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The Case of the Cooling Corpse

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1 The Case of the Cooling Corpse
a solution by Meredith Masch Algebra II P. 1 Steffens

2 Oh no. The local coroner, Dr
Oh no! The local coroner, Dr. Dedman, has been murdered by notorious serial killer, the Sideroad Slasher. With a body count quickly building, will Agent 008 be able to solve the crime before another victim is taken?

3 Timeline 1:30 – Agent 008 enters the coroner’s office, hoping that Dr. Dedman might have some new information about the Sideroad Slasher’s latest victim. 1:50-Leaving for HQ, Agent 008 chats with Ajax Boraxo and Dr. Quincy before saying a quick word to Sergeant Foust on his way out, writing his initials next to the time. 5:05-Signing in once more, Agent 008 returns from HQ, reflecting on what was found about the calculator. Walking to the coroner’s office, he realizes that something seems off. Entering, 008 find Dr. Dedman dead! The Agent hits the security buzzer as he grabs the thermometer and checks the doctor’s body temperature: 27°C. Foust claims he spoke to the doctor and hour ago. 6:05-Agent 008 and the security officers spend the next hour looking for clues that the killer may have left behind, more specifically, the doctor’s tape recorder used for observations. He notices the thermometer was still left in the doctor’s side, and checks the temperature again: 24°C. Perhaps using this data and the sign-in sheet, Agent 008 can identify the killer.

4 The Suspects Based on Agent 008’s observations and Foust’s statement, the first assumed suspects are: Pierce Slaughter, Gashes Wound, Slippery Eel, Candy Carcass, and Milly Maniacal. All were present around the estimated time of death.

5 Graph: Temperature vs. Time

6 Equation and Math To find the time of death, we will use the equation y=kmx+b. Keep in mind that the room was 17°C, and that is the coldest the body could get. y: given temperature of the body’s surroundings. k: relative temperature of the body compared to it’s surroundings m: sharpness of the slope that the temperature travels along. x: time b: the asymptote (coldest temperature body could get: 17°C) We’ll begin by using the points from our graph. (0,27) y=kmx+17 27=km =k (1,24) y=10mx+17 24=10m1+17 7=10m .7=m Then we’ll use the points we found and solve for “x”, using 37(our body temperature alive) for “y”. 37=10(.7)x+17 20=10(.7)x 2=.7x log2=xlog = -.155x -1.94=x So, this means that Dr. Dedman was killed 1 hours and 56 mins ago!

7 Conclusion Dr. Dedman was killed at 3:09
None of our previous suspects were there at the time, in fact, no one was that had signed in… …except for Foust! Foust had motive, and timing. He works at the office all day, and even Agent 008 noted that he too would go crazy if he sat behind a desk all day.

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