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Farmer Producer Organizations and the Future of Agriculture Marketing Imperatives for inclusive economic growth Small Farmers’ Agribusiness Consortium.

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1 Farmer Producer Organizations and the Future of Agriculture Marketing Imperatives for inclusive economic growth Small Farmers’ Agribusiness Consortium (Dept. of Agriculture and Cooperation) Govt. of India लघु कृषक कृषि व्यापार संघ भारत सरकार, कृषि मंत्रालय 1

2 How FPOs benefit small producers 1.Aggregating smallholders into FPOs proven pathway to increase investment, improve bargaining power, move up value chains and improve access to technology, markets. 2.Aggregation only way to enable SMF to exploit emerging opportunities domestic and global by integrating with SMEs; retail chains 3.Climate change coping mechanisms and risk mitigation requires aggregated platforms for efficient delivery 4.Aggregation will facilitate more effective targeting of subsidies to farmers 2

3 SFAC FPO network structure Village level (Crop planning, seed production, demonstration, knowledge sharing, aggregation) Cluster level (10-12 villages) (Credit, inputs, technology, capacity building, marketing linkages) State level (Policy advocacy, explore wider markets, strategic partnerships) Federation of KPCs ( farmers) KPC (1000 farmers/ 50 FIGs in each) FIG (15-20 farmers in each group) FIG Kisan Producer Co/Coop FIG Marketing linkage/inputs/credit S F A C

4 Input supply (Seed, fertilizer, machinery) Financial & technical (Credit, savings, insurance, extension) Marketing linkages (contract farming, procurement under MSP) Training and Networking (HRD, policy advocacy, documentation) FPO Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) Typical range of services provided

5 Promotion of Farmer Producer Organizations by SFAC S.NoName of State Achievement Farmers mobilized/under mobilization No. of FIGsFPO Registered FPO registration under process 1 Arunachal Pradesh Andhra Pradesh Bihar Chhattisgarh Delhi Goa Gujarat Haryana Himachal Pradesh Jammu Srinagar Jharkhand Karnataka Madhya Pradesh Maharashtra Manipur Meghalaya Mizoram Nagaland Odisha Punjab Rajasthan Sikkim Tamil Nadu Tripura Uttarakhand Uttar Pradesh West Bengal TOTAL

6 Name of State No. of Farmers mobilized No. of FPOs formed Andhra Pradesh Gujarat73506 Karnataka Madhya Pradesh Maharashtra Rajasthan Uttar Pradesh Total Integrated development of 60,000 Pulses Village in Rainfed areas – an Overview Name of State No. of FIGs with Bank Account No. of Demo. in Kharif Season Andhra Pradesh Gujarat22150 Karnataka Madhya Pradesh Maharashtra Rajasthan Uttar Pradesh26500 Total

7 4626 Audio / Visual Shows organized for participants Red gram Transplanting method and techniques to be followed while transplanting LRP and BDS capacity building programme on the pre monsoon session on red gram with INM and IPM techniques 3234Orientation Trainings conducted covering members INM and IPM Training programme has been conducted on demonstration sites Red gram cultivation Krishidoot - Mobile base Advisory Services 186 Exposure visits for 9286 farmers KVK demonstration plots Seed processing unit ARS Bidar Demonstration plots Benefit of collectivization Mini Dal mill Vermicompost unit and dairy units of Gudur village of Gulbarga Taluk and Sedam taluk Farmers pulse industries, Bidar 7108 Trainings conducted to enhance the capacity of members Detailing on package and practices for Pulse production like line sowing, land preparation, seed treatment, seed rate. Plant Protection Improved agriculture practices for Rabi 7256 Kisan Sabha/Goshties held at village/block levels with a total participation of members Pest and diseases control, Good agricultural practices followed Demonstration on Seed treatment Red gram cultivation FPO Formation Intercrops in Red gram and crop diversity 1240 Workshops conducted for imparting knowledge on various topics to 3824 participants Hand holding support for FIG, FPO formation and legal aspects to be followed by Basic Live hood school at Gulbarga FPO Formation Soil Testing Ideal demonstration plot Major activities carried out so far Major activities carried out so far

