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Rev. Thomas Hickey, Pastor Mrs. Maria Testa, Principal Mrs. Ellen Andrews, School Board Chair 1.

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1 Rev. Thomas Hickey, Pastor Mrs. Maria Testa, Principal Mrs. Ellen Andrews, School Board Chair 1

2 Legacy of Catholic Education at St. Stephen Catholic School Our History Father Albert Taylor, first pastor of Saint Stephen Church, founded Saint Stephen School in September of 1964. Staffed by the Sisters of Mercy, the school served students from grades one to three from Hamden and neighboring towns. A grade was added each year until 1969 with the completion of eighth grade. The following year, 1970, marked the first graduation and the establishment of the Home School Association. Due to an area consolidation of Catholic schools in 1989, grades seven and eight were moved to a Catholic middle school and a kindergarten class was established. 2

3 Legacy of Catholic Education at St. Stephen Catholic School In 1990, an after school program was implemented, and a playground was constructed. Grades seven and eight were reestablished at Saint Stephen and a pre-kindergarten program was initiated in 1992. This year also marked the formation of a coeducational sports program. Three years later, a School Board, Advancement Committee, and a computer center in the grade six classroom were established. The issue of additional space was addressed through the completion of the library/media center, known as the Corcoran Center, which was dedicated in November 2005. 3

4 Annual State of the Catholic School Report Saint Stephen School enrolls students from several towns. 4 TownsPercent of Students Hamden62% North Haven14% New Haven12% East Haven4% North Branford1% Wallingford1% Cheshire1% Northford1% West Haven1% Meriden< 1% Naugatuck< 1% Oxford< 1%

5 Enrollment History 5 School YearEnrollment 2014-2015182 2013-2014186 2012-2013172 2011-2012181 2010-2011199 2009-2010207 2008-2009191 2007-2008186 2006-2007187 2005-2006211 Annual State of the Catholic School Report

6 Initiatives to Increase Enrollment  Open Houses  Increase marketing:  neighboring parishes  local nursery schools  new school signs  Hamden and North Haven newspapers and websites (Hamden Patch)  Update school website  Parent Incentive (credit toward tuition)  Parent Ambassadors  Enrollment Committee/Enrollment Coordinator  Publicize in all Christian churches 6 Annual State of the Catholic School Report

7 Overview ~ Curriculum Design:  The Iowa Test of Basic Skills is administered in Grades 3 – 7 on a yearly basis.  Saint Stephen School students consistently place in the mid to higher ranks often surpassing their current grade levels and achieving higher than expected grade level equivalent scores.  The school boasts of a stable faculty with little turnover. 7 Annual State of the Catholic School Report

8 8 Curriculum: Pre-K: The pre-k program serves four year olds in a full day program. The program fosters each child’s personal relationship with God through a curriculum that is integrated with projects, learning centers, and multi-sensory activities that reflect the children’ interests and needs. K: Our full day kindergarten program develops the readiness of the child and lays the groundwork for future learning. Religion: The mission of our school is to instill an awareness and appreciation of Christ’s presence within the lives of our students. Students are steeped in the Catholic faith tradition and have opportunities for prayer and service. Mathematics: Students will have a solid foundation in mathematical concepts and skills as well as gain mastery of problem solving strategies. The major goal for K- 8 mathematics education is: Proficiency with whole numbers, fractions (including decimals and percents), and with aspects of geometry and measurement. Annual State of the Catholic School Report

9 Curriculum: Pre-Algebra/Algebra: Our rich and challenging middle school mathematics includes both Pre- Algebra and Algebra. We focus on developing computational, procedural, and critical problem-solving skills which will provide students with a solid foundation for further mathematical study. Math projects are incorporated to provide students with real life significance so they can apply math to their daily lives. Language Arts: Students will develop necessary skills to communicate their ideas, both in written and oral language, using Standard English. In addition to proficiency in spelling, language mechanics, creative writing, and penmanship, students will gain the appreciation and ability to enjoy all forms of quality literature. Social Studies: Students will be able to recognize and grasp historical trends, unique traditions, and historical eras. Our students become aware of global cultural differences and come to appreciate universal natural law, as credited by our God and our Constitution. Science: The exploration of the four sciences includes observation, classification, interpretation, and application of the subject matter. Themes covered include: life science, earth and space science, physical science, science and technology, science in personal and social perspectives, history and nature of science and the scientific method. 9 Annual State of the Catholic School Report

