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Philip Rogers Elementary School “A Great Place to Learn”

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1 Philip Rogers Elementary School “A Great Place to Learn”

2 Our Crack Stock Market Team “The world is an (one’) oyster” Shakespeare, 1600 Steven Vo-student investor Clint Tres-student investor Jerry Weissbuch-teacher/adviser

3 Team Learning Goal “Wisdom is better than rubies” King Solomon To initiate interest in investing and develop analytical skills through teamwork!

4 Achievements “Slow and steady wins the race.” Aesop 550 B.C. January 29-April 27, 2007 The Philip Rogers Investment Team beat the S&P 500 by 14.9% Our initial $100,000 investment grew to $118,169. A gain of 18.17% Our class learned to work together and had a great time developing a new, and useful skill.

5 Our Team Investment Strategies “Money makes money.” Ben Franklin 1748 1. Know your company’s key statistics. 2. Stock must be above the 200 day moving average. 3. Stock must be superior to competitors. 4. Never add to a losing position, and cut your losses when necessary. 5. Invest at least 20% in technology.

6 The Winning Portfolio “He who never made a mistake never made anything.” Phelps, 1889 Game Stop GME Novacea Inc.NOVC RadioshackRSH EnergizerENR Dick’s SportingDKS Goods VolvoVOLV Bio Rad LabBIO

7 Portfolio Summary “The Trend is Your Friend” J. Weissbuch, 2007 Name Purchase End Total GME(800) 28.83 33.61 +$1911 NOVC(4000) 6.98 8.52 +$4609 RSH(200) 25.65 27.72 + $413 ENR(200) 86.84 95.52 +$1735 DKS(500) 54.08 57.59 +$1750 VOLV(300) 73.83 98.12 +$6086 BIO(200) 88.42 70.50 -$2024 A return of 18.17% A return of 14.9% over the S&P 500

8 Special Thanks Ms. Christine Jabbari Philip Rogers Principal Rogers Stock Market Class of 2006- 2007 Illinois Council on Economic Education – The SMG Program Cabrera Capital Markets, LLC Chicago Tribune News in Education Chicago Mercantile Exchange

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