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UAVs – The Silent Killer

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1 UAVs – The Silent Killer
MQ-9 Reaper firing a Hellfire missile

2 Drones What are they? History Are they effective?
Are they moral/legal? Long term consequences

3 Auspicious Start November 3, 2002, Qaed Salim Sinan al-Harethi, accused of helping plot the October 2000 bombing of the USS Cole, along with 3 suspected AQAP terrorists were killed in the Yemeni desert when a Hellfire missile struck their Toyota pickup truck. This joint CIA/CENTCOM strike appeared on pg. 4 inside the NY Times

4 Predator/Reaper/Avenger

5 At Sea X-47 Pegasus



8 Effective? 2001-2013 - 4,756 people killed by UAVs
By 2009 half of the 20 most wanted al Qaeda terrorists have been killed by UAVs including Hakimullah Mashud 95 per cent of targeted killings or “personality strikes” have been conducted by drones Does not put U.S. military personnel in harms way Cheap

9 Moral/Legal?

10 Moral/Legal Extrajudicial Killing of American citizens
Civilian deaths – Who is a militant? “Signature Strikes” Psychological Trauma Congressional Approval outside of war zone

11 Anwar al-Awlaki American Citizen killed with is 16-year-old son

12 Long Term Consequences
Is the number of militants decreased or al Qaeda defeated? (Think Faisal Shahzad or Chechnya) Pakistani relations (WikiLeaks) AFRICOM strikes from Djibouti Kill or Capture? Guantanamo Bay PTSD Does it make intervention more Likely? (Think Kant) Basing in Afghanistan

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