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Kids Who Are Different by Digby Wolfe Here’s to the kids who are different, The kids who don’t always get “A’s”, The kids who have ears twice the size.

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1 Kids Who Are Different by Digby Wolfe Here’s to the kids who are different, The kids who don’t always get “A’s”, The kids who have ears twice the size of their peers, And noses that go on for days… Here’s to the kids who are different, The kids they call crazy or dumb, The kids who don’t fit, with the guts and the grit, Who dance to a different drum… Here’s to the kids who are different, The kids with the mischievous streak, For when they have grown, as history’s shown, It’s their difference that makes them unique.

2 Kids Who Are Different How does this poem make you feel? Do you think difference among people is good? Why or why not? Look around the room, how many of you look exactly alike? What would it be like if you were all the same?

3 Birth Defect Statistics n Birth defects are the leading cause of infant mortality n Every 31/2 minutes a baby is born with a birth defect n On an average day in the U.S. 411 babies are born with a defect and 19 babies die as the result of the defect. n 150,000 babies are born each year with a birth defect n Approximately 3% of children have a major malformation n About 10% of problems seen at birth can be traced to a specific agent (environmental, drug, biologic, nutritional), 20% are inherited or are associated with chromosomal changes. The rest (about 70%) are of unknown etiology.

4 For more information... n n

5 Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick

6 About the Author Rodman Philbrick Rodman Philbrick has been writing young adult novels for 19 years and is now 49 years old. He finally “made it big” with his novel, Freak the Mighty, which has been made into a movie starring Sharon Stone.

7 Friendship Friendship is a main theme in the novel. Who is your best friend and what is one characteristic about this person that makes you like them so much? What would you feel if one day your best friend moved away? How would you react?

8 “Nicknames”/Titles Kevin/Freak n Fair Gwen of Air n Freak the Mighty n the Dictionary (“Aardvark-a silly looking creature that eats ants”) Max/Mighty n Grim and Gram n Killer Kane n Kicker

9 Using nicknames n Do you and your close friends have names for one another? n Do you like being part of a group that identifies itself with a name? n Do you ever hurt someone's feelings with a nickname? Why do you think nicknames and titles are used? Do you think they are good or bad and why?

10 “Freak the Mighty” Kevin and Max use nicknames and their title to make their world a more exciting place to be. By being part of a group their disabilities seem to transform to “superabilities.” Why do you think their adventures are so important to their friendship? Max always thinks he has people watching him. This is probably due to his size and to his resemblance to his father. Do you think he will ever be confident enough to disregard other’s opinions of him?

11 “Responding Report” For this assignment you will be required to participate enthusiastically. There are no wrong answers just as long as you reply in an honest and detailed fashion. Some of the questions asked are on a personal level and you will not be required to share them if you do not wish to. At the beginning of each slide I will indicate whether this is class or homework. Have fun!

12 (homework) Respond to: n What are your reactions to Freak the Mighty? n What feelings or emotions does the book evoke in you? n Do Max and Kevin remind you of anyone you know? Complete this in your journal, it should be about a page per question. (20 pts.)

13 Friendships (group work) Kevin and Max are very different and yet they become one - Freak the Mighty. Why do you think they are so close? Think about friendships you know about - either yours or others. Why do you think those people are friends? Do you admire those friendships? After you complete these questions, pair yourself with a person next to you and discuss your answers.

14 Kevin’s play with words (group work ) Kevin loves to play with language. Some examples are: n p.31, “Whew! That was a close encounter of the turd kind.” n p.19, “Ah, yes… Television, the opiate of the massives.” n p. 86, “Please, sir, more gruel.” n “Fair Gwen of Air”

15 Group work/homework Do you understand Kevin all of the time? At times he explains what he is saying and other times he doesn’t. Find four more examples in the book where he plays with words. Then find out the references to these allusions in the library or by asking someone. Please discuss ideas with your group members, but each student must turn in his/her own separate paper with page numbers and a brief explanation telling us where you found your information.

16 Individual work/Class discussion Themes are usually universal and can be understood by the reader. Although, in Freak the Mighty one can argue what the theme is. It appears that friendship, appearance and acceptance are major themes in the novel. What do you think the theme is and why? Give support from the book and prepare to share your ideas.

17 Choose one and write one to two paragraphs. (individual/class discussion) n Imagine Kevin is the narrator and is describing Max. Include physical characteristics but also let the reader know what Kevin thinks about Max as a person. n Imagine a scene in which Gram and the Gwen of Air are talking about Max. Gram says she is worried about Max’s future. What does the Gwen of Air say? n Imagine what other kids in Kevin and Max’s school think about their friendship. What would they say about the dynamic duo?

18 YOU’RE A STAR! n Each person will be given a pair of scissors. n You are to use the hand you do not write with. n Cut out the stars on the paper and then glue them on to the construction paper.

19 WASN’T THAT TOUGH? It’s frustrating to cut with the hand you don’t normally use. For some kids a lot of things are hard, but they do not quit. When you do things a little different - it means you’re unique and the world couldn’t be as great if we weren’t all a bit different from our neighbor.

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