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The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara

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1 The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara

2 The Civil War Fought between the years 1861-65.
Many reasons caused the war. But none was more important than slavery and the abolishment of this practice at the conclusion of the war. Many credit the harsh treatment the South received at the conclusion of the war for many of the Jim Crow laws.

3 The Battle of Gettysburg
Fought over the course of three days July 1st-3rd. Known as being the bloodiest battle fought on American soil. Mistakes, tactics and mistrust led to 51,112 dead or wounded. Or 3 out of every 10 soldiers being affected in some way.

4 Things to Look For The author’s use of Figurative Language
Foreshadowing. Many events in the book are set up in the earlier chapters. Philosophy. This novel is deeply philosophical. How do the character’s attitudes change towards life, history and morality?

5 Central Subjects Racial Equality Religion or belief in a higher power
Death Honor Class Structure (The difference between a gentleman and a slave). Glory Self-Doubt Friendship Man is a Contradiction (Man is a Killer Angel)

6 Who Is He? The greatest military mind of the 19th century. Is treated like a God by his men (they believe he will never lose). Also has a profound trust in God. Supreme commander of the Confederate Army. WHY IS HE IMPORTANT? Perhaps the most religious figure in the book. This is offset in that he is also responsible for the biggest loss of life (which he mourns) but still feels is neccessary for victory. Robert E. Lee

7 James Longstreet Who Is He?
A professional soldier. Believes trusting in God and in the current tactics of the time is a mistake. Is 2nd in command of the Confederate Army. WHY IS HE IMPORTANT? Contemplates on death (having lost his children recently) and the equality of man. His philosophies also sometimes run counter to what the Confederates are fighting for. James Longstreet

8 Who Is He? A General of Cavalry. Suffers from various diseases and illnesses. WHY IS HE IMPORTANT? Foreshadows the events of the entire book in a speech to his men. In the same speech he explains why the constant quest for glory is irrational. John Buford

9 Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
Who Is He? A former Professor, self taught soldier. Colonel of the 20th Maine (the lowest ranking main character) but also one of the most important. WHY IS HE IMPORTANT? Goes through the biggest transformation in the book. Especially his feelings on race and equality. He symbolizes what most White Americans were feeling at the time. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

10 How They Compare Confederacy The Union Robert E.Lee Army Commander
James Longstreet Corps Commander Division Commander Brigade Commander Regimental Colonel The Union Army Commander Section Commander Corps Commander Division Commander John Buford Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

11 “I don't really understand it. Never have
“I don't really understand it. Never have. The more I think on it the more it horrifies me. How can they look in the eyes of a man and make a slave of him and then quote the Bible?”

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