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SMG The Stock Market Game By: Evan Kosinski, Sam Pellegrino & William Herrin.

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1 SMG The Stock Market Game By: Evan Kosinski, Sam Pellegrino & William Herrin

2 Stocks Purchased Apple (AAPL) Enerplus Resources Fund (ERF) NCR Corporation (NCR) Parametric Technology (PMTC) Cedar Shopping Center Inc. (CDR) Regions Financial Corp (RF) Lithia Motors (LAD) PetroQuest (PQ) ShorTel (SHOR) OraSure Technologies (OSUR) Rush Enterprises (RUSHA) Eni S.p.A (E) Scotts Miracle-Gro Company (SMG) GMX Resources (GMXR) Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co. (SHI) Bank of America (BAC) Comcast (CMCSA) GameStop Corp. (GME) iGATE Corporation (IGTE) Amazon (AMZN)

3 Most Valuable Stocks Purchased & Why APPLE We bought this stock particularly because of some new products being released such as the new iPad and new iphone. Our prediction was true, and the stock quickly raised from our starting point of $200.66 a share to $270.3 a share at the end of the game with 300 shares bought. We put about $60,000 worth in to this stock. LITHIA MOTORS INC. We purchased this stock because we never heard of this company and we were positive that students our age haven’t either. We looked look at the historical prices of this stock and while doing some back round research on this company, we found that it is the seventh largest automotive dealership in the U.S. Our team purchased this stock at $6.13 a share and it raised to $9.10 at the end of the game with 2,750 shares put in the stock. We placed almost $17,000 in to the stock.

4 APPLE Feb. 24200.66 Feb. 26204.62 Mar. 1208.99 Mar. 3209.33 Mar. 9223.02 Mar. 11225.5 Mar. 15223.84 Mar. 17224.12 Mar. 23228.36 Mar. 25226.65 Mar. 29232.39 Mar. 31235 Apr. 6239.54 Apr. 8239.95 Apr. 12242.29 Apr. 14245.69 Apr. 20244.59 Apr. 22266.47 Date Closing Price Bought

5 COMCAST Feb.1215.34 Feb. 1615.67 Feb. 1815.73 Feb. 2416.42 Feb. 2616.44 Mar. 116.83 Mar. 316.96 Mar. 917.51 Mar. 1117.57 Mar. 1517.53 Mar. 1717.58 Mar. 2318.09 Mar. 2518.44 Mar. 2918.5 Mar. 3118.83 Apr. 618.76 Apr. 818.43 Apr. 1218.63 Apr. 1418.93 Apr. 2018.54 Apr. 2218.8 Date Closing Price Bought

6 LITHIA MOTORS CO. Feb.95.39 Feb.115.6 Feb. 155.75 Feb. 176.17 Feb. 236.46 Feb. 256.68 Mar. 16.84 Mar. 36.76 Mar. 96.43 Mar. 116.6 Mar. 156.45 Mar. 177.07 Mar. 237.06 Mar. 256.69 Mar. 296.71 Mar. 316.4 Apr. 16.9 Apr. 56.95 Apr. 77.19 Apr. 137.8 Apr. 158.41 Apr. 208.04 Apr. 229.03 Bought

7 Profit and Loss Margin AAPL- $20,850.72 ERF- $1,326.86 LAD- $8,184.76 BAC- $397.24 GMXR- $629.30 SHI- $2,801.00 E- $25.40 RUSHA- $5,816.02 IGTE- $5,833.74 SMG- $994.66 CMCSA- $3,313.20 PQ- $618.78 AMZN- $36.00 NCR- $24.00 CDR- $4.00 PMTC- $194.00 RF- $15.00 GME- $282.57 SHOR- $575.30 OSHUR- $2,2205.86

8 Thank You! Cabrera Capital Markets, LLC Chicago Tribune News in Education University of Illinois Chicago Center for Economic Education Econ Illinois Mr. Haruska

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