmental technology. HBSP is located in both the Viikki (Bio) and Meilahti (Medical) campuses in the city of Helsinki.

2 2/2006 Over 1.2 million inhabitants (population in Finland over 5.2 million) Highest level of education in Finland 16 universities and polytechnics More than 60,000 companies 30% of jobs of Finland as a whole FINLAND Helsinki Helsinki Region Finland Population over 5.2 million Enterprises appr. 220 000, 99.8% SMEs Mobile phone penetration 91% (2003) Broadband internet connections penetration 48% (2003) Finnish R&D to 3.5% of GDP (2003)

3 3/2006 In figures: OPERATIVE COMPANIES 23 science parks 550 employees 100m€ turnover 7 500 business contacts SCIENCE PARKS 1 600 enterprises and other organisations 32 000 experts over 1 000 000 m 2 Member of Tekel

4 4/2006 Helsinki Business and Science Park Ltd – HBSP Facts Established 1992 full-time activity 1996 Facilities (Viikki and Meilahti) total 16 000 m 2 15 Employees +4 outsourced Turnover 2.8 million € Ownership of HBSP

5 5/2006 Helsinki Region – Strong in industry/academia collaboration Biotech industry in Finland 57 % sector’s jobs established and 67% sector’s turnover comes from Helsinki Region Biotech companies and organizations in Finland totaled 137 Helsinki Region45 % Turku32 % Tampere 6 % Kuopio 8 % Oulu 4 % Others 5 % (ref. FIB Index 2003) Ranked in 74 th place the Best Universities in the World o 11 faculties o 38 000 degree students and 7 500 staff o Annually 4 000 master’s degree and 355 doctorates Academic quality – University of Helsinki Together with Viikki and Meilahti campuses receive 46 % of the Academy of Finland’s biotech money.

6 6/2006 Customers – Tenant Structure Tiede o poikkitieteellisyys, neutralius University of Helsinki, University Hospital Helsinki Region Pharmaceutical/Medtech/Welfare/Food/ Other Industries Other service provides law account IT-service market analysis financing etc.. University Research Institutes Start-ups SME Life Science/High technology Idea

7 7/2006 Services – HBSP Premises and Office services –Real estate management and maintenance services –Office and entrance hall service –Security services Laboratory and Instrument services –Clean-up and waste disposal services (with special demand) –Laboratory utensil care –Chemical storages, constant temperature rooms –Core facility services (University of Helsinki) Business services –feasibility, market analysis –strategy, business plan –business and technology training –mentor-program –network/co-operation partners Financial services –alternatives, matching –negotiations, agreements Local and international contact network; Industry, University Others; Accounting, legal, IT, marketing and library services [No.] Year Service facilities Produced services Service providers 1999782 2004236031

8 8/2006 Viikki – BioCampus Institute of Biotechnology Cultivator II (HBSP) Cultivator I (HBSP) Info Center Korona University Four University faculties: Agriculture and Forestry, Biosciences, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine Others Two Centres of Expertise Game and Fisheries Research National Veterinary and Food Research Institute of Finland Facts 6 000 students 2 500 staff 40 (+field 160) hectares One of the largest bio-campuses in Europe

9 9/2006 Meilahti – Medical Campus University Central Hospital and Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa Biomedicum University Faculty of Medicine Helsinki University Central Hospital Other Centre of Expertise National Public Health Institute KTL Finnish Institute of Occupational Health TTL Facts 2 000 students 1 500 staff 20 hectares FOTO: JUHA TIAINEN Basic and clinical research productively combined

10 10/2006 Companies in Viikki and Meilahti campuses Cultivator I and II –30-40 companies p.a. –5 research groups from University of Helsinki –1 research institute Viikki Area –8 companies Meilahti Area – Biomedicum 2 –15 companies Kumpula Area –1 company South Finland –Appr. 250 food(technology) companies Appr. 55 companies or research groups Nearly 400 employees

11 11/2006 Companies by sector and maturity Start-upLater Stage Drug Discovery Diagnostics Manufacturing Treatment Food technology Wellness Services Glykos Finland ltd. excellence in glycobiology

12 12/2006 Finnish Innovation system – Network, Partners Mentors HSE Hanken Finpro … Service providers Innovation Agents (University) TEKES (R&D) TULI TUPAS (Tekes) Venture Cup Universities Research Institutes Industry Sitra Private Investors Finnvera Banks Institutions Venture Capital (seed/late) Industrial Investors Licentia Foundation for Finnish Inventions LIKSA (Tekes, Sitra) Tekes loans, R&D TE-Center TESI Idea, InnovationStart-ups, Spin-offStart-ups/SME (Growth) EvaluationStrategy, Business PlanFinance Helsinki Business and Science Park Ltd

13 13/2006 Special themes in the Finnish system Clusters The Centre of Expertise Programme (OSKE), is a special government programme aimed at focusing regional resources and acticvities on development areas on key national importance 13 clusters: HealthBIO, Food Tech, ICT, Cleantech, Nanotech, Energy Tech, Forestry, etc. The local centres of expertize (21) take care of implementing Some (local) clusters which are initiated by the relevant industry itself and are functioning without major public support The cluster - idea is well received in Finland and is widely implemented

14 14/2006 Special themes in the Finnish system Tekes – Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation Large national, publicly funded and controlled project provider for both research intitutes, large corporations and SME’s Currently running 20 innovation programs, in every industry sectors Total amount of annual funding (grant, loans) app. 550 million euros - funding up to 100 % of the costs Focus on high tech companies and internationalization of the firms

15 15/2006 Special themes in the Finnish system Cooperation Many publicly funded programmes require cooperation between firms themselves, and between firms and research insititutes Clear job descriptions. On the top of that cooperation is the most effective, it’s more a stage of mind ? OSKE – Programme is a change - agent programme which initiates cooperation within an industry

16 16/2006 Special themes in the Finnish system Involvement at the project development stage Business parks are not involved in the development stage of the university research programs (however help to screen possibilities) Some university projects are funded by Tekes (Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation), requires a plan how to commercialize the innovation Legistlation regarding universities is changing, focus also on the business - and other impact on the society Business parks should have a role, a bridge between research and the commercialization The Centre Of Expertise Programms are part of a coordinated policy and thus

17 17/2006 Special themes in the Finnish system Funding Still having a problem in the seed stage financing, especially in biotech - Business - angels Business parks usually don’t provide funding, but help in applying for it A start –up entrepreneur can apply for Tekes-funded TULI investment that is normally intented for the preparation of market surveys by external consultants Funding at the later stage is easier to find Venture capital market is already well - developed

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