10 Curriculum: Technology: Our school views technology as an effective and necessary tool, capable of enhancing both the communication ability, and productive capacity of our students, staff and parents. Our goal is the complete integration of technology into the teaching and learning processes at all levels. Spanish: Students will gain a familiarity with basic vocabulary and grammar structure in order to formulate simple sentences. With this introduction to a second language and the exploration of cultural diversity, students will desire to expand their knowledge of a second language in high school. Music and Art: Designed to encourage hands-on creativity and nourish the God-given talents of each student, music and art lessons expose students to as many art mediums and artistic genres as possible. Physical Education: Activities are chosen that demonstrate skill building, sportsmanship, and fair play. Students develop a level of physical fitness according to their individual abilities and gain an understanding of teamwork, safety, rules, and procedures that they can apply to all aspects of their lives. 10 Annual State of the Catholic School Report

11 Special Programming:  Spanish Grades K-8  Future Musicians of America (School Band)  Opportunities for Scouts  Church choir  Before and Afterschool care  Student Council, Gianelli Group, Lego Team  Afterschool tutoring- Math and Reading  Athletics: bowling, soccer, basketball, cheerleading, softball, baseball/ cross country/GNHPL 2014 1 st place BV 11 Annual State of the Catholic School Report

12 Financials: Average Pre-K(4) – Grade 8 Per Pupil Tuition (last three years)  2011 – 2012$3,935.00  2012 – 2013$4,055.00  2013 - 2014$4,185.00 Current Average Pre-K (4) – Grade 8 Per Pupil Tuition  2014 - 2015$4,310.00 12 Annual State of the Catholic School Report

13 Financials :  Archdiocese of Hartford Support  $15,000 Archbishop’s Annual Appeal  Annual Columbus Day Breakfast  CSSP – Catholic School Support  $10,000 Yearly Grant  Scholarships  Virginia Flanagan, Father Albert Taylor, Cecelia and Arthur Asor, Michael McHale, Father John Killeen, Lyons, Nicholas and Mary Greco, Eugene Dombrowski, Marc Casella, and June Nathans  Endowment Fund  Annual Fund 13 Annual State of the Catholic School Report

14 Financials:  Parish Subsidy  The school does not receive a yearly subsidy from Saint Stephen Church. It is on a needed basis. In 2013-2014, the school did not receive a parish subsidy. Saint Stephen Church and other Catholic Churches do give grants of $250 per student to those families who are active parishioners of their respective churches.  Tuition Collection Rate  Two tuition plans are offered: Plan A which if full payment before the start of school, and Plan B, a 10 month interest free payment plan through FACTS. 14 Annual State of the Catholic School Report

15 Initiatives to Increase Income:  School Fundraisers  Fall Fundraiser  Walkathon  Shred Day  Cookie Dough  Candy Drive  Mother’s Day Plant Sale  Various other events sponsored by the Home-School Association and the Sports program  Annual Fund Drive 15 Annual State of the Catholic School Report

16 Initiatives to Decrease Spending:  Reuse and cover books for multi-year use  Electronic updates/notices via email (less paper)  Use parent volunteers for painting and other tasks  Use parent/volunteer resources for marketing and advancement  School website created and maintained by a school parent  Installation of new energy efficient windows and draperies in church /school hall  New energy efficient lights and wall sensors have decreased school’s electrical bill 16 Annual State of the Catholic School Report

17 Projected Capital Needs/Expenses:  Immediate  The following improvements have already taken place:  Installation of new burglar and fire alarm  Repainting of classrooms and ceilings of two hallways  New stall doors in lavatories  Replaced rug in grade 5 classroom  Replaced broken floor tiles in grades 1 and 3  2 – 5 Years  Continue to replace rugs in upstairs classrooms  Replacement of playscapes in playground 17 Annual State of the Catholic School Report

18 Sampling of per-pupil cost in public schools (of other towns from which students come) 18 Annual State of the Catholic School Report

19 19

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