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A.N. Pritzker Elementary “A Great Place to Learn”.

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1 A.N. Pritzker Elementary “A Great Place to Learn”

2 Our “Raw” Team of Specialists? Enaluz Lima – Student Tiffaney Ayala - Student Victoria Velazquez – Student Evita Ortega - Student Indya Grey – Student Nelson Robles - Student

3 Team Learning Goal To initiate interest in investing and developing analytical skills through teamwork. “We need Mo’ Money!” Pritzker stock market class, 2008

4 September, 2007- April 26, 2008 The A.N. Pritzker Investment team beat the S&P 500 gain over this time period. Our initial $100,000 investment grew to $124,486.47. A gain of 24.49%! Our class learned to work together and had a great time developing a new and useful life skill. Achievements “Slow and steady wins the race.” Aesop, 550 B.C.

5 Our Team Investment Strategies “Money makes money.” Ben Franklin, 1748 1.Know your companies’ key statistics. 2. Stock must be above the 200 day moving average. 3.Company must be superior to competitors. 4.Compare “apples to apples, not apples to grapes.” (Same industry) 5.Fully invest all your money in a stock (all $30,000). 6.Invest at least 20% in technology or Biotech stocks. 7.Look at “beaten down” stocks from rumors.

6 MF Global, Ltd. MF Arch Coal, Inc. ACI Safeway Inc. SWY Lehman Brothers Holdings, Inc. LEH The Winning Portfolio “He who never made a mistake never made anything.” Phelps, 1889

7 Arch Coal, Inc. is an example of a stock we purchased off the 200 day moving average. On the third dip in the middle of March, we purchased the stock at $42.68. At the end of the game, the stock price was $57.99. As of today, the price is approx $65.00! Arch Coal, Inc. 200 day moving average “The trend is your friend.” J. Weissbuch 2008

8 Portfolio Summary “Money loves company” Ben Franklin, 1748 A return of 24.49% Name Purchase End Total MF (2400) 11.86 12.55 +$1,654 MF (500) 7.89 13.62 +$2,861 MF (3000) 7.56 12.48 +$14,747 SWY(300) 34.15 27.48 -$1,999 SWY(500) 34.15 29.04 -$2,556 ACI (200) 42.68 57.99 +$3,060 ACI (100) 42.68 56.68 +$1,399 LEH(700) 25.88 30.24 +$3,047 +$24,486

9 Special Thanks Dr. Joenile Albert-Reese A.N. Pritzker-Principal Mr. Jerry Weissbuch – Teacher Mr. James Cosme Region 2 - AIO A. N. Pritzker PTO A. N. Pritzker LSC Pritzker Stock Market Class of 2007-08 Cabrera Capital Markets, LLC. Chicago Tribune News in Education Illinois Council on Economic Education Citibank National City Bank

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