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The killer angels by michael shaara

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1 The killer angels by michael shaara
Historical fiction Dramatizes the Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania July 1 - 3, 1863 the most pivotal battle of the American civil war ( ) The first major southern loss

2 GEneral Robert E. Lee Commander, Army of Virginia
A religious, honorable, prideful and beloved leader. Believes God brought the armies together to battle at Gettysburg.

3 James “Pete” Longstreet
Lee’s Right-Hand Man Logical, reasonable and intelligent, he understands modern military tactics Believes they should move to high ground

4 The dashing general george pickett
A Southern Gentleman Soldier (Aristocrat) Famous for Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg Eagerly led 12,500 troops across almost one mile of open field under heavy enemy fire, most to their deaths.

5 General Jeb Stuart Leader of the Cavalry The eyes of Lee’s Army
Missing for days before and during the Battle of Gettysburg, leaving Lee to make the decision without his “eyes”.

6 General Lewis Armistead
Commander under Pickett Beloved friend of Union General Winfield Hancock. Died of wounds sustained in Pickett’s charge against his best friend.

7 Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
Leader of the Union Army of the Potomac 20th Maine Regiment Embodied the ideals of equality and courage. Held the important high ground at Little Round Top against overwhelming odds.

8 Why They Fight --The North: To Save the Union To Free the Slaves
For Freedom --The South: To Defend States’ Rights To Defend their Homeland

9 Confederate States (Seceded from the Union, 1860-1861) Below the Mason-Dixon Line

10 The Conflict Was Named The Civil War (so-called by the North)
The War Between the States (by the South) The War of Northern Aggression (by the South) Note: After 1865 it became common to refer to our nation as “The United States,” instead of “These United States.”

11 Civil War Casualties: 620,000 men (more than all other American wars combined)
Union Battle deaths: 110,070 Disease, etc.: 250,152 Total 360,222 Confederate Battle deaths: 94,000 Disease, etc.: 164,000 Total 258,000 Casualties At Gettysburg, July 4, : 51,112 (23,049 Union and 28,063 Confederate)

12 Starving Prisoners of War

13 “Thus ended the great American Civil War, which must upon the whole be considered the noblest and least avoidable of all the great mass conflicts of which till then there was record.” --Winston Churchill A History of the English- Speaking Peoples

14 Themes The soldiers who fought in the Civil War faced brutal death with courage and honor, fighting and following orders even when it seemed hopeless. Confederate Generals Lee, Longstreet, Pickett and Armistead were aristocratic gentlemen who made decisions at Gettysburg based on the ideals of honor, duty, pride, and religious faith. Union Colonel Lawrence Chamberlain led his men at Gettysburg by embodying the ideals of equality, respect, and courage.

15 New Vocabulary Words Skirmishers Pickets Caissons Canister Artillery
Cavalry Entrenchments Bayonet Court-martial Militia

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