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Bin Laden from “hero” to terrorist! What happen to Osama Bin Laden after the Soviet- Afghanistan War in 1989?

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1 Bin Laden from “hero” to terrorist! What happen to Osama Bin Laden after the Soviet- Afghanistan War in 1989?

2 Bin Laden Group Construction Company

3 The Bin Laden Family  Osama Bin Laden on far right.  Muhammad Bin Laden was his father.  Construction business in Saudi Arabia  Vast fortune, Osama share was estimated at ¼ billion dollars!

4 Hero to Extremist!  Osama starts to turn against his own government in Saudi Arabia  He wants the Saudi King to use “his army- the mujahideen” as a government militia.  Osama see’s himself as important man and wants a “role” in government affairs.  The Saudi King worries Osama will take action on his own & they withdrew Osama’s passport.  Huge Insult to Osama Bin Laden and he starts to work against his own government in Saudi Arabia.

5 Iraq invaded Kuwait…  When Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, the Saudi King was worried his country may be invaded next….  Osama bin Laden offered his “mujahideen” fighters to protect Saudi Arabia.  The Saudi government rejected his offer and turned to the U.S. military for protection.  U.S. troops arrive in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait!

6 US Troops in Saudi Arabia, 1991  Osama is insulted that the Saudi King called on the U.S. instead of his troops..  Osama declares Saudi government should be destroyed!  Osama believes it “sacrilege” of U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia.  Saudi government expels Bin Laden from the his own country for treason!

7 Allies of the U.S. are see as…  Osama Bin Laden begins to criticize many leaders in the Middle East for being an “ally” to the U.S.  Saudi Arabia  Egypt  UAE  Most Middle Eastern countries were just as worried about Osama Bin Laden as the U.S.

8 1993 World Trade Center 7 Deaths, over 1000 injured Ramzi YousefMotive for Attack  Mailed letters to NY press, made three demands:  An end to all US aid to Israel,  An end to US diplomatic relations with Israel,  A pledge by the United States to end interference "with any of the Middle East countries' interior affairs."

9 Osama attacks Saudi Arabia…  1995, Riyadh Saudi Arabia  Bin Laden is behind the U.S. embassy bombing in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  Seven Americans were killed  Second attack on Saudi Arabia. .. US Embassy in Saudi Arabia

10 Bin Laden flees to Sudan.  Sudan for several years..  From the Sudan, Bin Laden trains terrorist groups (Al Qaeda) and continues to attack the U.S…… Attacks against the U.S. begin..  U.S. Embassies in Africa  USS Cole attack  Attacks on Saudi Arabia

11 Bombing of American Embassies in Africa  Killed 231 civilians, 12 Americans  Nairobi, Kenya Embassy in Tanzania

12 Bombing of the USS Cole USS Cole17 People Killed

13 Sudanese government forces Bin Laden out! Returns to Afghanistan 1996 Declares “Open War on the U.S.”  America pressures the Sudanese leaders to force Osama Bin Laden to leave the country….  Egyptian & Saudi leaders also put pressure on Sudan.  Osama Bin Laden returns to Afghanistan… now the Taliban in in power…and will protect Osama Bin Laden.

14 September 11, 2001 bombing..  The U.S. had proof that Osama Bin Laden was behind the 9/11 attacks.  The world and most of the Middle Eastern countries supported the U.S. in are 2001 invasion of Afghanistan.  The Taliban in Afghanistan was protecting Osama Bin Laden.

15 Bin Laden hiding in Afghanistan  2001 U.S. Bombs Afghanistan  The Taliban in Afghanistan is protecting Osama Bin Laden.  The U.S. has proof Bin Laden was behind 9/11!  U.S. overthrows the Taliban and inherits a destroyed country to rebuild….

16 Osama Bin Laden’s Goals! Rage and Anger against the U.S. and our power in the Middle East! 1.He wants all “Western influence” out of the Middle East. All U.S. troops and influence out of the Middle East. 2.Bin Laden wanted to overthrow all governments that are allies to the U.S. and establish an extremist Islamic government!  End U.S. support of the monarchies and authoritarian leaders in the Middle East!  The Saudi government and many governments see Bin Laden as a threat and are fighting against Bin Laden & Al Qaeda as well!

17 Western Influence in Middle East?  U.S Troops/ influence in the Middle East?  Troops in Saudi Arabia until 2003 (since 1991)  U.S support of Israel against Palestinian Muslims!  U.S. support of Monarchies and other U.S. allies in Middle East.  Since 9/11, U.S. has invaded two Muslim countries, Iraq & Afghanistan…  Osama Bin Laden sites this as sacrilege, West is killing Muslims etc.

18 Death of Bin Laden  May 2, 2011- killed  Almost 10 years after the 9/11 attacks  U.S. Naval Seals & CIA operatives  American troops are still in Afghanistan today!  Most of the country is improving…. But the Taliban still controls part of Afghanistan.

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