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1 Professia Ltd. - Part of the regional development network 27.3. 2006 Vesa Keinonen Project Manager Professia Ltd.

2 Agenda  Professia Ltd. (facts, activities, projects, TIBO)  Information Society in Tampere Region: - Case 1: eTupa – eHelp Desk for Citizens - Case 2: eTampere –programme  Questions?

3 Background - Business Development Network in Tampere (Main Regional Players)  Hermia Techology Park Ltd  Hermia Business Development Ltd  Finnmedi Research Ltd  Media Tampere Ltd. (1999 – 03/2006)  Professia Ltd  Tampere Science Park Ltd

4 Professia Ltd. – Some facts  Consultancy and development company specialised in knowledge intensive business services (KIBS)  Established 2000 (fusion with Media Tampere Ltd. 15th of March 2006)  Personnel 17  CEO Dr. Kari Kankaala  Owned by Nokia Ltd, City of Tampere, University of Tampere, Finnvera Ltd, Sentica Partners Ltd, Fujitsu Ltd, Elisa Ltd, Alma Media Ltd

5 Professia Ltd. – Main activities  Three main operational fields (3/2006  ) 1.Innovation activities (Innovation and Business Development Services) 2.IT services (Regional Service Solutions) 3.Expertise marketing (Tampere International Business Office, TIBO)

6 Innovation and Business Development Services  Pre-Incubator services  For the local Polytechnics and University of Tampere  Emphasis on knowledge intensive business services  Promotion of entrepreneurship  Incubator services  Development, training and consultancy services for incubator companies  Emphasis on knowledge intensive business service companies  Business development services  Business development projects and consultancy  Studies related to innovation and business development

7 Business Development Services – eSME Service  More business for SMEs using e-business technologies and tools based on the real needs of the enterprise  More business for local service providers  Finds and speaks the fluent and common language between business and technology. Human touch by experience  Funded by public bodies, e.g. City of Tampere  Open and free for all the SMEs in the Tampere region

8 eSME service  2004-2005  600 SMEs used the service  210 Service providers in the network  13 Consultants offering the service  2006   eSME service is provided by the local entrepreneurs’ association  Concept will be further developed

9 Training Programme to Companies – Ad-Mobi  Mobile marketing and new media training programme targetted to advertising and communication service firms  Training modules and seminars covering wide range of different themes:  New tools and technologies  Mobile Marketing  Contracts and cooperation in mobile business  Digital television in marketing communication  International mobile communication markets  About 50 active companies involved; total network covering over 200 companies  Funding: European Social Fund

10 IT Caretaker Service (1)  Three Finnish regions involved: Tampere region, Kymenlaakso/Kouvola and Lahti region.  Funding from EU (Equal) and the companies  Target group: micro companies  The problem: Small companies do not have their own IT departments nor the resources or knowledge to handle the rapidly changing IT issues in their companies

11 IT caretaker service (2)  The goal is to enhance the microfirms’ use of IT support services  This service promotes the use of these services and supports financially the beginning of the use  The purpose is that the companies would learn to use IT support services and make contracts for constant support. For example the IT caretaker could come once a week or once a month depending on the needs  Services: helping with acute problems, internet connections and networks, servers and work stations, data security, basic software and equipment, updates, Prices fo the micro companies:  ½ day: 100 euros  1 day: 200 euros  2 days: 400 euros

12 TIBO - Tampere International Business Office (  Part of Professia Main activities of TIBO:  Attract and assist foreign direct investments (FDI) to locate new business operations, production and research and development units in the Tampere Region  Rouse existing companies to invest more in operations in the Tampere Region  Strengthens the business environment, expertise and the already existing clusters

13 TIBOs Services:  Information and advisory services  Assistance with company registration, dealing with authorities, premises, etc.  Contact with and access to local business development services, the R&D community and key customers  Assistance with launching a business locally TIBO’s services are offered free of charge

14 Information Society in Tampere Region  Case 1: eTupa - eHelp Desk for Citizens  Case 2: eTampere programme (01/2001 – 12/2005)

15 Case 1: eTupa – eHelp Desk for Citizens  Launched at the end of 2004  Initiative came from the eTampere programme and the network of local educational organisations  The main objective is to provide technical support for the citizens of Tampere  eTupa gives guidance  in the acquiring of technology  use of computers and the Internet

16 eTupa – Information center eTupa office is an information center or contact center, we don't do everything ourselves Services are provided by - telephone - Internet and e-mail - personally either in customers - home or in eTupa office House calls are mostly handled by students. (Prices: 1 hour: 30 € / 1,5 hrs: 40 € / 2 hrs: 50 €)

17 eTupa - From idea to practise  In order to achieve these goals a new small business, eTupa, was established in March 2005  The financial support from the City of Tampere was crucial  Core business is personal guidance at consumer’s home  Customer oriented approach is essential  Success is based on networking and co-operating  Co-operation in the field of ICT with – the educational organizations (public, private and third sector) – the local businesses (retailers of computers and Internet connections etc.) – the City of Tampere (PPP)

18 eTupa – (Good) Feedback from the customers  First 100 house calls have proved that service like this is needed and long hoped for People are also willing to pay for it.  So far the interest of the users has mainly been in information and data security check-ups (anti-virus, anti-spyware and fire walls) and help with the buying of a new computer  Other themes have been  Internet-connections  connections between the computer and its accessories  updates  settings (operating systems and programs)  Internet services (such as webmail or netbank)

19 Thank You - and Questions? Vesa Keinonen Project Manager Mobile +358 (0)40 579 2170 Professia Ltd. Satakunnankatu 18 A FI-33210 Tampere, FINLAND

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