8 Details of Pulse Demonstration Plots Conducted in Kharif-2012 S.NoState No of FIG Covered Crop Area (In Acre) No of Demo's Conducted 1Andhra Pradesh406 Red Gram, Bengal Gram, Green Gram major crop with Redgram as inter crop, Blackgram major crop with Redgram as inter crop Gujarat135 Black Gram, Tur (Pigeon peas ), Mung, Math, Chana, Urad, Tur Karnataka395 Green Gram, Soyabeen, Red Gram, Composting, Green manuring, Vermi Composting, Red gram-Dibbling Method, Red Gram-Transplanting, Seed Treatment, Bengal Gram Madhya Pradesh933 Urad, Arhar, Moong, Pigeon pea, Black gram,Pigeon pea + Soybean Maharashtra1255 Black Gram, Red Gram, Bengal Gram, Peagion Pea + Green Gram, Vermicompost, Tur, MoongTur, Udid, Soil Testing to Harvesting, Compost Demonstration, Soil Rajasthan480 Green Gram, Black Gram, Moong, Moong (Dinkar), Moong (Green Gram), Urad (Black Gram) Uttar Pradesh534Arhar,Urad,Moong13200 Total

9 Sl. No. Name of State Targeted No. of Farmers Target No. of FPOs 1Andhra Pradesh Uttar Pradesh Karnataka Madhya Pradesh Gujarat Chhattisgarh Bihar Maharashtra Odisha Rajasthan Tamil Nadu Total Duration: to National Demonstration Project for promotion of FPOs & Value Chain development of pulses and millets under NFSM SFAC has already issued work order to the Resource Institutions in all States for FPO Promotion

10 SFAC PROCUREMENT OF PULSES & OILSEEDS AT MINIMUM SUPPORT PRICE RABI StateCommodityNo. of FPOs No. of Farmers Cumulative purchase (MT) Cumulative purchase value (Rs. in Crore) Andhra Pradesh Groundnut Tur Chana Sub Total GujaratGroundnut Sub Total Karnataka Sunflower Seed Chana Sub Total Maharashtra Black Gram Chana Tur Sub Total Grand Total

11 FIG Development & Capacity Building in Gujarat FIG Meeting at Village level Cluster level meeting of FIG leader s

12 Grading of Tur Dal (Double Roller Dal Mill) Collective procurement of fertilizer Increasing Income Through Value Addition Name of FPO: (Akola Soy and Cotton producer Company Ltd, West Vidarbha Maharashtra)

13 FPO Input Shop FPO Name: Kedar Nath Kisan Agro Producer Co. Ltd, Rajasthan FPOs make business sense

14 Inputs Supply Facilitation in Gujarat Seed Procurement Fertilizer Demonstration

15 Activities undertaken for value addition in Mahrashtra FPO: Grading of Red Gram in Maharashtra Processing of tur (leveraging the existing interventions.) Setting up of Mini Dal mill Value Addition

16 Setting up Of Mini Dal Mill in Maharashtra and Karnataka Capacity - 40 Qtl per day Plans to buy low cost gravity separator for grading

17 Agribusiness Centre, Halbarga, Karnataka FPO Office Input Store Warehouse Mini Dall Mill FPO - Jai Kissan Souharda MultiPurpose Cooperative Location- Halbarga, Bhalki, Bidar - Plan to have similar Agribusiness Centres for all the 5 Locations

18 Input Licences of “Jai Kissan Souharda MultiPurpose Cooperative” Fertilizer & Pesticide License Seed License

19 Farm Mechanization Centre Tractor Tanker Trolley Plough Cultivator Hand Weeder This center is Likely to get support under “Custom Hiring Centre” from Department of Agriculture, Bidar, Karnataka

20 FPOs in the XII Plan XII Plan document endorses FPO mobilization Policy framework to promote FPOs under RKVY 2014: Year of Farmer Producer Organizations 2014: UN Year of Family Farming Equity Grant and Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme for Farmer Producer Companies 20

21 Thank You 21

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